jill bliss morning nature drawings

After yesterday’s rain storm I was in desperate need of some cheering up. Thankfully Jill Bliss‘ next nature drawing popped into my inbox and I instantly felt a comforting reminder that even in rainy Portland things were warming up and the flowers were starting to come back.

Today Jill has this new drawing to share with us and explains how it began here:

“This spring, now that the rains have eased up a bit, everything is in bloom all at once here in portland! I took a break yesterday afternoon from working in my studio to get a latte at Stumptown and collect blooms for my Heath vase. They’re so pretty!”

There are still three more days to submit your own nature drawing in the comment section of any of Jill’s morning drawing posts and win a copy of Jill’s new book, The Drawing Nature Journal. Click here for more details. xo, grace


Although a bit chilly out this morning, I decided it might be nice to see what nature was up to… and saw our blueberries well underway. The leaves are dark and deep green… taking in the warmth of the sun. Light and dainty at the top, and blueberries in bloom towards the base, the energy of their growth spiraling upwards towards the sky.

“Blueberries in Bloom”

Laurie Anne

Spring. What a beautiful gift! I love it. Here in Birmingham, AL the streets and grounds are painted with color. The Azalea bush is something that has been a constant in my life. As long as I can remember my parents have always had several Azalea bushes around their house. Azaleas mark Spring for me. Here are 2 contour drawings of Azalea’s I did.



Robyn Briggs

I really have enjoyed Jill’s drawings so far. I had never seen her work before and she has inspired me to really sit and examine nature the past few days. I sat down and did a few drawings and I don’t think I would have if I hadn’t seen this post. People rarely take the time out these days to really enjoy nature, let alone to sit and patiently examine and draw it. I am going to try to make sure I do more of this. Thanks from one almost artist to another! http://robyn-briggs.blogspot.com/2011/04/blind-contour-daffodil-drawings.html

Kate Groop

These drawings make me so happy! And I would definitely be happier if I could draw a bit myself. :)

Jeanne Hlebo

Years ago, as I was home educating my kids, I learned that nature study is an integral aspect of life long learning. Edith Holden was an early 20th century English woman who truly is my inspiration! This is a page from my “Nature Notes” book ….


Roses are beautiful to me, and they symbolize life perfectly because while there may be some thorns along the way, in the end, the beauty surpasses it all.


I am too lazy, busy and talentless to join the drawing contest but I love looking at the entries. Laurie, particularly like your style.