25 gadgets for globetrotters

With over 28 cities in this fall’s D*S Book Tour, I’m going to need to learn (quickly) how to travel efficiently and comfortably. I’m normally a pretty light packer, but I’m a terrible flyer (white knuckling the whole ride and crying during bad turbulence) and pretty bad when it comes to dealing with travel tech. Namely, I avoid it and just stock up on trashy magazines for the ride. But now that I’ve sworn off gossip magazines, I’m hoping to look into a few new items that will let me listen to music, read and work while I’m in the air. Thankfully, Kate came to my rescue with a roundup of 25 gadgets for globetrotters at the D*S blog at MyLifeScoop. From mobile speakers and phone chargers to laptop locks and portable Wi-Fi devices, this list has got your techy travel needs covered. Click here to check out the full post. Happy travels! xo, grace

Chante at ObsessedWithTheNest.com

This is awesome, thank you for these gadgets! I recently did a post about what to pack clothing wise for a 3 day vacation – all the essentials but no “kitchen sink” feeling. Check it out! xo


maybe I’m crazy, but I don’t see the description or links to buy these gadgets??



just follow the “click here” link to the post, it lives on another site (kate runs a d*s blog over at mylifescoop all about tech)



Perfect timing–I’m leaving on a trip to Europe in a week!


I think the solar iPod charger is brilliant – these are all great Father’s gift ideas for my gadget-guy husband!


Grace, Hi, it’s Nina from Sweet Bella – congratulations on your book!! Thought I had to share this one best tip: Tiger Balm (for when it’s smelly on the plane – a little bit near your nose will fix anything!) (p.s. we’ve had so many calls about the unraveling calendar)