before & after best of: side tables

With the exception of chairs, side tables are probably the best piece of furniture for a Before & After newcomer. They are lightweight and easy to toss into the car or carry home; they are also small and manageable, and if you mess up one, you usually have an identical one waiting for a second try. Seriously though, I love little tables, and I’m excited to show you some of our best side table Before & Afters. I’m hoping they will inspire you to try out some of these techniques on a neglected table of your own, and perhaps soon I’ll have a flurry of beautiful table projects in the ol’ inbox. Enjoy! — Kate

Image above: Sarah’s pretty patterned side tables make a great case for painting old wood to make something unexpected.

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Image above: If you have a little scrap fabric and paint lying around, you may have all you need to recreate Cindy’s cheerful blue side table.

Image above: Amanda’s rustic entryway table

Image above: Diana’s graphic and feminine tile-top table

Image above: D*S reader Jody created this amazing industrial-style side table out of old wooden drawers.

Image above: Elle’s inventive salvaged side table

Image above: To be inspired by what a little paint can do, check out Jessy’s sunny side table.

Image above: Celebrate color and pattern with Justina’s decoupaged side table.

Image above: Karen’s log side table.

Image above: If you need a little outside-the-box inspiration, check out Mia’s side table made from an old medicine cabinet and chair — secret storage included!

Image above: Lauren’s sophisticated side table

Image above: Marion’s black & white side table redo


They’re all so inspirational! I really need to keep my eyes out for sad old furniture to re-do… or I could just start on some of the sad old furniture all over my house! Haha! =)


i just bought supplies to make over my side tables, so this post is perfect timing! thank you for some more inspiration!

maison marigold

great the last one the me idea to redo my own sidetables..thanks for sharing..would like you to check out photos of my daughter’s room on my blog today..have a lovely day.xx meenal


Great post!
My favorite has to be Jody’s here but all of them are really beautiful and well done.

karen berg

Oh they all look so fantastic! Justina’s though is my absolute favorite, it just makes me happy to look at it. Good job!


love that yellow table! as a matter of fact, I love all of these before & afters! So many great, inspiring decor ideas :)


Wow, I love how the last table looks like it is cranky and talking with its mouth full. :)


I love these! I’m currently looking for a pair of matching side tables to refinish. It’s not easy to find ones with the right shape.

Heather Turman

Amazing! I am the lucky owner of Sarah’s pretty patterned side tables at the top of this post. They are beautiful and functional to boot. Best buy of the year for me!