studio rita wallpaper

One of my favorite things about spring is getting ready for ICFF and all the amazing design it lays out in (hundreds of) neatly packed rows. For the past few years, I’ve enjoyed seeing wallpaper studios featured more in those rows, and I’m curious to find out who will push the medium further this year, hopefully with some sort of interesting (textural?) innovation. Typically, that happens in the British design section, but I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for something exciting in the American and Canadian booths. While the previews for new designs aren’t out yet, I did get an update about a pretty new collection of wallpapers from Sweden’s Studio Rita.

Working in cooperation with Photowall, Studio Rita recently released a collection called “Forest Views” that plays with different tree/forest motifs. The collection includes six large-scale patterns, my favorite of which is “Tiny Tree” (above) by Maria Bergström. Maria was inspired by the sunlight that filters through forest foliage and interpreted it in a way that feels handmade and homespun. I’ve featured my favorites above, but you can view the full collection right here and purchase the papers through Photowall right here. xo, grace

*If you’re looking for more wallpaper, I listed my top 50 resources right here.

Gaelan @ Uschi and Kay

I love wallpaper and these ones are super great. But i’m a little afraid of wallpaper, particularly of it getting dated so quickly and being so difficult to change.


I love those! I like how if you look at it up close it’s trees & faraway it’s just colors or a pattern. Keeps it interesting!


Wonderful patterns that I could live with everyday! Perhaps a consideration for our new home!


Beautiful! But a bit out of my budget range… too bad! I love Swedish design!


i love how geometric yet traditional these wallpapers are. its such an interesting idea to see a textile pattern/stitch on a wall. wonderful!

Aesthetic Outburst

Yes! Loving the homespun yet graphic quality of the bottom one especially. After seeing Lynne Testoni’s bold hallway yesterday, I’ve been looking for wallpaper for our hallway. This will work perfectly- thanks for posting!


I am always looking forward to ICFF. It´s always amazing and inspiring. Hopefully, this years ICFF will be as good as these wallpapers. Love the “Tiny Tree” , looks so calming and truely supertemporal. Sometimes I do not like the accesories used, like in the bluecage picture, this is however just a small flaw in a sea of beauty.