amy azzarito

making tax time a little more bearable

by Amy Azzarito

Confession: this year I’ve become a total tax failure. It’s April 12, and I still haven’t filed. I’m only halfway through my receipts and feel like I need to psych myself up. In an attempt to rally, I rounded up just a few things that would make tax time a little more bearable. In my perfect world, someone would stock my office with gumballs, brightly colored folders and flocked pencils. (Yes, I realize that in the time it took to write this post, I probably could have finished my taxes. Sigh. Three more days.) — Amy A.

*Just click items in the post images to go directly to their shop pages. We finally learned how to image map the links!

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  • Cheer up! This year you have until the 18th to file….but I guess aiming for the 15th would mean a free weekend to enjoy. Loved the bright colours. good luck.

  • I’m not gonna lie: I firmly believe that pretty office supplies make me more productive. And since I’m self-employed, I can write those pantone tins off as a business expense. WIN! :)

  • I am so happy that we finished our taxes last week. I hate going through all of the receipts too. I plan on being more organized next week. I love your tax prep picks. I would love to have a gumball machine:) Good Luck!!

  • Don’t feel bad, I haven’t filed yet, either! I didn’t know about the 18th thing… WOOHOO! :x I do this every year… I’m terrible…

  • I so want that gumball machine for my desk now! I bet I would get twice as much work done with it, or at least save up for something fun:)
    love it!

  • Aaagh! Thank you for reminding me to send it all in! I wish I had all that cute stuff when I was pulling my hair out crunching numbers and sorting receipts for thread. — Margaret

  • i’m right there with ya! i’m about half way done and worse off than I was last year. I recall saying at this time last year “I’m going to keep up with everything so this doesn’t happen next year…”

  • You should really try mint.com for organizing your finances. You can mark transactions as tax related, business expenses, etc…. it is free and brilliant and I LOVE it!
    (I am in no way associated with the website, just think it is really cool)

  • This was the first year I’d ever filed taxes early… and the only reason was because my husband filed for us! Haha! I hate taxes, but the check in the mail was pretty sweet! Not sweeter than those chocolates though… Dylans is seriously calling my name! =)

  • Well seeing as how I work in an accounting firm, I would love my office to be this chipper. (And my client’s papers too!)

    Just do yourself (and your accountant) a favor and file an extension! :) Then you can finish at your leisure (sometime before October.)

  • These kind of pretty bright everyday things are what inspire my bold pottery pieces. Looking at this inspires me all over again!

  • I love the desk supplies (if only my work desk was so bright!) and the image map is great, but I actually kind of miss the list at the bottom. It seems just to be me, though! Maybe I’m just a sucker for captions?
    I really want those notebooks, though, even though I really don’t need yet another blank book.

  • May I take a moment to profusely thank you for “image mapping” the links? I heart it!

    • Hi Michelle – I think the image mapping isn’t working on mobile devices. We’re trying to come up with a solution. Do you have another device on which to check it out? If not let me know, and we can figure something out. Cheers, Amy A

  • Hi Amy – I can use my computer, so it’s not super serious, but I love reading D*S on the train on my way to and from work. So if there’s anyway to get the image mapping to work on iPhones, that would be awesome! Thanks!!

  • I can’t get the links on my Android, either, but I’m pretty sure I’m in love with those notebooks! Where can I get them?