anthropologie: guest curators

Before we dive into today’s posts I wanted to send a quick thank you to Anthropologie for having me as one of their inaugural “guest curators“. They’ve launched a new section of their site where they invite people in design to create moodboards inspired by various themes or rooms and I was part of the first set of three, along with India Hicks and Jeffrey Miller. My porch roundup was inspired by Vincent Van Gogh’s Almond Blossom painting, with a little bit of Brooklyn mixed in. I hope you’ll enjoy all three moodboards, you can check them out right here. xo, grace

Connie Zimmerman

How exciting! Congrats to you and congrats to the rest of us that has the joy of witnessing and most certainly, benefiting from your inspiration and creativity. :)

maison marigold

That is really wonderful..just checked out the link…loved your board..and India’s too..both very crisp and summery! have a lovely new week! xx meenal


Grace, congrats on being featured at Anthropologie! The moodboard is beautiful.

I featured your site at today.


Really cool! I love the weathered window pane, twine and clothespins on your mood board, along with your picks.


Grac,e this is amazingly beautiful. Everything about the way it was put together is gorgeous.



urban definitely has issues with copying still, which is incredibly disheartening. however i do believe anthro as a brand has worked a lot harder to curb instances of this, and while they have the same parent company, they do operate as separate businesses. that said, i hope artists continue to educate themselves about copyright and push their work further if it doesn’t qualify for copyright due to the simplicity of the design. i think that’s an issue to be considered with this particular case.



I don’t think it’s really a copyright issue. Instead, I suspect it’s just impossible for Anthro/UO to know when their suppliers have ripped off someone’s design. However, I do think they could respond better. Maybe acknowledging it,and paying a royalty to the original designer. Not perfect, but better than just ignoring the issue.



i agree- if and when something is proven to be stolen it should be corrected and financial restitution should be made. but i think this particular case isn’t that clear cut. when several examples of the same thing exist in the same market (especially examples that existed before this etsy piece) it’s hard to say that they ripped of her or anyone in particular.



The site looks great! Nice revamp. Change is good and refreshing.