a stroll with sibella: nyc walking tour contest!

I don’t like to do a lot of contests and giveaways on D*S unless they’re something I think is really special, like a book I think people will love for years to come or a chance to learn or benefit from an experience that’s truly unique. Today I’m thrilled to have the chance to offer the second option- an amazing day in NYC with someone we greatly admire here at D*S, Sibella Court.

Sibella’s newest book, A Stylist’s Guide to NYC, has been a favorite of mine since it hit stores. Even though I live here, it’s hard to find all the hidden gems in town and Sibella really was gracious and when she offered up all her insider sources and tips in the book. In honor of that book, Anthropologie is hosting both a book signing and fantastic contest and I’m so excited because they’re going to pick three winners from the Design*Sponge audience to join Sibella on a special NYC walking tour!

Three D*S readers will be chosen to go on a 60-90 minute walking tour with SIbella on May 26th, 2011, as well as receive a signed copy of her book. The tour will guide you through some of her favorite NYC shopping/styling haunts and you’ll get all inside scoop from Sibella herself on where and how to shop for great design deals. We’re going to be there to document the walking tour for D*S so if you win, you can help me try not to totally geek out in from of Sibella.

Here are the details:

  • Anthropologie and D*S will choose 3 winners from the D*S audience
  • Winners will receive a signed copy of Sibella’s book and a 60-90 min walking tour through NYC
  • Travel is not included (sorry guys) so you must be in (or willing to travel to) the NYC area for the tour on May 26th, 2011
  • For full rules and eligibility please read Anthro’s rules here

So, how do you enter? You just need to answer this question: If you wrote a guide to NYC based on your expertise, what would be the book’s name? Please leave your answer in this form: “A ______’s Guide to NYC” For example, if you’re a lover of ribbons and trimming maybe your guide would be called “A Ribbon Fanatic‘s Guide to NYC”. The title can be anything that speaks to you and your personality.

The deadline to leave a comment for consideration is Sunday, May 23rd at 11:59 pm EST. All comments left after that date will not be eligible for the contest. Please only leave one comment per person and one book title within each comment. Anthropologie will be choosing two additional winners via their Facebook page so you click here to check that out as well. Best of luck to everyone and we’ll see three of you next week at Sibella’s walking tour! xo, grace

Amber Chandler

Oooh I would love to win this! I think mine would be, “A Graphic Designer’s Guide to NYC”, filled with where to get the best art supplies, where the coolest paperies and printers are, and where the best coffee spots are located—for when you’re staying up working all night!


My book would be called, “A Plant-Lover’s Guide to NYC”. Oh, NYC, how I have missed you!


Since I’m a confessed fabric-addict AND I just love love love the fabric district in NYC, I’d call my book …

“A Cut Above The Rest – A Fabric-Lover’s Guide to NYC”


“A Brooklyn Girl’s Guide to NYC” It’d be all about the lovely haunts in my favorite borough.


Salvaged + Repurposed: The Old, Odd, and Off-the-beaten-street’s Guide to NYC


“A Color-Lovin-Scavenger-Huntin-Deal-Diggin’ Girl’s* Guide to NYC.”

*who’d love nothing more than to add, “Knowin’ it All” to her title.


“A Locally Grown Foodie’s Guide to NYC”


“My Impression: A Printmaker’s Guide to New York”

Dana Vogel

“A Japanophile’s Guide to NYC”

After living in Japan for a year I have to get my Japan fix in NYC. Uniqlo for clothes, Kenka for tasty grub, Tokyo toys for figurines and Beard Papa’s for cream puffs!


I would probably call it “a photographers guide to NYC” beacuse that’s all I seem to do in my spare time (lunch breaks, after work) there is always a camera in my purse for those little NYC moments.


Although I live in Maryland, I’m actually planning on being in NYC on the 26th and would LOVE to win this!!
My tour would be “A Renovator’s Guide to NY” and would contain all the little shops that carry oddball hardware and fixtures for working on old houses.

Kristen Robinson

A ‘lover of all things pretty’ guide to NYC


An In-Focus Scholar-Mom’s Guide to NYC.

Photography, Design, School, and Mommyhood… a balancing act for sure! :o) <3


“A Future New Yorker’s Guide To NYC”

Places, tips and tricks that that seperate the true New Yorkers from the tourists – for those of us planning to one day be true New Yorkers…

Michele B.

“A Nostalgic Shopping Guide to NYC”

We’d visit all the great old family owned shops that still exist in NYC today!


oh, how wonderful!

A Photographer’s Guide to NYC
A Cupcake Lover’s Guide to NYC


A Sweet Tooth’s Guide to New York City

Where to get the best desserts – crucial information, I’d say!


“A New Yorker’s Constantly Changing Guide to NYC”

I’ve become a devoted follower of knitting, sewing, thrifting, DIYing, interior design and green design all in the 10 years I’ve lived here. I couldn’t possibly pick one to be my focus, and new places and resources pop up every day!

Joy Cherie

“A Life-Painter’s Guide to NYC”

I visit NY pretty frequently and when I leave (and while I’m there) I am always encouraged to paint my life with my own colors and medium of expression. Poetry, photography, watercolor, I can be in the middle of a show and be inspired to scribble furiously or walking down a crowded street with it’s magnificent buildings and song is composed in my heart.


“A Parrot Lover’s Guide to NYC”

I’m the President of the Long Island Parrot Society, and am always on the look out for places, events, and products that may be of interest or inspiration to parrot lovers.


What a lovely contest idea!

I would call my book: “The Fresh Picked Apple: A Locavore’s Guide to NYC.”


“A Museum-Obsessed, Coffee-Wired, Jon Stewart-Loving, Elitist, Art Geek Country Bumpkin’s Guide to NYC” :)


“A Creative Girl’s Cheap & Chic Guide to NYC”


I couldn’t title it anything but… “A Passionate Philatelist’s Guide to NYC!” …of course ; )

Christine C.

“A Harried New Mom’s Guide to NYC”…although if I were to win this contest, I would be leaving the little one with a babysitter for the afternoon, and switching the title to “Hallelujah: A New Mom’s Afternoon of Freedom in NYC!”


“Urban Soul – A Unique Guide to Exploring New York”


“An almost-graduated interior, furniture, & set designer who loves to get lost’s guide to NYC”

Daniella L

Love this contest! And seeing what people would write about :)

“Paper Trails: A NYC Guide to All Things Paper”


A Window Peaker’s Guide to NYC. Not in the creepy peeping Tom sort of way, but I can’t help trying to catch of glimpse of gorgeous brownstone apartments as I walk past open windows in the West Village. :)


how much do I love the fact that we’ll have a virtual walk with sibella via DS…a lot, that’s how much I love it.


“The Untamed, Unruly, and Overly Anxious Designer’s Guide to NYC”


“A Cleverish Confidant’s Guide to New York City”


“A Behind-the-Scenes Guide to NYC: Get a close look at the cafes, restaurants, and boutiques from the owners’ points of view.”

Lisa Abels

“An Eclectic Mid-Century Modern’s Guide to NYC”


“A California Girl’s Guide to NYC: From sun and surf to life in the Big Apple’


“A Hilarious & Creative Nanny’s Guide to NYC: How to make each day the fullest whether you’re with the coolest or brattiest kids ever!

I was a nanny in NYC for 9 years and had my full share of snotty kids. Luckily though I found an amazing family with two girls that I helped raise – I was with them for 8 years! And it was the best job I have ever had in my entire life….so far. :)


“Staying Fit When You Mostly Sit: A Stationary Designer’s Guide to NYC”

(I design stationEry, and I’ve completed an Ironman triathlon.)


You can find amazing treasures on the street before trash day, so:

“After Midnight: A Wee-Hours Guide to NYC.”

Does Sibella conduct overnight tours? (:


“A perpetual peripatetic’s guide to NYC”


Beyond the Bright Lights: The Local-Grown, Local-Made Guide to NYC


A Romantics Guide to NYC.

If pointed in the right direction, New York City beams with poetic whimsy.

Caroline C

“A Twenty-Something’s Guide to New York”
However, it won’t be all about bars and clubs. I love discovering new gems all over the five boroughs. Lately, Brooklyn’s stolen my heart and I’m always running into a new shop that I don’t know how I lived without.
Can’t wait to pick up this book! It would certainly fuel my addiction to looking for new stores and restaurants.

Lydia Hrysh

“An Unpaid Fashion Intern’s Guide to New York”
How to survive NYC with no money, a fabric/yarn addiction, and a passion for shoes


A peace and quiet lover’s guide to NYC – I’m always looking for quiet beautiful spots in this noisy chaotic city.


A sewing, baking, cutiepiemaking Guide to New York.


WOW! This would be incredible… unfortunately a quick zip over to NYC from Australia isn’t quite on the cards… I’ve reblogged this though in hope my readers apply for me! Haha


“A Texas Girl’s Guide to NYC: City Life North of the Mason-Dixon”
An Austin local takes on a gig at a graphic design firm in SoHo, seeking out not only the quintessential New York experience, but glimpses of the Southern hospitality and culture she knows so well.


“A Misplaced Modernist’s guide to New York City” would take you everywhere from Max’s Kansas City and Warhol’s Silver Factory to the Pace Gallery’s archives to the hotel room where Nicola Tesela died–a secret guide to New York City in the height of Modernism, and what’s left behind. (Did you know you can have tapas in the former gallery of Edith Gregor Halpert, the gallerist who made American painting famous?)


“an architecture student’s guide to NYC”

this book could range from showcasing all the places in the city that have left an imprint on me (not necessarily just a building itself) to the best places to grab a bite to eat and shop.. so many things influence me as an architecture student and this guide would definitely reflect that


“Where to go first when you’ve never been to New-York – the ultimate guide” – for those who are still dreaming about making it there one day!


“Spin a Yarn: A Book and Knitting Lover’s Guide to NYC”

Christine Conte

“A Wide Eyed Guide to NYC”

because as an Interior Design student, that is how I feel when I walk around the city. A never ending supply of inspiration to take in. I would love to go on the guided tour to learn more!


Since my visits to NYC always, ALWAYS, include visits to all the wonderful paper stores there, my tour would simply be known as
“The Paper Addict’s Tour of NYC”
I am a lover of NY Central, Kate’s (0f course), and I work part-time at a new Paper Source in suburban Philadelphia. Anywhere I go, I seek out paper.

Lisa Mende

“Furniture Fanatic’s Guide” to NYC
As an Interior Designer, I am always looking for new, out of the way places to find things for clients. I would LOVE to have a tour of neat places to shop for my clients in the city!


“A Stress Free Mom’s Family Trip to Remember Guide to NYC


A Culture Sponge’s guide to NYC. I wanna see, hear, feel, and experience it ALL!


A Fan-Attic’s guide to NYC
Because you never know what kind of treasures you’ll find in the attic or in NYC-right?!


“An Outlandish and Adventure-seeking Designer’s Guide to NYC.”

Alex C.

Summertime Scavenging!

A Sun Worshiper’s Festive Guide to NYC


finders & seekers inspirational guide to NYC.

because we all love the treasure hunt, inspiration and serendipity!


“A musician’s wife’s guide to NYC” otherwise known as “The best boutiques and coffee shops within a one block radius of every guitar store in NYC.”


A Searching for Crazy and Spirited people’s Guide to NYC.


“The Midwest Fashionista’s Holiday in New York Guide”


“Blessed are the Cheesemakers” hard, soft, stinky or
mild – a cheeslover’s guide to NYC.


A Rural Girl’s Guide to NYC

– I went to college in Long Island, but am from a small country town in Western New York… I already help all of my friends making their first foray into NYC!


An over-the-hill indie rocker’s vintage jewelry guide to NYC

Samantha Taylor

“A not-so-crazy cat lady’s fabulous guide to NYC!” ( I’m single and have a cat and a beautiful funky apartment.. so I’m single handedly trying to eliminate the taboo! ;) also I secretly crave the freedom and silliness of being a crazy cat lady! )


“A Lover of Natural Light’s Guide to NYC”. I yearn for those incredible open spaces along Lafayette Street and West Broadway (to name only two streets I adore). I’ll never forget the light and the way it filters through all those quirky spaces. Px


Sweet contest idea!

Bohemian Baedeker:
NYC Chic on the Super Cheap


Bohemian Baedeker:
A Guide to NYC Chic
on the (Super) Cheap

Su Jin

“An all year round Picknicker’s Guide to NYC”

bev burch

girls don’t need a map…because we love to wander guide. I waited until the last minute to post in fear of not winning. Sibella is my favorite and have purchased many books for gifts. I was totally taken in with the nyc. book. Thanks for the contest. All the way from Phoenix

Janeen renaghan

The Restless Window-Shopper’s Guide to NYC


A Girl’s Just Want to Have to Fun Guide to NYC.

Great contest!


A Wayfaring Señorita’s Guide to New York City

Nehl Bobal

As there are is the best selection of massage/spas in the world in NYC

“A hands on Guide to NYC”


A Hungry Treasure Seeker’s Guide to NYC.
I love trying to find places that’s are diamonds in the rough, and slightly off the beaten path. I like discovering and sharing places and having them lead to one another like a treasure map.

Alison S.

Quiet in the Crush: A Solitude Seeker’s Guide to NYC

Mary Sue

“Wonder Lust: A Wanderer’s Guide to Inspiration in NYC”


A Dumpster Diver’s guide to NYC.
So many finds!