red start murals

I hold a special place in my heart for Texas (hence my desire to have it counted as its own region or country). I’m never surprised to hear about an exciting artist or designer coming from such a diverse state, and I’m always pleased when friends decide to visit and come back inspired by the unique feel and style of Texas. I started reading an email from Michelle at Red Start and smiled when I saw that she was based in Austin. There are so many fantastic artists working there, and she (and her studio) is definitely one of them.

Michelle and her team have been in business for over ten years painting dramatic murals and large-scale commissions for both residential and commercial buildings. Each project is done by hand with the help of a small group of local artists that turn ideas, themes and inspiration into real-life wall art. I was so taken with this recent project that I couldn’t resist sharing. Inspired by a turn-of-the-century William Morris textile design, Michelle and her team hand-painted this amazing pattern onto a client’s wall in New York. They are still adding the finishing touches, but I thought the current state was lovely enough to share as is. (I love the little hand-painted metallic details.) I’d kill to be able to paint like that. It would be such a nice spin on a more traditional wallpaper option. Click here to check out more of Red Start’s work and here to visit their Facebook page, where they update project pictures regularly. xo, grace

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She is amazing! What a great spin on traditional wallpaper. Inspiring! Austin holds some very talented people.



Ooh, I need a black painting smock like hers. Totally better than my ratty 10yo tshirt, lol.


oh my gosh! This is incredible! Thanks for sharing such an incredible piece of art.

And I agree with Laura… my old painting clothes don’t look nearly as cool… ;)

Heidi Helm

I love to paint murals and other decorative effects, but I don’t think I would ever have the patience for such an intricate and detailed pattern. Beautiful work!

Stephanie haley

Is the mouse suppose to be upside down? Or is that creative license?


Incredible and thoughtful work! Makes me want to paint murals again. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

Ashley B

Awesome! I love that the Canadian maple leaf is in the design… you can see it in the last picture. Well done and I love their work!!

Matthew Irish

Wow, that is really awesome reminds me of some of the painted wallpaper I saw in some heritage buildings in Australia. I think the attention might have pushed their site over the edge…

Patricia Shea

Beautiful…nice colouration and SO MUCH work…I admire their resilience and stamina….just holding your arm up for lengths at a time is exhausting…well done and carry on the gorgeous work.


Wow! And i thought painting a mural of Angkor Wat was tough! This would be an excellent exercise in patience, that’s for sure. I absolutely love the colour combination with the blues and the gold. Bravo!

Annie @ Plumsiena

I love the final outcome! It feels as if you stepped back into time with the metallic touches bringing it to the present.

To be able to visualize that beforehand…!