brimfield 2011: equestrian

Good morning! Grace, Kate and I had a fantastic time at Brimfield and we wanted to break down the trends that we came away with – things that we gravitated toward.  Confession: I was one of those girls with an extreme horse obsession brought on by my favorite camp horse, Velvet, and a full run of Black Stallion books (20 books in the series, and I had every one). So it’s no wonder that with all the leather at Brimfield, I was drawn to the equestrian gear. There’s really nothing like the patina in old leather riding boots or saddles. And while decorating my Brooklyn apartment with saddles is probably a little over the top, even for me, I love the idea of using riding boots with decorative riding-boot forms in the corner of the bedroom. We also saw an abundance of horses’ heads, but I stuck to snapping photos of the leather side of things. — Amy A.

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Brimfield was so fun! Looking forward to seeing your trend reports! I met a dealer who packed a cake. How cool is that! See the full story on my blog.


Hello! Just started following design sponge and as an equestrian myself I am so excited to see this post! I have been sorely tempted to use some old saddles and tack to decorate, and now I can use this post to justify that temptation! Thanks for sharing!


Another equestrian here–I’m torn on this. On one hand, I love the feel, look, smell, form, etc. of leather boots and tack. On the other hand, most of the items pictured do just kind of look like old boots and tack to me–something that should live in the tackroom, not grace the living room (unless it happened to be tack cleaning night and I wanted to do it in front of the TV). They look classy in a mudroom, where the implication is that you might actually pull them on and head out to the barn, but I don’t see them working as decoration in a bedroom. The old wood boot forms do transform it a bit for me, though, I guess. I’d love to get a pair of those for my old show field boots. I was thinking recently, too, that I should pull those out of the closet and start wearing them out and about. I haven’t been to a show in the last decade or more, but it occurred to me that they are very nice custom boots that look not at all different from the fashion “equestrian” boots that you see these days.


Amy, you have a kindred spirit here. I read every “Black Stallion” book out of my elementary school’s library, and I hope to someday be able to find a full set of all of them in that vintage yellow hardcover for my own library shelves. What a classic series! (My favorite was “The Black Stallion’s Filly”)
I suppose, for now, I’ll stick with my collection of Breyer horses and dream of that leather bolster pillow I really need to make.

Belly B

I LOVE riding related equipment. They’re so rustic and have so much character!

Kyley at Painting Pony

ooh gives me new ideas for all my horse tack/boots collecting dust in the basement!
Being an avid equestrian & trainer I tend to overlook the fact that my useful everyday items (and old tack) can be used as home design elements. thanks for reminding me!