normann copenhagen whisk

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, I’m constantly lamenting how my favorite pieces (old, wood and worn-in) aren’t always the most functional or ergonomic. They look beautiful, and worn wood feels soft to the touch, but if you have to stir and fold something a million times, they start to lose their charm. That said, the ultra-ergonomic OXO-type gadgets smack me in the face with so much ugly that I find myself hiding them in drawers.* Why can’t function and form marry more frequently when it comes to kitchen gadgets?

Thankfully, they have when it comes to these lovely whisks from Normann Copenhagen. I’ve heard from a friend who just got a set that they’re easy on the hands and the eyes, which is a win-win in my book. Inspired by the silhouette of an Italian Cypress tree, these whisks combine bamboo and plastic for a tool that’s useful but not so plastic-y and unattractive that you have to hide it in a drawer. You can pick up this whisk right here at Gretel Home for $26. If anyone knows of another form-meets-function kitchen tool out there, I’m all ears. I’d love to find some that are pretty and practical. xo, grace

*I have a lot of love for OXO. After watching them in this movie, I really appreciate how much work goes into their products. I just wish they could be as beautiful as they are easy to use.


oh! i need one of these! every time i use the whisk, i cringe and think about the cleaning part. these look a lot nicer & much easier to clean. and i like the colors. :)


Ikea has some nice, all-metal utensils. I especially like what I think of as the “Swedish” whisk—at the end of the handle is a flat, horseshoe shape with a coil of metal wire wrapped around it. Perfect for whisking pan sauces since the whole whisk makes contact with the bottom of the pan.


I think I just saw these whisks in Dwell. Have you tried them before? Torn on whether they’re worth the price (does a whisk really add that much to my life)!


glad you plugged objectified. regardless, these whisks are beautiful and would solve my gooey problems of things always getting stuck in traditional whisks. i’d take the risk.

Katherine Ross

I agree with Carley — they seem much more sanitary and easier to clean than normal whisks. Not to mention beautiful… I want the gray one!


i totally feel the same way. this whisk is so cool, and its good to hear, it works well.. i’ve been eyeing a little porcelain and wood mortar and pestle i saw online, at Williams-Sonoma..its just so pretty. you gotta check it out! have a lovely weekend/


damn! these whisks are hhhhooottttt. i want this hot whisk. it’s too bad that if i were to use this hot whisk in a hot liquid, eeeeee – not so much. plastic? design-wise yup, but health-wise, not super cool. you know, knowing what we know about such things now…