(mini) sneak peek: lena corwin

We have a little extra peek this morning! Lena Corwin is giving us a glimpse into her home in Fort Green, Brooklyn. Lena’s been a little busy lately — she has a fantastic new book of hand-drawn Maps (don’t miss the book giveaway) and a new baby — so she’s made sure that her home is a particularly calm oasis with mostly white walls and light, natural woods with a few splashes of color. Honestly, I feel a little calmer just scrolling through the photos! Thanks, Lena! — Amy A.

CLICK HERE for more of Lena’s Brooklyn home!


Ahhh! Fish mobile over the baby crib–where is that beauty from?? What a great place!


Where is the Baby Crib from? We’re about to have a baby girl and have been looking for something similar with little luck so far.

Roxy Marj

Love Lena’s space. 4 years ago I was Lena’s intern for the summer. I loved going to her place for that exact reason >>> it was calm. :) Plus, Gus her little dachshund was a major loveboat! I had a huge crush on him. ;)

Rebecca Haas

Yay! I love Lena! And her house is beautiful! And her upstairs studio space is to die for for any city artist craving creative space. What lovely serene photos too! Hi Lena!


I was sad we didn’t get to see Gus the dachshund! That’s ok, loved the rocking chair.


Question, is that a toaster oven next to the fridge on the butcher block table? If so, what kind, I’ve never seen one like that.
Thank you!


Lena has my favorite brooklyn home ever. Not to mention my favorite studio ever.
Natural, simple, effortless, beautiful taste.

Anna @ D16

I always love seeing little peeks into Lena’s home. So beautiful, and such a perfect reflection of who she is as an artist.

maison marigold

beautiful, calming interior..love the fish mobile above the crib..all the chandeliers and that gorgeous colorful rug..thanks for sharing! xx meenal


What a calming space! Love it. Any idea where the headboard and footboard are from?


I fell in love with the living room, nothing too special, just simply beautiful.


what are the paint colors on the walls, ceiling, trim? It’s so lovely and clean without being stark.


Tub Trugs *inside* for storage: what a good idea. Love her style.


beautiful. really sweet how clearly everyday things are elevated with a Lena Corwin look, it is like she painted some of these objects into life. I swear the plant, chandelier and rocking chair would be transformed to dowdy mundane objects in another space.


That first photo absolutely gave me chills… like it was designed for me to live in. I’m a huge fan of Lena’s work, and now I’m a huge fan of her beautiful home! Wowza!


Lena’s space is always such an inspiration! I love the natural light and wood.


perfect and soothing. everything single thing about it. inspiring!


I love this home too! Any ideas where I can get a toy basket like the one she has in the baby’s room?


Wow… the floors, the crown moulding, tall ceilings… such an elegant but playful home. So inspiring!


When I look at her home I think she has really carefully selected each item…there is no waste or clutter or unnecessary items. The elegance of her choices is simply beautiful to me.


Ditto on the toaster oven… is it some sort of space-saver toaster oven? Sorry, I clearly have a thing for space-saving toaster ovens.


All of that beautiful architectural detail makes my knees weak! I love the balance of all that jazz with simple furniture and colors.


What lovely, lovely floors! Everything is so soothing and calm. I want to crawl right into those pictures.


Minimal in a warm, very well-balanced way. Really nice!


Such a beautiful place!
Thank goodness all that snow is now gone…And as a long time resident, it’s Fort Greene…(just looks funny to me when it’s spelled as Green)

tibi @ thedomesticity

Maybe it’s being from Texas – the land of McMansions and bigger is better – but I can never get enough of these Brooklyn sneak peaks on D*S. All of that crown molding, ornate architectural details and beautiful floors – I’m obsessed! The snow capped stoops are just icing on the cake as triple digit summers are right around the corner!


I’ve been in love with Lena Corwin’s style ever since I bought her book on textile printing, which is just amazing. I’m not surprised her home is so amazing !


What a delicious home! Thank you, Lena, for sharing it with us. This is totally my style and I love how you’ve kept the integrity of the history of the space. Well done.


Wow, the living room blows me away. Adore the paint scheme. And everything else! Truly inspiring.


i wrote a comment this morning, but it doesn’t look like it posted.

thanks for the really nice comments everyone!

– the space saving toaster is the “bagel best’ by sanyo

– the bed is from crate & barrel

– the paint in the living room is farrow & ball

– the big basket was from the brooklyn flea

– the crib is kiea

– the fish mobile is flensted


Wow – what a beautiful and warm home. Love the wood and the simple look. Thanks for sharing!


Lovely home Lena! Where did you find the wooden activity-bar in the crib?


Super lovely use of light. I wonder if you could tell us what shelving and cutting table you have in your kitchen.


Gorgeous! What’s the paint used in the work room? It’s perfect.


hi Lena, do you know the name of your bed from Crate & Barrel? Thanks!