paper record player

When I saw this wedding invitation project from designer Kelli Anderson, the first thing I thought was, “Awesomesauce.” Despite weaning myself off of TV and celebrity gossip (which I’ve done pretty well, if I do say so myself), I can’t shake some of my favorite character-driven dialogue that’s always in my head. Top of the list? Liz Lemon’s “What the what?” and “Nerds!” and of course, Andy’s favorite above. While I try to fight them off in favor of more descriptive words, all I can say about this incredibly amazing project is: WOW.

When approached by her friends Mike and Karen to create a creative wedding invitation, Kelli Anderson decided to embrace the couple’s love of music. Both Mike and Karen work in music (she DJs at night, he’s a Grammy award-winning sound engineer), and they wrote their own song for their wedding, so Kelli worked with them to record the song on a flexidisc and create an invitation that would actually PLAY the record (watch it in action above). Can we just pause to marvel at how that makes this the coolest wedding invitation ever? Until another invitation pops open and hand-feeds me a piece of chocolate, this one takes the cake.

In addition to the standard wedding invitation details, Kelli’s design for the invite included a back page with a needle that, with some hand-spinning, actually plays the record. I’m too blown away to go on, so I’ll let the video and Kelli’s post here explain the rest. Two thumbs up for an amazingly creative couple and designer going all out and inspiring me to rethink how far paper invitations can be pushed. xo, grace

More images of the invitation after the jump!


That is the most fabulous wedding invitation ever!!! (And if the invitation os that great, how amazing is the wedding gonna be?)


Wow! That’s just awesome! It’s like the coolest invitation ever! I have to get going with my own wedding plans now! Inspiration – YES!


That just raised the bar for wedding invitations to skyscraper heights. Glad I’m already married, or I’d be uber-jealous. Nicely done!


Um, WHAT. Not to also lean on a pop culture reference to describe what I’m feeling, but I am having a Double Rainbow moment.


Really cool invitation and the song is pretty good too!


That has got to be the most unique and amazing wedding invitation I have ever seen or heard;)


This is amazing on so many levels! I have never seen anything like it! Can’t wait to see what they come up with for their wedding day.


This is so adorable and cool…I can’t believe it actually works…curious what they will do for their wedding day…


Wow! This is truly amazing and beautifully done! Bravo!

Maryam in Marrakech

This is just so cool. And more than that, it is just so so hopeful: amazing people can do amazing things. I am seriously just so impressed for the designer’s venture into a whole new space that I’ve never seen before and could have never contemplated.