sneak peek: jimmie martin & rick schultz


Home to designer Jimmie Martin and photographer Rick Schultz, this 670-sq. ft. apartment in a Georgian building in Bayswater, London, is the creation of Jimmie’s interior design mind (and photographed by Rick). Believe it or not, this one-bedroom first-floor flat is a rental while they search for the right property to buy. That didn’t stop Jimmie from completely repainting the magnolia walls when they moved in. With a personal style that mixes many different influences, the current dark-gray walls are intended to create color explosions on the furniture, objects and art around the house. The mix-and-match aesthetic is part Ikea and Dwell accentuated with pieces bought on travels and at antique markets. This is what their home looks like today, but next month, Jimmie may decide to repaint and completely change the atmosphere and feel all over again in order to continue achieving those unexpected moments with things that normally shouldn’t go together. Thanks, Jimmie and Rick! — Anne

Image above: The “Black Imperfection” wallpaper is our own from Jimmie Martin. The giant floor lamp on our dining table as well as the “skeleton” chairs are from Dwell. The tabletop was an eBay find — an old stainless-steel kitchen worktop — and it’s supported by Ikea trestles (at £3,95 each).

Image above: This is our cat Christy seated on a Jimmie Martin armchair. The “yellow flash bust” is also Jimmie Martin, and the small surfer bus was something we found at the Portobello Market.

CLICK HERE for more of Jimmie and Rick’s London home!

Image above: The sofa is Ikea. We tried to dye the beige faux suede dark grey, but it didn’t work, so we turned the cover inside out, which gave it a much more contemporary feel. The cushions are a mix of Jimmie Martin, Missoni and John Lewis. The glass table and two retro chairs with metal bases were auction finds. The chandelier is from Dwell. The picture frames are a mixture of both of our photographs, which Rick put together in different frames, along with black and white prints from Dan Hillier, a large photograph from Ross Watson and an old self-portrait of myself [Jimmie] in green and red.

Image above: The purple bust is a junk shop find that was painted purple. Around its neck is a Masai necklace given to Jimmie while in Kenya. The blue bulldog with wings was bought in Paris. The kitchen trolley is from Ikea.

Image above: The number 2 cabinet is from Ikea. It was originally plain wood and we repainted it and added the number to create some contrast and drama. The red vase is from Aria in Angel.

Image above: In the gold frame is a picture of Jimmie and his mother when he was baptized. The bull skull was bought in Germany. The round metal balls were garden decoration that I think look better inside.

Image above: The white wire vase on the table is from Ikea. The “sausage dog” cushions are from Jimmie Martin. The old metal filing cabinet was an eBay find for £20. The white framed bug was bought in Paris, and the metal letter on top of the shelf is from Caravan in Shoreditch, London.

Image above: The headboard is from Jimmie Martin. The bedside chests are from Ikea, with Habitat lamps. All other pieces like the old books, the letter J, and black crow we bought in antique markets.

Image above: Detail shot with lamp from Habitat. The small clock is from Karlsson, and the ball is a metal garden ball that came in a set of three different sizes.


if I weren’t a student right now, those sausage dog cushions would be *the* most brilliant, giddy, impulse buy. As it is they are 2x more than I can stomach thinking about for a cushion…but they are so perfect…so I shall just have to make a mental note for one day of future prosperity.

love, love, loving the grey…a definite possibility for my bedroom one day.


What awesome treasures! I love every single room, the creative touches and assorted colors. It sounds like each and every item has a wonderful story, where it came from, why they bought it… Just fabulous!!!


OMG! LOVE! I wish I lived there. I particularly like that dark blue paint on the walls (or is that just my computer monitor?) :-)


Funkilicious! I love the contrast between this sneak peek and the next one (jutta rikola). Extreme masculine to extreme feminine but both inspiring.


Beautiful House. Love it! What’s the paint color in the sausage dog room? Thanks


Jimmie Martin appears to be a company name… what is the guy’s real name?


Sirschy, the guy’s name is Jimmie :D … and to the best of my knowledge, Martin is the other half of this designer duo, but I’ve never seen them use last names in any of the press materials.

Anyway, this moody, punky new British aesthetics is very far from my personal taste, but it just. looks. so. cool. (And those ceilings are outrageously high!)

Paulina J!

I’m so amazed that this apt is only 670-sq. ft. Small, but what great punch! We will be moving this summer and this has inspired me to declutter and downsize!

Miss Caroline st. Clair

Jaw dropping-ly chic…love the mix of high and low elements.


Love it! I first saw this house in an old issue of Living Etc. Back then, the walls were white but I always thought that darker walls would look more dramatic, especially with all the great art and furniture. And they’ve changed the headboard from a handpainted Union Jack to this new design, too. Lots of new lighting and chairs as well. Fabulous!


Love the gold colored patio chair glimpsed through the window in the 2nd picture. The high low contrast is skillful.


Any chance we could find out the paint color used in the living room? Its the perfect blue/slate/back/grey color!


It’s quite dramatic and unique! The almost black walls are incredible. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


What a lovely place!

Grace, could I please put in a bit of a request? I am thinking of getting myself a pet, and would so SO appreciate if you could also show how and where the pets live in these gorgeous sneek peeks… For example where the cat scratch posts are and where the litter box is; and the house is made pet safe!

Thanks so much!


hi neha

we’ll definitely include any cute pet homes or houses in peeks when applicable, but i think mot people keep the less savory parts of pet ownership (litter boxes, etc) hidden because they’re not very pretty. i think most of us struggle to make those parts cute and if we find examples that success, we’ll definitely include those ;)

this roundup of pets in homes might help- there are some cute pet ideas in here:

grace :)


Our favourite thing to do at home is much the same as yours, but instead of the cat we have a dog – a dachie who loves nothing more than to be between us under a blanket.


LOVE the place. Love the creativity, the individualism, and the eclectic mix. Most of all, LOVE CATS.


yes, i am in total suspense to know the wall color? absolutely dreamy.

Sandy in NH



just lovely, but i think your bear looks lonely on the bed ;)

Tania : The Studio

Exquisite … Love the mix of contemporary,chic and just a touch of simple eclectic imagination. A wonderland of colour, individuality with the homley feel of the household pet. A whirlwind of messages through this photo board with great textures scattered throughout……..great work!!


Love your style! So bold! Do you know the designer of the glass table, which was an auction find? I happen to have the same table, although the glass top of mine is more rectangular than yours.


This is totally me! LOVE this: A modern take on classic design! Thanks so much for sharing! Do you have any more from these guys, or a similar style?


These room are gorgeous. Great mix of high-low. A true testament of this designer’s talent. Swanky… luv it!

To All wondering what the designers surnames are….look way up to the top of the page and this article titled: Sneak Peek: Jimmy Martin & Rick Shultz ; )