sneak peek: jutta rikola

Illustrator Jutta Rikola of Kootut Murut lives in Oulu, a town in northern Finland. For the last two and a half years, Jutta and her husband have been slowing restoring their 1956 home. We peeked into Jutta’s home two years ago, and since then, the couple has done a lot work! As only the second owners, it has been important to them that they respect the history of the house — so much so that they even made their own wallpaper paste by boiling wheat flour and water! Their plans for the space include a complete kitchen renovation, but in the meantime, they’ve made a bright, happy home. Thanks, Jutta! — Amy A.

Image above: We are planning a proper kitchen remodel (out with the ’90s MDF cabinets, in with nice wooden ones), but while waiting for that, I wanted to cheer up the boring white and brown kitchen. My husband removed some of the upper cabinet doors, so we got open shelves. I painted the cabinets pink and turquoise with a little cloudy theme. The paint is Tikkurila Empire, pink is color 9721 and turquoise is K370.

CLICK HERE for more of Jutta’s Finnish home!

Image above: I’m really lazy at making the bed, so I hardly ever do. The headboard is an old door, and I made the snowflake mobile.

Image above: This is my current working space. It’s just a corner of the living room with a light table and an inspiration wall. I’m dreaming that one day I’ll have a real studio where I can make a good mess.

Image above: We built the screen ourselves with instructions from this Design*Sponge project that we slightly modified. You can read about my version of the project here! My drawing table is hiding behind it. The fabric is green Ananas by Marimekko. The coffee table is an old army surplus trunk, and we added casters to make it easier to move around. The owl print is by me.

Image above: Somehow the staircase called for wainscoting, so that’s what we did. The panels were custom-made, modeled after panels in the basement stairs. My husband built a picture ledge on the wainscoting. We had the electric
wires rewired, because the original wires were no longer safe. However, we
did want to keep the old style. Hunting for the right kind of 1950s light
switches was probably the hardest part (naturally, we left the wiring part
to a professional!).

Image above: The living room walls were painted with Uula iNTO color H388 from Tikkurila color chart.

Image above: The red credenza in my home office is the first piece of furniture I got when my husband and I moved in together. It’s a flea market find, and it’s still one of my favorites. On the home-office walls are pictures that inspire me and works-in-progress. My husband has “helped” me by doodling glasses on my owl drawing and adding mustaches to the Finnish president. The disco ball is an anniversary present from my husband. The turquoise paint is Uula Into color V370 from Tikkurila color chart.

Image above: The Eames Hang-It-All was on my wish list for the longest time when I finally found it on sale. The turquoise printer’s tray is from All the Luck in The World. I won the Ryan Berkley goat print from a Poppytalk giveaway. The print in the golden plastic frame is from London in the 1960s. We found it in the attic. The sister of the previous owner had a home decor shop, so they had all kinds of beautiful things here, some of which they left to us.

Image above: I knew what I wanted to do with the foyer before we even moved in. I saw the Grove Garden wallpaper from Osborne & Little in a toilet ad and fell in love. Because of the dogs, we had to paint the floor in three parts, but unfortunately, we are going to have to do it all over again. The dogs love to use the floor as their runway from upstairs to the front door, which has resulted in the paint peeling off. I’m hoping the rug will help a little.


Such bright paint colors — I don’t know if I could ever commit to such a thing but I love them in her space!


my favourite thing in this lovely home is definetly the big vintage mirror on the wallpapered wall!


So excited to see your lovely home on Design*Sponge, Jutta! Congratulations!!


Aaahhh. So peaceful, dreamy, and whimsical. Just lovely. Thank you for sharing.


Love the palette. Does anyone know the source for the rabbit lamp (at least I think it is a lamp, but looking at the cord). Thanks!


Love the colors and the whimsical feel. I’m so happy to see that wallpaper again, saw it awhile ago somewhere and never knew who it was by thanks for the info.

maison marigold

just so pretty!! what lovely colors ..and the personal touch is so it!! have a lovely new week, visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal


That house has the perfect combination of whimsy, color and fun, while still feeling grown up and put together! I love colors but often shy away from them for fear of making my house look too immature. I LOVE THIS! It’s so inspiring! =)


Oh, and I totally want to paint my ugly kitchen cabinets now… If only we weren’t renting our place… That cloud really brightens up the kitchen in the sweetest way!

McKenzie Powell

If this is not the perfect spring house, I don’t know what is!! Please post again after the kitchen remodel. You can tell the home owners have style and flair!


Katherine- That rabbit lamp must be Vincon-

But they are out of stock at the moment- I have loved the lamp for quite awhile and I recently emailed the website administrators ( to inquire when it will be back in stock. They told me mid-April, but I haven’t seen it there yet. It should be in the children’s lamps category. It costs 44.80 euros.

If anyone has a current listing for the lamp somewhere else, I would love it too!


as the second owners of a 1956 brick rancher here in the states, it’s so neat to see this lovely home! we can relate to finding relics hidden away and wanting to respect the history of the house. we’re not talented enough to make our own wallpaper paste, but are inspired nonetheless!


Whimsical colors for those dark, northern winters!

Editorial note- there are 2 “n”s in Finnish! (see the “CLICK HERE for more of…” above).

Martine Louise Resnick

I love Scandinavian design! I think they are all born stylish! Def got the Shabby Chic look down to a T! The tropical bird wall paper adds a great pop of color. The Bunny on the chair display is just so cute. thanks for sharing.


Oh i LOVE everything about their home! Mix of old with new… vintage with bright… love love it!


I am dying of cute. Such a lovely home! Are my eyes deceiving me or is that a 3 foot tall demijohn?


Peeking inside this sweet home, you just know-right away-that you would like the people who live there!


The color palette is scrumptious. It’s a great mix of bright and happy colors with soothing, subdued colors. Also, how did you get the stringy lights to look so chic? When I do things like that, it looks like I live in a dorm room!

Emma Treadgold

Love this place, so whimsical and personal. I think one of the hardest things in decorating is trying to be yourself and just letting your design instincts take hold woo hoo!


I love the happy feeling that this home evokes. It’s so neat how just looking at pictures of a house can make me feel like I know the people who live in it a bit. I hope my home is that much an expression of my family.


the first photo was amazing.. and i kept saying “ohmigosh” ever photo, after that. the use of color, wallpaper, artwork, chairs, white.. this home is filled with inspiration. i love it.


love the color palette of pastels! and artwork on the walls as well. this is such a lovely home! may it always be filled with lots of love and luck :)


lovely cushions on the couch – can you tell me where you got them from?


Absolutely simple and clean. I love the use of existing or vintage furniture and accessories. They really decorated their home in their own style.


O m g – I look at interior/design blogs all day long. This house has the best use of colour I have seen in a long time. So pretty, uplifting and yet oh so subtle. I’ve seen a gazillion yellow walls but not a true chartreuse (yell0w-green) before. So good!! Thanks for sharing :)


Thrilled!! Congratulations Jutta! One of my favourite homes! Beautiful combination of pretty colours.


That telephone chair!!!! (gossip bench, whatever you call it)
Most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time, and the one shot she didn’t talk about.
Beautiful home, but I’ll be dreaming about that chair!


Fab!!! One of my favourite Sneek Peeks ever – funny thing is I also fell in love with that very same wallpaper in a toilet, but in Ireland… strange!!! :)


ok…so…that wallpaper??? i am in love. please tell me what it is!

Down and Out Chic

What a bright and beautiful space. The handmade mobile above that gorgeous bed adds so much charm to the bedroom. I also really love the candy colored kitchen.


I love the soft sorbet palette, it feels so spring-like. I would never of thought Lemon could looks lovely as it does on the walls. Really inspiring, thanks.

MB @ YarnUiPhoneappv1.2

I love that this couple mixed their own wallpaper paste. Talk about innovation. I have white walls and off-white walls throughout my home…but I think this Finnish home shows that it’s more about pops of color. That’s what I need to do.


Lovely home. I am wondering where the awesome blue dresser is from, and also where the little blue wall shelf is from.


I adore your sofa and arm chair! I assume they are vintage sourced. Beautiful upholstery fabric.


How very, very lovely this house is! Too pretty.

Kat at Muddy's

I LOVE this! I have had it up to my eyeballs with the saturation of white lately… sophisticated, yes… but also boring. I adore the use of warm, happy, whimsical color here. Bravo to DS for including it!!!!


She has amazing creativity and dares to be different and it all shows beautifully!


Hei tosi makee koti! Tunnistan samoja juttuja/ratkaisuja meidän rintamamiestalossa. Vaikken itse ole pastellien perään, niin teidän koti on tosi jees ;).


love love love the colors, this home is so peaceful but still eclectic and whimsical and colorful. is the screen just the coat rack with a homemade curtain over it, or is there something holding the fabric down tight at the bottom? i’m looking to make a fabric screen and that one is genius.


beautiful home. what’s the blue-grey colour of the stairs? it’s great!