DIY best of: wall decor

After reading Amy’s post on how to make a new house a home, I’ve been majorly inspired to refresh my own apartment. I love to switch things around on a regular basis, and one of the easiest ways to create a huge impact is with wall decor. I’ve rounded up some of our favorite wall decor DIYs. Many of these projects use inexpensive or recycled materials, and they can be done over the course of a weekend. If you need a little pick-me-up for your home, one of these pieces may be just the thing. Enjoy! — Kate

Image above: Straight from David Stark’s Purely Paper Flower Shoppe, these paper botanical prints are a wonderful way to recycle old newspaper into amazing artwork.

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Image above: You can easily create this sisal rope artwork to add instant texture to your wall or tabletop.

Image above: If you love the look of wall mounted ferns but don’t want to deal with the upkeep, these adorable faux staghorn ferns from Studio Choo are the perfect option and look every bit as amazing as the real thing.

Image above: This astrology artwork by Erica Domesek of P.S. I Made This is super easy to create and would make a lovely, dramatic gift for any occasion.

Image above: When Barb featured one of Mollie Green’s amazing paper taxidermy heads in her Before & After Basics photo shoots, we received dozens of requests for a tutorial. Mollie was more than happy to share her wonderful design, and now you can have a newsprint taxidermy antelope all your own!

Image above: There’s no better way to celebrate spring than to gather some greens and make some beautiful pressed botanical prints!

Image above: This uncommon Valentine’s project can be a great anytime gift and will look awesome on your wall year round.

Image above: Haylie’s sewing notions display art not only brightens up your studio, but it also gives you a place to put those loose buttons and fabric scraps!

Image above: Simple Scandinavian-inspired wooden heart

Image above: Haylie’s vintage flower frogs make a wonderful wall composition.

Image above: These painterly silhouettes would be a great gift for Father’s Day.


Obsessed with the faux staghorn ferns … might be just the right touch to my wall! Thanks for all of the inspiration!


There are some great ideas here. I really like the folded paper leaves (and the real ones) as well as the sewing notions designs. I’m really excited to try some of these out!


This is SO timely! Just this week I’ve decide to devote my creative energy to getting some artwork on my bare walls. Have been trolling etsy endlessly, and these ideas are so fun and budget friendly!


Wow you have gathered all of this amazing creative stimulation together and struck me down!! This is what I love about your blog, and it is guaranteed to wind up my creative juices before I go out to paint!
There are so many of these projects that I want to make into my own..


That wooden heart is lovely, and that key makes my heart so very happy! I love wall art, and I’m always on the lookout for things I can make myself! Thanks for these =)


The sewing notions one is my favorite…there are never too many buttons or fabric scraps. This is an artistic way to display it all.


Love the sisal rope art. I tried to replicate this and actually did finish, but last summer during one of the hot days, i came home to my mounted art all over the floor in pieces! I think the hot glue that was advised melted from the weather! Any ideas how else to glue this together?


These are all such great arrangements. The vintage flower frogs struck me – what a fun collection.


OMG it’s as if you knew I was painting my walls and none of my other pics plus would look good anymore PLUS my colors are a beautiful sagey/mossy green, white and black!

Not to mention I sorted out my HUGE book collection to make more room for my artsy crafty studio stuff.

The black and white (with a touch of red) paper ferns and flowers will look sooo good against the green! And I kept banging my head for ideas to use the old books cuz I have trouble throwing anything away that I believe can become something else (I am a bit OCD :-)

Same for the great black KEY! What to do with my mom’s old costume jewelry? TA DA! My ideas are popping now!

What a wonderful sight my studio/living room will be after just a bit more painting and fun flora imagination :-)

Couldn’t have had this article at a more perfect time for me! You are all so talented! Wish I lived near NY so I could visit some of the fantastic shops you have!


The decors are simple but expresses a lot of art and they look elegant!

sidra adil

oh wow what a unique ideas plz tell about cheap walls decoration ideas