the beekeeper’s bible

I’m beginning to think that idiomatic expressions about judging books by their covers must apply to everything but books. (Coralie Bickford-Smith anyone?) The Beekeeper’s Bible is one of the prettiest beekeeping books I’ve come across (and I should know, I have over five of them!), and at 400 pages, it packs a pretty heavy content punch. There’s loads of information for the novice beekeeper on how to set up a hive and what to check for — all the practical details you’ll need to get started. But as a (relatively) seasoned beekeeper, I was most excited about the added content — there’s an extensive history of beekeeping section, a food and drink section, a domestic uses for bee products section AND a craft section. I’ve always wanted to host a honey-themed party around the honey harvest, so I was totally inspired by the recipe section. Um, Honey Mint Julep? Sold!  — Amy A.


the cover is truly beautiful! and these photos below! o my! this honey jar is lovely, and I would like to taste this julep!!!
spring hugs to you!

My Design

We had bees on the farm growing up…such a wonderful experience (although I didnt appreciated it so much at the time) My bedroom now is brown and gold – very bee like….the colors in these photos are so inspiring.

Heather Diane Hardison

Hi Amy!

I bought this book as soon as I read your post. I’m an aspiring beekeeper myself. I wanted to ask you where do you keep your Urban bees? Did you have to get permission? I live in Berkeley, CA in an apartment but I have a sizable back porch. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from this book but I was wondering if you had any tips or good books specifically for keeping bees in the city?



Hi Heather – My bees are on top of a roof in Brooklyn. A roof is actually a great place for bees. :) But if you have a decent sized back porch, you should be fine. Actually, my advice would be to take a class (in addition to reading as much as you can)- it’s a great way to meet like-minded folks in your area. Also, when you have a problem/question, you ‘ll have people to email. Good luck! It’s pretty amazing!


Over five… so, …six? ;p

Wonderful post though, I love bees, and the book looks beautiful.


stunning! love the front cover. i probably won’t ever beekeep in my life but i must have the book!

Rachel Cunliffe

Fantastic find, thank you! We just got our first bee hive about six months ago and I’ve been hunting for a book to get on the subject. The book looks incredible.


I need this just because of my blog & shop! neither related to bees other than their names, but nonetheless, they look really interesting! & the cover design is beautiful.


A great way to start beekeeping that is inexpensive and healthier for the bees than the conventional Langstroth hive is a Top Bar Hive. There are lots of resources on the web. I just got one with a viewing window in the side and it’s lovely.

beekeeping books

I have looked at many sites and not come across one like this – well done, great info! I've bookmarked your site. Can anyone suggest any other resources that I can look at? Keep up the good work!