brimfield 2011: leather

On the car ride home from Brimfield, Amy, Kate and I talked about our respective senses of humor. It was quickly determined that I had what was probably the most juvenile sense of humor, which would explain why I can’t type this post’s title without saying it with a stupid voice inspired by this terrible, but classic, Saturday Night Live sketch. But in all seriousness, when it came to trends at Brimfield this year, leather was the clear winner. Every booth seemed to be overflowing with comfy leather armchairs, woven leather accessories or stately leather sofas with tufted detailing. It was part 70s lounge (caramel leather combined with wood) and part “Ivy League Professor” everywhere where looked. So to kick off our Brimfield trend coverage for this year (stay tuned for more posts today and next week) I’m starting with all things leather. I hope you’ll enjoy the trip through leather-ville. If you snapped photos of great leather pieces at Brimfield please feel free to share your photos below! xo, grace

Image above: we all fell in love with these leather chairs that had upholstered fabric seats.

Image above: I’ve been hunting down one of these wine racks for ages but sadly the $750 price tag was too much for my wallet. So gorgeous though. 1st dibs has several if you’re interested in something similar.

Image above: I preferred the slightly lighter leather look to the stately professor vibe. This woven, caramel colored leather popped up a lot and was my favorite version of the trend.

CLICK HERE for 8 more gorgeous leather photos from this week’s Brimfield fleamarket after the jump!

Images above: stately worn-in leather chairs like this were everywhere.

Image above: My favorite, the lighter leather combined with wood or chrome.

Images above: There were rows upon rows of these gorgeous leather armchairs in one huge booth. The backs of the chairs were undeniably sexy. I loved how heavy they felt from the front, but then when you saw them from the other side they had this sensual curve to their back.

Images above: Kate and I cool our heels in a couple of sweet leather sofas after hours and hours of walking.

Image above: This vintage leather and metal desk chair would be so beautiful at a modern power desk.

Image above: Soft leather sofas were tough to resist after walking for a full day. This one was especially tempting.


A strong trend! I know exactly what SNL character you are talking about, hehe…


I found a wine rack exactly like the one above at a thrift store for $1.50, it is now happily hanging out in my my kitchen!


I’ve been loving leather lately. I just got a pair of gorgeous (and very well-priced) caramel leather westnofa siesta chairs for my living room. I think I’m already developing an unhealthy affection for them.

Laura Elaine

Finally someone that can appreciate The Leather Man! Love all the chairs – the ancient graying one is my fave :).


Note to self: DIY that wine rack

The straps: thrifted leather belts + rivets, wood for base x2. The metal: industrial pipe + fittings? garden trellis x2? wood ladders?

Now the armchairs: ticket to Paris; search flea markets!!!

pauline french

It’s nice to see designers appreciating leather. I have always loved a beautiful leather couch, and with a child and dogs that we allow on the couch (which makes the leather better) upholstery (even though it’s pretty) is just too stuffy and not fun to live with. Thanks!


I love that SNL sketch. Makes me laugh every time–but it’s even funnier when my dad tries to imitate it. He does it perfectly.


Are you using the iphone polaroid app to take the polaroid-style photos? or some other program?

Sonya Glatz

What happened to your old user friendly website? The new format is horrible – doesn’t even load correctly on my browser; UGH
loved your site; now must resort to remodelista


Anyone know if these dealers are in the north east during the off season? Want a leather club chair now. Can’t wait until May. Hoping to contact them. Thanks.