top 5 sites for crafters

D*S editor Kate Pruitt is my crafting idol. She oozes creativity from every fingertip and seems to be an endless well of amazing ideas and can-do attitude. So when I need crafty inspiration, she’s the first person I ask. This week Kate shared some of her favorite craft inspiration over at MyLifeScoop with a list of her Top 5 Sites for Crafters. From inspiration and tips to community sites where people share ideas, Kate’s list is a must-read for anyone who likes to make things with their own two hands. Click here to check out the list in full. xo, grace

*Image above via Etsy


Oh YIPPIE! Got my cup of coffee, my son is drinkin his bottle, so I have a few minutes to browse! Always on the lookout for great crafting sites. Thanks!


….thanx for the list….i’ve been a Raveler for 4 years and i learn something new all the time….it’s the best social network i’m on!


great list, I’m sure there will be lots to see in the comments in due time as well.

Andrea B

THANK YOU for this list! I’ve been trying to get up to speed on blog-worthy digital photography. I’m checking out Digital Photography School pronto!


This brings some serious happy to my afternoon… always ready to put my hands to good use and a little direction never hurts!


thank you! I only knew Ravelry, so this list is super useful to me (and to many, I am sure)


Digital Photography School? Who knew??? I think my shots got better just by logging in. Thanks a heap!