morning (pushpin) candy

I have yet to set up my new office at home, but when I saw these pushpins at the Curiosity Shoppe, I instantly felt inspired. I know it sounds a little weird to get inspired by a pack of colorful, normal pushpins, but I’m thinking their wonderfully minimal, Italian feel should be the theme of my new workspace. Clean, sparse and colorful — seems like a theme that would leave plenty of room for ideas and brainstorming. Normally, I pack my workspace with a bajillion clippings and find myself feeling overwhelmed, but something clean and colorful like this might do the trick. You can pick up a pack of these beauties (to inspire your own workspace) right here for $4. xo, grace


oooh. yum! you’re right about the candy part. i would have to be careful not to want to eat these! : )

Nat@ dear little house

Inspiration can find us in the strangest of places! Although, I have a wee obsession with stationery items, so maybe for me this is not so strange…


So much fun! If they make it look like candy, chances are, I will want to buy it. Target picked up on this some time ago.


i love it how you can get inspired by everyday things when you look at them with new eyes :)

Stephanie Press

Little finds like this are wonderful! A tiny, practical treat. I love things that are functional/useful and have whimsy.


Well, but in fact you can DO something with such a little “space”.

In the 80’s, my aunt used to paint any kind of patterns and mini designs inside pushpins, and they were GREAT!! I wish I could do it, but my hands are so shaky :(

That’s why I pass the knowledge :P


Wow…culture clash! These are totally normal ‘drawing pins’ to this here Scottish gal. That’s just how they come, and have done all my life!!


Ahahaha. (laughing at myself)

My pre-coffee morning brain read the title as “chocolate pushpins” and I stared at the screen in horror and fascination for a full minute trying to figure out how/why anyone would make such a dangerous little object into food. Just imagine the mix-up! OUCH.

Holly Jones

you’re right grace, color push pins ARE inspiring. and so is design*sponge. besides brushing my teeth, checking design*sponge is about the only other thing i manage to do every day.

Sarah C

We used to have those all over when I was little not sure if the brand was the same but I used to love the little sound the plastic tops would make when you shook them.