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diy project: faceted gem flower pots

by Halligan

My soul is singing because of the spring weather! I am not a green thumb, but there is just something about the start of warm weather that drives me to the nursery for flower season. If you are going to plant flowers, you of course need some cool planting pots for your home and yard. I found these cool gem molds while browsing one of my favorite baking-supply websites, fancy flours, and came up with a fun way to make average terra-cotta pots a little more hip. — Halligan

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  • X-Acto or kitchen knife
  • oven
  • baking sheet
  • strong glue, such as E6000
  • gem molds
  • terra-cotta pots
  • sculpey clay


1. Purchase your gem-shaped mold. I found mine at fancyflours.com. They have three to choose from!!

2. To make gems, squish the clay into your mold. I found it best to refrigerate the clay if I had been handling it. It makes your facets sharper, too! Take out clay mass and cut around desired shape.
3. Once you have your gems, bake them in the oven following the package’s instructions.

4. Lay out your gems in the desired pattern. This is the fun part; there is no right or wrong way to do it! After you have decided on your look, glue the gems onto the pot. Make sure to glue in sections so your gems don’t slide.

5. Plant your flower!

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  • These molds are an amazing idea for polymer clay!

    I’ve tried making “gems” myself by cutting it with a sharp blade, but its difficult to keep the edges sharp and the sides fingerprint free – thanks so much for a solution :)

  • I could see them being painted a rich dark brown and then the gems on top.. pretty!

  • I’ve been a long time avid reader of this site, and still will definitely keep reading, but this post is slipping a little… really sad to say it. Really impractical way of going about this, and they just turned out looking like a gaudy sunday school craft project. Still Love Design*Sponge… just my opinion. :/

  • I think the flower pots are too cute!
    There are people who just enjoy making stuff – even if it is impractical – If you can’t say something nice dont say nothing at all – just my opinion

  • i love this idea. i mentor a little girl through big brothers/big sisters and I am always trying to find crafts for us to do together, but it is hard to find something cool that is easy enough for a child to help with…and this totally is! thanks for the idea!

    did you have to color the clay yourself or were you able to find a lot of different colors?

  • This is such a cute idea! I actually found some gem molds at my local Michael’s arts and crafts store..they’re actually for cookie sheet molds but look just like the gem molds and worked perfectly. Thought I’d pass that tip on!

  • Hey Stacey! I was able to find a ton of colors. But it’s easy to mix clay colors together to find the perfect one you want.

  • Love the idea, what you’ve done and it’s potential. Like many of your posts, this will play in my head for a while ’til I give it a try. And I disagree with comment: “your post is slipping a little”. It’s design. Process. Exploration. Fun. If you post it, we will read!

  • I really like the look as it’s different from the norm. I feel a bit sorry for anyone who can’t appreciate something different from the same old same old… this is great – thanks for posting.