before & after: home addition makeover

It’s hard to imagine a more drastic change for this home addition than the one shown here. It may have taken many months, but Toni’s transformation of this room from a dark, almost windowless storage space to the relaxing haven shown below seems well worth the time. I absolutely love that the window treatments are simple canvas drop cloths, and the mix of muted tones, big plants and an elegant chandelier works wonders for the overall effect. Great job, Toni! — Kate

Time: Year and a half

Cost: $9,700

Basic Steps: This area is an extension from the smallish galley kitchen. I now have four housemates, and it’s nice to have a place for people to stretch out and escape. The beautiful old sofa (from my neighbor’s curbside) was a jumping off point — I didn’t have the budget to reupholster it, so I did a Toga-wrap with painter’s drop cloth. The drapes are also painter’s drop cloths. The mix of mid-century mod chairs around the consignment shop table were chosen (not only because I love them) because the low backs do not distract from the view through the windows.

As part of the escape idea, I  wanted something of a garden-room feel since the windows now open up to the back garden —so an old potting bench (now dog-feeding station) is in place,  and my houseplants are there soaking up beautiful sunshine. I also decided this escape place was the perfect location for my travel, outdoor and garden books, my big map of Utah (I’m still learning my way around this state, and I suspended it from a carved wood textile hanger from Lombok) and my globe.

My advice is to take care to find the right person to help with your construction. There were several contractors I spoke with who were not interested in taking on such a “small” project. Though, to me, it was a “BIG” project. Often, builders are not willing to make adjustments along the way for the homeowner to jump in and do some of the work. Also, take the time to search out satisfactory discounted building materials on Craigslist, salvage shops and everywhere else you can dream of looking. Dream and be resourceful using things you find and open your mind to creatively pulling it together. — Toni

Have a Before & After you’d like to share? Shoot me an email with your images right here! (Low res, under 500k per image, please.)

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Sara (Mrs.B.)

Just beautiful. I’d like Earl Grey and “Persuasion” for my afternoon tea and good read, please.


That is incredible! I can’t imagine how much hard work went into that makeover! It really shows! =)

stacie williams

Everthing looks just FANTASTIC! I love that the transformation was so thrifty!


Stunning! This is really beautiful. The globe is great, where is it from?


wow. what a transformation – really spectacular.

great advice as well!


Wow! I have an eerily similar storage room “piggybacked” onto my house, so this is inspiring and I need more info. Does toni have a blog? Is this room climate controlled and contiguous with the house, or did they just finish the walls/floors and add new windows?

The Disgruntled Architect

Wow, I am practically speechless! That is a stunning transformation! This is why I love design…you can see the beautiful when it doesn’t yet exist. Fantastic job!


I just said “WOW!” out loud. Here at work. This is amazing and so gorgeous! I would never leave that room if it were in my house.


That is simply gorgeous! I have to keep looking at the before/after pics because it just is so amazing! I love the color palette! Wondering what the wall color it.

Paulina J!

GORGEOUS!! I also love that the B&A pictures are from the same angle so we can tell how the space was transformed. Amazing job!


I’m with Missy- I would positively live in that room morning, noon & night! Really beautiful.


This is such a huge change! I love how the space came together and how she managed to make that sofa look fantastic without reupholstering–a how-to on that would be great.


That “before” is unrecognizable. I can’t imagine the planning and work that went into that space to make it so gorgeous. Love the decor as well.

Belly B

Oh WOW!! Definitely one of the best makeovers I’ve seen here on Design Sponge!


Oh, I liked it better before! Ha, just kidding – that is one beautiful room which must feel so satisfying every time you see it.


Dropcloths! That is GENIUS! We have a similar sleepout (ours is irritatingly narrow though, so it functions as a kind of mudroom) for which I need to sort out cheap, cheap, cheap curtains. Dropcloths are it!


love it… its sooo cosy and fresh, would love to be there now reading a mag and having a coffee ;o)


You have amazing vision – well done!

PS – I lived in UT for over a dozen years and I had a hard time finding competent, reliable workers there to help with construction jobs. I subsequently had to learn how to do things on my own. Congrats on finding the right people!


a beautiful job! who would have thought??? love the drop cloth ideas…so reminiscent of the south of France!


Have you stacked a desk on top of your cupboard or was it built like that? Either way, the entire room looks lovely!

Gardenia Fitzherbett

what a fantastic transformation! from something dark and dingy to light, bright boho chic

Amanda (Dear Frances)

holy moly. this is one of those “so gorgeous it almost hurts” moments. I would love a closer look at your technique for the toga-wrap, and would die for a full Sneak Peak one of these days! wonderful job – beautiful and not at all stuffy or overly stylized. Congrats!


I concur with everyone above…the room is gorgeous. Love the freshness of the light, plants and drop cloths. I also would like to see how you toga wrapped the couch. I have one nearly identical that is also in need of reupholstering and I’m not willing to put in the effort again and cannot afford to get it professionally done. Which we could see more of your place!

Kayleigh Evans

I LOVE IT! I want to know where you found that white distresses cabinet/hutch. That’s exactly what I’m looking for…


Thanks so much Toni–headed over there to check out the details. You may have saved the view from my bedroom (My shed blocks that window)!


Paint colors:
Walls- Ralph Lauren “Montauk Driftwood” (color matched by Benjamin Moore paint specialists)
Ceiling and trim- Benjamin Moore “Cloud White”


Love the eclectic nature and the combination of unique pieces. Truly has a personality.


It looks wonderful. I just adore the bookcase. How amazing is that piece?

Connie Hardwick

This room is stunning! I have never seen a more dramatic transformation of a space. Beautifully done! You are an absolute inspiration!



Yes, this is really awesome…what a beautiful room (in the “after” photo of course!). I love those dropcloths too, I’ve used one as a tablecloth before; they are so useful and durable. Like others have said, lovely, timeless colour scheme.