binny children’s wallpaper

Morning guys- I’m still dragging myself out of bed but I thought something cute to start the day early wouldn’t hurt. This adorable wallpaper was designed by Australia illustrator and textile designer Binny Talib. Binny has a line of children’s wallpaper that is sweet and whimsical and perfect for a wide range of ages. This “Pups in Cups” pattern is my favorite and I can’t say a small part of me wouldn’t be tempted to use this in my own home. I’d probably stop myself because I’m pretty sure it would lead to comments like, “Oh, I didn’t know you had kids?”. Though I’ve been asked that question before after people see the collection of Rock Band video equipment we have.

You can check out Binny’s full collection right here and buy them online here, here and here. Thanks to Binny’s friend Sandra for the tip! xo, grace


How adorable! (and I’ve also been asked that question due to our guitar hero gear!) :)


Can anyone tell me what the bedspread is/where it might be found?