living in: cat on a hot tin roof


The first time I saw Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, my jaw was on the floor. Liz Taylor and Paul Newman absolutely smolder, smoke and burst into flame as an unhappily married couple imprisoned by circumstance at the family’s Mississippi plantation. Tennessee Williams sets a stage like no other, and the movie adaptation of his play sweats with sloshy, southern privilege that grabs and doesn’t let go.

1. Pearl Clip-On Earrings, $24; 2. Antik Batik Bowie Dress, $326; 3. Mercury Glass Container, $70; 4. European Mirror, $249; 5. Baker’s Jar, $28; 6. Sloane Sofa, $3,600; 7. Wooden Crutches, $13; 8. Whiskey Set, $20; 9. Gold Leaf Sconce, $396

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Through a hazy bourbon hangover, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof plays the gracious southern hostess well. A big, beautiful plantation home gleams with wrap-around porches, trees drip with Spanish moss and well-manicured lawns host lantern-filled parties. For just a single night with Paul Newman, I’d gleefully endure the hangover, too.

1. Accordion Lantern, $4 for 6; 2. Wire Cupcake Stand, $34; 3. Monogrammed Tumblers, $68; 4. Living Spanish Moss, $3; 5. Banda Armchair, $298; 6. Cupcake Lip Balm Set, $8; 7. Birthday Candles, $3; 8. Gold Hurricane Candles, $300 for a set of 3; 9. Patent Leather Belt, $3.50; 10. Sugar Ice Cream Cones, $21


Yay! Cat on a hot tin roof was the first Elizabeth Taylor movie I saw, and I was way impressed. Great setting, great acting, great movie.


I first watched it in high school, and immediately went about staging a scene for my drama class (starring me as Maggie of course)- I picked the cutest boy in the class to play Brick, who just happened to have broken his leg during a track meet. I wore a scanty negligie in front of God and everybody (I was an odd, dramatic kid). I was SO obsessed with this film!!
My GOD Paul Newman in this movie – every single movement is like a prayer of sexiness. And it’s also my very favorite performance of Liz Taylor’s – she is the quentissential Maggie – her raw, barely tethered passion palpable. THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!!!


Ohh I love this one! While this film wasn’t my first encounter with Liz (she is one of my favorite actresses) but it was my first with Paul Newman, and by god it started a love affair. :)

Meli (Blush + Jelly)

I’ve always wanted to watch this movie, just never had the opportunity – and after seeing these movie stills and great goody roundup I am definitely adding it to my queue!


Mind the living Spanish moss… if snagged fresh from trees (especially in Savannah) it’s likely to be populated with chiggers, little bugs that cause a nasty skin itch! I hear microwaving the stuff kills them off, but I’d be wary of bringing them into my home!


This is my all time favorite Liz Taylor movie. Until this post, I’d only really focused on the clothes (that waist-cinching white dress!! Those shoes!!) but thanks to you I’ve noticed how lovely the set was. That is, aside from the delicious natural flora.


HELLO, Paul Newman!
I don’t know how I’ve never seen this movie, but it’s on my must-watch list now! Beautiful set décor.


Tennessee Williams can tell a story like none other. If you haven’t seen the film then you should add it to your must sees. Paul & Liz do a wonderful job with it & you can just feel the emotions dripping in every scene.

Liz B

You saw this on TCM last week, didn’t you? :)

My favorite memory of this film was in college, in a theatre course, when we were comparing the original play with the film. We had all been silently drooling over Paul Newman until he took his shirt off and one girl stage-whispered “So hott!!!”

Forever ruined Paul Newman for me.


I live for living in.
you have no idea.
this is beautiful.
they always are.


I can’t get enough of this film. The writing and staging is so powerful, Tennessee Williams and the leads capture the tension of the guilt and power plays with extraordinary skill.

Brick: “What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?”
Maggie: “Just staying on it I guess.”


I have never seen this movie, but after this “Living In” I am getting from Netflix for sure!


thank you, thank you, thank you.
i love this movie and not just because it taught me the word ‘mendacity’.


The white evening gown (not the day dress) is exactly what I want my wedding gown to look like. Edith Head was such a wonderful costume designer. With any luck ModCloth will start making something similar.


Cry every single time I watch this movie. It’s my favorite film, hands down.


Oh that dress in your first round-up! I need it. Love this film and the play. Thanks for showcasing it so nicely.


I love that movie! The clothes, the set, those bratty kids! And I’d buy that dress if it would make me look half as amazing as Elizabeth Taylor!
Thanks for sharing!


Amy – Please do ‘Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice’ The 70s fashions and style in that film are divine!!

Lauren Hunziker

Hi Amy
I’ve just watched ‘All That Heaven Allows’, with Jane Wyman and Rock Hudson, for my Genres in Film Class. The whole time all I could think about was what a great post it would make! I hope you’ll consider it.
Such a fan. Keep it up!


Oh my word, how I adore this movie! This is where I first fell madly in love with Paul Newman. What a handsome, classy man to the end.

Karen Longo

Is there anything in this world more beautiful than a young Paul Newman? Just, wow.

I can hear the cicadas and feel the humid, perfumed air when I watch this movie. You’ve captured it again wonderfully!


I watched this movie for the first time yesterday afternoon after seeing this post. It was WONDERFUL!

Monika Del Bosque

Tennessee Williams was a brilliant playwright. Not only was his dialogue excellent, he used his staging to heighten the tension between the characters to his benefit. This wasn’t lost in the film–the film was brilliant too.


Yes, Paul Newman is something to behold in “Cat”. But he is absolutely at his peak in every way in “Hud”. I still melt at very thought of this film!


Please, please, puh-leese do a “Living in” for “Sex and the Single Girl.” I can’t get enough of Helen Gurley Brown’s office and apartment.


After reading this post and comments I watched Cat for the first time via netflix instant. Thanks! I loved it!


I love this post. Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is one of my favorite movies. It is radiant with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman. Classic. Thank you for the post.