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sneak peek: maja atterstig

by Amy Azzarito

For our first peek of the day, we’re heading to the Malmö, Sweden, home of photographer Maja Atterstig. During the day, Maja photographs apartments for a small real-estate agency, but her passion project is the vegetarian food blog she started just last year. Maja’s favorite moments are when she’s made a mess of the whole kitchen, set the table with beautiful dishes and vintage crystal glasses and all her friends are gathered for eating, drinking and laughing. Maja moved here with just a bed, a chest of drawers, a kitchen table, four chairs and three armchairs — everything except the bed and two cupboards has been purchased second-hand or found in dumpsters. Thanks, Maja! Amy A.

Image above: From my bedroom, I have a view out to the backyard. It is very quiet, and I like waking up with the sun shining.

Image above: Behind the chair is a bulletin board where I make collages of postcards picked up from museums and galleries. The shelf was a lucky find — I found a dumpster full of them two years ago. It’s a Swedish design class —  Nils Strinning’s “String shelf.” Lucky day!

CLICK HERE for more of Maja’s Sweden apartment after the jump!

Image above: In 2009, I was in Istanbul on holiday and found these beautiful pillowcases at a bazaar. The carpet is from Ikea and it coordinates surprisingly well with the old Turkish patterns. The sofa and armchair are both bought second-hand. The armchair is a classic model in Sweden; it is called “Emma,” and I was lucky to find it at an odd country flea market for only $10.

Image above: A friend of mine found this table in her backyard a couple of years ago — one of her neighbors was going to throw it away, so I brought it home to my place.

Image above: The bigger hourglass with black sand is from Seletti and the third in my burgeoning collection of hourglasses. I think it’s the first newly produced thing I’ve bought in years. When I haven’t got much to do at home, I arrange and rearrange my things to create different still lifes; it makes me feel calm and gives me a certain kind of satisfaction.

Image above: My collection of old crystal glasses, bought here and there and everywhere. The more the merrier is my opinion, when it comes to glass.

Image above: This table was purchased at a flea market, and I gave it a coat of white paint. I picked up the mismatched chairs at a variety of flea markets. The big poster on the wall is a photo by Wolfgang Tillmans, my favorite artist.

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  • I love that dress above the bed, lovely, warm way to showcase your favourite fashion/art :)

  • Love the light in the first photo. Any source, or idea for something similar in N. America? (Or more generally, good sources for lighting upmarket of home depot and down market some of the beautiful but pricey designer fixtures I keep liking?)

  • A beautiful home in a beautiful city! What kind of locker with these many drawers is that and where can I possibly get one? I think they are originally made for tools, but unfortunatly I haven´t seen one made of wood yet ..

  • Anyone know the living room and dining room paint color(s) on the walls? Or something very similar that can be purchased in the U.S.?

  • beautiful home..love all the flea-market finds..clearly shows that a lovely home is possible without spending a fortune..love the wall color too! a happy new week to you! xx meenal

  • Beautiful post! I love the simplicity of the bedroom. The light pouring in combined with the low bed and white bedding is so serene.

  • very pretty! I found a lovely smoky wineglass at a secondhandshop and I couldn’t find more. I think I’ll just buy some other nice ones instead, i think your collection looks great :)

  • the “what I love most” shots are getting more and more creative! You should put a book together, or a poster collection – they are all so great.

  • A garbage full of the shelves? Are you kidding me? I hope you took them all home with you! That’s a travesty!
    All things aside, this home is so gorgous. I love the pallet bed. It looks so chic with that amazing bedding atop it.

  • I love, love, love this space – not because it represents any particular style or design but because it looks like home, with a real person living in it.

  • Thank you for all your sweet comments. I’ll try to answer on the questions:
    YVONNE: It’s an cabinet made for sketches I think. They often have them at architect offices. I got a couple of these from an office located in the same building where I work. They were going to throw them away so I was lucky to get them, for free :)
    But before that I was also looking to buy one, sometimes I found them on advertisements at websites for second hand stuff.
    EMMA: The plaid pillows looks like they are hand made so probably these are the only pair. I bought them in a peculiar shop for second hand stuff in Malmö. The fabric is made of silk and yes I agree, they are very nice.
    ABOUT COLOR: It’s the same color on the walls in the bedroom and living room . I’ll check if I can find out the name of the color and in that case I will write it here later.

  • Such a gorgeous home. It feels so peaceful. I love all your great flea market finds – they are little treasures. Can I ask where the white armchair is from and the cushion? Thanks!

  • La Franglaise:
    Thank you very much.
    The armchair is froom ROOM and the pillow case is from Ikea. I got the armchair from the owners of the place where I work and it’s a couple of years old.