parallax design offices

by Grace Bonney

One of my favorite things about contemporary office design is that there seems to be a real focus on creating spaces within spaces right now. Most of the more creative office designs I’ve seen lately seem to include tiny niches or environments where employees can work, meet or relax away from the monotony of cubicles or other, more public spaces. This office tackled the idea of a space within a space by bringing in a vintage trailer. After outgrowing their previous office space, Parallax Design of Adelaide, Australia, decided to move into a new studio that they customized with the help of Space Craft Joinery & JPE architects. I love the exterior of the building and the way it (and the trailer) seem to seamlessly blend a retro and modern vibe. I especially love the idea of saying, “Yeah, if you need me, I’ll be taking a break in the trailer.” Though on a particularly stressful workday, I might be tempted to hitch it to a car and just drive off somewhere else. To check out Parallax’s work, click here, and thanks to Kellie at Parallax for sending this over. xo, grace

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