living in: heathers


Heathers is the ultimate teen black comedy, full of sparkling 1980s goodness and vicious, malicious wit. Its sting is swift, its style subversive and its appeal legendary. The privileged clique of girls rule the halls of Westerburg High with an iron first, and the rest of us nobodies suffer an acute longing for their Swatch watches, croquet games and unnaturally volumized hair.

1. Corn Nuts,$1; 2. Kitsune Blazer, $1250; 3. Bic Mechanical Pencils, $7; 4. Red Clipboard, $7; 5. Big Ben Alarm Clock, $21; 6. Betsey Johnson Dollhouse Earrings, $30; 7. Swatch Watch, $65; 8. Croquet Set, $54; 9. Antique Iron Garden Chair, $950

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When the Heathers’ taunting and tormenting gets out of hand, the group’s sole non-Heather and her bad-boy boyfriend exact revenge in a way that leaves the school reeling. As the body count rises, so does your alarming interest in re-doing the 1980s in a similarly rich-girl way. Silk sheets, mock snotty disposition, embarrassing fabric hair accessories? Don’t mind if I do. But this time, let’s skip the mugful of Drano, shall we?

1. Burberry Silk Robe, $250; 2. Alcozer & J Heart Pin, $129; 3. Silk Sheets, $99; 4. Drano, $8; 5. Classic White Mug, $7.50; 6. Silk Headboard, $350; 7. Tick-Tac-Toe Lana Heels, $80; 8. Vintage Hand Mirror, $8; 9. Scrunchie, $10/set of two; 10. Princess Phone, $40


lol @ the drano!

“Grow up. You think I’ll drink it just because you call me chicken…?”


Greetings and salutations!
I looove this! One of my all time favorite films. This totally gave me a happy on a day when I really needed it.


I LOVED Heathers! In addition to being obsessed with the way they talked it was the start of my teenage obsession with Christian Slater.

– Diana


Oh wow! Looking at all this now… well, everything seems so retro! This movie was so “in” back in the day. Great movie choice and great feature!


Oh, Amy! This movie is an absolute favorite, and so is this roundup.


One of my all-time favorites! “Such a pillowcase!”

Holly Jones

such a great Living In post! I love the thought of accessorizing with corn nuts and Drano. If I could ever be so cool.


I can’t believe that pink princess phone is only $40 and it’s from Best Buy! I NEED one!!! =)


Drano! ahahah!

this is one of the strangiest movie I’ve ever seen,very disturbing actually.



This movie holds up surprisingly well and it’s visual style is memorable. I had blue tights like Veronica’s. Great post.

Now I’ve got to motor if I want to make that funeral…


Oh I ADORE this movie.

I have to say though, I kind of wish a little Veronica fashion in there -some black.


As a Heather, I find this insulting…
Not really! I totally love it! How did you find that plaid blazer? if only I had the courage for shoulder pads – I already have big, frizzy hair!


“Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast? First you ask if you can be red, knowing that I’m always red.”

Best. Living. In. Ever.


Don’t buy those Bic pencils. Absolutely the worst mechanical pencil on the market. They simply don’t work.


this column is just brilliant – i look forward to it every tuesday!


Great movie choice… but I really have to say no to scrunchies for the rest of my eternity!



i’m with you. though, and i shudder to write this, i saw a TON of scrunchies for sale at H&M a few weeks ago. ack.

grace ;)


All time favorite, era-defining, insta-friend-making-by-being-able-to-recite-every-line movie ever ever. I think I actually story-boarded the living in from this movie about 700 times in high school. I even took up croquet. Fantastic.


I always heard about this movie and finally watched it last month. Now I want a cricket set!


love this movie!

reminds me that i need to get a new croquet set :)

great choice for “living in”


I just wish we could go back to the what my mom thought was expensive Swatch watch price of $35.


I love this movie.

I rememeber wanting to dress like the Heathers so badly in high school. I loved the blazers and coloured tights.

It was only a matter of time before scrunchies came back for another generation to regret.


Look, there’s a Chrissy above me! :) Everything about this movie is genius. I do remember being obsessed with the art direction (though I didn’t know the term “art direction” when I was 12), i.e. the color-matching in clothign and rooms for each individual Heather (and blues for Winona – epic!)

“I was impressed to see that she made proper use of the word “myriad” in her suicide note.”


What a great post! I must have watched this movie 100 times when I was little. Thanks for this!


Get out of my brain! You seem to be nostalgic for the exact same movies as me! … love the Dran-o and that lovely Swatch. ;)


This is one fantastic Living In feature. I was expecting Drano and a red scrunci, and you did not disappoint. :D


If you’re going to buy a swatch, get it off the website. That way you get a two year warranty on the mechanism. :)
There’s lots more fun colors too.
I love swatches!

Miss Ruth

“God damn, will someone tell me why I read these things. ”
Love it!
I did get a crochet set for university graduation because of this movie.


So… This was my favorite movie, I was waaaayyy too young to understand anything, except Christian Slater was a hottie… Lol!


How very!

My favourite column meets my favourite movie. Great, great picks.


I have never watched this movie though I heard about it many, many times. and that picture alone makes me want to run to blockbuster and rent it!


I would reallly LOVE to have that dresser from veronica’s room! does anyone know were I can get it???


I would really love that dresser featured in Veronica’s room!!!!whete can you get it?????