jill bliss nature drawing + giveaway

It’s been such a treat having Jill Bliss‘ nature drawings on D*S this week. Today she’s sharing her final drawing (description in her words below) and I just wanted to post a quick reminder that you still have all of today to enter your own drawing for a chance to win a copy of Jill’s The Drawing Nature Journal. (Details here)

From Jill: I’ve been drawing nothing but flowers this week since they’re so gorgeous this time of year, but I shouldn’t ignore Portland’s favorite tree: the Douglas Fir! I collected these specimens during my walk in Mt. Tabor park the other day. I drew them in the studio early this morning while having my morning Stumptown soy latte. ha!


It’s been so lovely seeing Jill’s work on here. We went to college together and I’ve loved seeing how much success and exposure she’s received over the years!

Such an incredible talent!


It may not surprise anyone that Spring takes a little longer to poke it’s head out here in Chicago. So to help me get through the last dreary days of each year, I rely on my sprightly house plants to keep up the cheer. Here’s a doodle I did during this cold & rainy “spring” week…


(If it doesn’t work, just click on “Illustrations” at hannahlehman.com, and it’s the first one!)

**Loving your beautiful drawings, Jill!


Thanks for featuring her and her lovely drawings! I’ve admired her work for a long time and was super pumped when I scored a signed print (with hand-painted embellishments on top of it) at a craft fair a few months back in SF. Getting to meet her in person and talk to her a bit about her process was really inspiring. I adore her work!



Lately I’ve been drawing a lot of trees. I live in a country with very few forests but originally come from a country filled with trees so they really mean a lot to me and often here I miss trees a lot. There’s something very comforting and holy in forests for me. I’m studying print design at the moment and when we had to come up with an idea for a print, I didn’t need to think twice. The picture I linked is of my final version that I’m now starting to print. It’s a small forest with all my favourite types of trees: pine, spruce, birch and rowan. I want to print a big picture, create a big safe forest for myself as I don’t have one here.


i recently moved from a dark little apartment in astoria, ny to a sunny little house in berkeley, ca. the best part is that we have a sprawling garden out front. this weekend i added some pots of tomatoes to the collection…which i always wanted to grow in NY but just couldn’t do. can’t wait till they start producing fruit…and i’m guessing they can’t wait either! here’s what both me and the plants are thinking about.


Jill’s work is so beautiful. Thank you for inspiring me to take a break from my day to day work and to get lost in a drawing.


I love Jill’s work it is so colourful and fun!

Even though spring hasn’t really arrived here in Saskatchewan, no green to be seen. I was inspired by the beige cattails and pussy willow soon to arrive.


Katie Bee

With spring finally here, I’ve been missing my parents’ backyard and garden lately, and the incredible rose bushes behind the house, so I took pencil to paper and sketched. I wish we had some flowers here, but we have no balcony or yard, despite living out in a small town.
Until now, photos, knockout roses spotted in the garden of the school I work for, and the occasional trip to the park will have to do.