sneak peek: kirra jamison + dane lovett


Melbourne creative couple Kirra Jamison and Dane Lovett live in a 650 square foot partially converted industrial warehouse. When they moved into the space, they painted all the walls (the few that there were in the wide open space) and studio floors white. It was a challenge at first to make the space feel cozy and homey (it does get cold in winter too!), but they have found a way to make their home colorful and playful. With various pieces collected over the years, including some that will stay with them forever and others that will be passed on yet again, it’s really easy to rearrange the space. Now they couldn’t imagine living in a “real” house and love the convenience of being above their studio spaces in a community full of painters, photographers, interior designers, a florist and a furniture designer. For those of you in Melbourne, don’t miss Kirra’s upcoming show at the Sophie Gannon Gallery April 19 through May 14th, and for those in Paris, Dane has a show at Colette in May. Thanks so much to Kirra, Dane and their lovely neighbor, photographer Daniel Mahon, for the photographs! — Anne

Image above: The bed is custom, made locally using recycled timbers and sustainable materials. The Rorschach painting above the bed is by Ben Quilty (we did a swap). The vintage table and owl lamp are from The Junk Company.

Image above: The pink chairs are original Casala. The painting above the bookshelf is by Jake Walker, and the Biro and pencil drawing is by Laith McGregor (another swap). The collection of vintage eskys is a must in Australia.

CLICK HERE for more of Kirra and Dane’s Melbourne home!

Image above: Chalkboard wall in the kitchen. As the space was open, we built the wall ourselves and custom-made the chalk paint color. The drawings are remnants from a party we had in summer. The green metal table is from Industria and is an original hospital bedside table made around the time of the Vietnam War.

Image above: The kitchen is all Ikea (sadly!).

Image above: All curtains and sheets are by Anthropologie, and the duvet cover is by Urban Outfitters. The stump table next to the bed is by Greg Hatton.

Image above: Vintage paper drawers we painted blue. Inside is colored vinyl that I use on my paintings.

Image above: Necklace by New Zealand designer Karen Walker.

Image above: The bathroom door is the original bright red fire door . . . very heavy!

Image above: All flowers (and oak branches) by my friend, neighbor, source of inspiration and all-around wonderful lady Katie (Petal) Marx.

Image above: Our French bulldog Tallulah (Lulu).


Love this space because it looks so lived- in a very modern way. Nothing appears fragile and the supplies they need to be creative are close at hand. Great kitchen because it looks like it is really used.


This is one of my favorite sneak peeks to date. I am in love with her studio and her paintings. That light blue drawer unit full of vinyl is my dream. I’m glad this place exists.

Sam W.

Any way you can find out the name of the blue paint they used on the vintage paper drawers? I love it.


Beautiful home and DOG! And Yay! to Golden paints. Best acrylic paint ever! Maybe I’m biased since it’s my cousin’s company ;)


OH an amazing household! Love that it looks like it could belong to any of my besties – such a normal yet so personalized and funky home!
Loving it!
Meagan, row house nest


Really, really lovely home. Seems a bit strange to seek out a local and sustainable bedframe and then dress it in Anthro and UO, which don’t ship to Oz as far as I know, but undeniably lovely!


You got me at the plaid sheets! Beautiful live/work space. I adore the blue flat file.

maison marigold

i loved all the sneak peeks today..this one’s lovely too..a beautiful airy house..really love the pink chair in the second image..xx meenal


best sneak peek in a long time. consistently brilliant in all senses of the word!

UrbanEdge Manhattan

I’m especially enjoying the chalkboard inside of the kitchen idea. It must be liberating to find an affordable way to change the wall design whenever you’d like. Not to mention it’s a great creative outlet for anyone. It seems like it would be great for those who have kids.


I am in love with the bathroom, especially the open shower!! And the chalkboard wall, the hanging pots look cool there.

kirra Jamison

Sam W, Dane mixed that colour up. He also painted the front door with the left over paint. Tamara, so true! Those plaid sheets ARE so cosy though. I’m saving the pennies for some Castle & Things bedlinen, which is all handprinted and made in Australia. Check out the velvet pillowcases!


hurrah! beautiful home, beautiful paintings, beautiful artists.
PS- Kirra, love that check skirt.


Anyone know what type of plant that is on top of the refrigerator?


their bedroom, their studio.. pops of colour everywhere! i am in love with their aesthetic!


Oh, trades between Quilty and Kirra! *jealous sigh* Wonder if I could trade a hand-dyed, handspun, hand-knitted wrap or throw for a small-ish Jamison work? Time to brush up on my barter skills, I think!


Love it! And there’s nothing wrong with IKEA kitchens. I love IKEA and I get really bummed out by all the bashing it gets sometimes.


no reason to apologize for an all-ikea room when it is done well like that! it feels lived in and perfect for the house’s feel, which i love. nice job personalizing it.

kirra Jamison

Leah, I wish your cousin was my cousin! Golden paints are delicious. Heather, I think it is some type of monstera. MB, Ugg boots do the job :) Laura, I’m not exactly sure it’s just a powder coated old bike I bought on ebay.


gorgeousssssssss i was SO CLOSE to buying a warehouse to convert in collingwood, until we found out it was next to a power station. broke my heart. My fantasy renovation of the space looks like this.



I am SO jealous! I love ALL the SPACE! Love the artwork, love the shower, love EVERYTHING
especially the dog!


don’t be sad about using IKEA – its great for taking what you like and making it your own! You’ve done a great job of doing just that – fab!

Belly B

I love the indoor/outdoor dynamic of the place! And that chalkboard wall with the pans hanging? Absolutely genius. I always find it hard to keep all my pots and pans in order!


how lovely!

although i must say the walls give me dorm room flashback (our dorms were all white-painted cinderblock). i am not sure i will ever be able to free myself of that association.


What a fresh looking home, Tallulah has quite a face. Is that a miniature wooden stool by your Anthropologie curtains & plants?

Linda Adams

EXACTLY how and with what did you paint your blue flat files????
Love your whole look – very inspiring.


What light, color and space! I love the photos of the studio, and the peeks at works in progress.

Sarah Albrecht

I love your artwork – its so original. I live in Torquay so I will def come to see your exhibition… the tree in the bedroom is also really cool :)


I loved seeing some home grown Australian Artists and their work, on an international Design Blog, YEAH!


this home is a m a z i n g . i would be so happy in a space so open like this <3 ohh, the sunlight!


Cassie – I totally agree! Ikea is awesome, why all the hate? (And I do mean the people who buy it and still hate on it!)
LOVE those mugs! However, the skull paintings above the bed…that’s creepy. :)

Daniel Naranjo

I am usually really annoyed by these sneak peak “look at me!” posts. They are usually completely unrealistic, but this one actually looked like people lived there, people that really do have good taste and a strong feel for what they like in their life. More people should post pictures of unmade beds and kitchens that actually get used.


Hi, Love the colors. What kind of furniture is the blue drawers with the vinyl? What are the dimensions? Congratulations on the designs. M