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brunch party

by Amy Azzarito

Breakfast has always been my favorite meal of the day. As a kid, “breakfast for dinner” was my all-time favorite treat. Brunch encompasses all that’s great about breakfast, with the added benefit of being able to have a little drink. One of my favorite people planted the seed of a brunch party, and I had so much fun imagining what I’d serve. Definitely Bloody Marys (with Chipotle Vodka), maybe a yogurt parfait and I’d love to make muffins using this cute cupcake set. — Amy A.

Favorite brunch recipes from In the Kitchen With:

Image above: 1. David Stark Brush Stroke Dinnerware, $26–32; 2. Six Sister Spoons, $36; 3. Chemex Coffee Maker, $34.10; 4. Egg Salt and Pepper Shakers, $26; 5. Parfait Cups, $9; 6. Classic Butter Croissants, $42; 7. Avignon Tablecloth, $130; 8. Egg Basket, $24; 9. Cupcake Liners & Toppers, $14; 10. Bloody Mary Mix, $11.99; 11. Spreaders, $18

Image above: 1. Cafe Set, $148; 2. Polka Dot Napkin, $16.95;  3. Coffee Drip Kettle, $52.90 (I’d love this for my Chemex!); 4. Tea Sugar Sticks, $5; 5. Early Bird Granola, $8; 6. Honey Pot Gift Set, $54; 7. Chalk Note Glassware, $3–10; 8. Painter’s Stripe Mug, $14; 9. Mariage Frères Éros Tea, $20 (This is a splurge, but it’s my absolute favorite tea in the world.); 10. White Teapot, $125

Image above: Seersucker Placemats, $11 and Crosses Cappuccino Glass, $17

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  • I am so with you on the brunch parties! It’s one of my favorite late summer/early fall things to do.

    I am loving that chalk glass set and the cappuccino glass!

    Also, re: menu – may I suggest fun grilled cheeses (like pesto/goat cheese), seasonal salads (pumpkin is my favorite for the fall), and fruit stews

  • I’m with you, I love Breakfast, so many choices, you can make some mixes : pain au chocolat with eggs and bacon YUMMY
    And for the mariage Frères TEA, you should definitely try the Vanille bourbon (rooibos) It’s wonderful!!!

  • At home we love Sunday brunches. We make it a point to start the morning at a slow pace, prepare brunch and enjoy it together as a family.

  • The best bloody mary of my life was at a Mexican place in Canandaigua, NY. I like my bloody maries on the clammy side– this one was like broth, rich with flecks of tomato pulp, chipotle powder, and clam. I love, love the brunch party idea.

  • There are so many incredible items in this round up it’s difficult to choose a favorite but I’ll gladly take the David Star dinnerware, and polka dot napkins.

    Grace, LOVED your hubby’s interview on Oh, Hello Friend. He clearly respects you as much a he loves you. I hope y’all go on a spontaneous date this weekend and enjoy one another away from the computer!

  • I LOVE brunch. I recently had friends over for brunch to try out my (ham, leeks and cheeses) quiche recipe. Can’t wait to do it again and try out some of the recipes you list above!

  • I had a brunch party last summer that included a bloody mary bar (w/pickled green beans-yum!) and a variety of sweet and savory offerings. This is a great reminder to do it again :)

  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for adding back in the short description and price under the items. So helpful.

    And the brunch reminder was so seasonally appropriate. You all do such good work.

  • Hooray! There’s image mapping AND price/descriptions.
    I’m missing Easter brunch with my family this year. This is making me rather nostalgic now!

  • Such a good choice on the tea. If you haven’t already been and get the chance go to Mariage Frères in Paris. It’s something out of Harry Potter with floor to ceiling tins of teas and all of the employees in white suits with light green ties.

  • I love Brunch too!! This things are so nice, they make me want to have bruch.. Even if is dinner time!!!:-)))