nina campbell iphone wallpapers

I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone. Most days, I’m cursing it for countless dropped calls and crashing programs, but every now and then when I’m stuck on the subway, I’m reminded of what a great tool it is — for distraction, reading and entertainment. I’m not one for constantly changing phone wallpapers (the same photo of my cat Turk has been my background for about two years now), but when I came across these gorgeous wallpapers from Nina Campbell, I was sold. There are a handful of styles to choose from, each one more sophisticated and elegant than the last. Obviously, you could rig this to work without downloading an official wallpaper, but I’d love to see more pattern designers embrace this medium and make custom (for sale) wallpapers that people could use on their phones. I know I’d be happy to pay a few bucks for something made-for-mobile from Neisha Crosland, Geoff McFetridge or Nama Rococo. Until then, these make for great ways to spruce up your phone screen. xo, grace


What a shame that they aren’t the full resolution for the iPhone 4!

Sarah S

Love these! Thanks for sharing…I’ve just saved them to my iphone.


Speaking of wallpaper, does anyone know the name/brand of the wallpaper featured on the jewelry and accessories landing page of Anthropologie’s website?


The GelaSkins app for iPhone also has lots of great designs, all for free!


thanks – will be fun to see the butterflies on my phone tomorrow!