current obsession: all the fish in the sea

I’m heading home to Virginia Beach this week to visit family and catch up on a little beach time (assuming the severe storm threat passes- eek!) so I’ve got water on the brain. This time of year I really miss the smell of salt air and it leaves me longing for anything that reminds me of the ocean. One of my favorite ocean-related motifs is a great fish pattern or shape, so I thought I’d indulge my beach home-sickness with a little fish-themed roundup. I hope you’ll find something in here to bring a little bit of the ocean into your home. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Lokta Fishes Paper $4.95; 2. Fish Mobile $109; 3. Crystal Fish Earrings (I’m obsessed with these) $213; 4. Herring Napkins $6; 5. Virginia Johnson Fish Shawl $195; 6. Papier-mâché fish $34

Image above: 1. Tekki Fish Statue $115; 2. Fish in the Sea Card $5.50; 3. “Just Keep Swimming” print $15; 4. Lacquered goldfish box $36; 5. Neptune Napkin $12; 6. Expandable Fish Trivet $16.95; 7. Acrylic Fish Ring $95

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Image above, clockwise from top left: Fish Stamp set $8.50; Fish Treasure Box $19.55; Origami earthenware fish $14

Image above: 1. Retro fish dish cloth $7; 2. Fish lightswitch cover $24; 3. Fish “coloring” book $10.95; 4. Pair of fish statues $375; 5. Foldable paper fish model $16

Image above: Vintage lucite fish earrings $20


Reminds me of my favorite book – Swimmy. Love love Love that blue & white scarf. So cute!


My grandparents’ last name is Fish, so I have to confess that on far too many occasions over the years, I find myself falling back on buying them things with Fish motifs. Some of these are so fun I see I will have to continue the trend.


I was wondering why there was a sudden influx of orders for the fish shawl at work. This explains things!


So, this is where my fish are hanging out! Nice school of fish.