before & after: two laundry room makeovers

Laundry rooms usually fall prey to neglect and disarray, so it’s nice to see not one but two laundry rooms receiving some love and attention today. This first laundry room of Cindy’s was lacking a bit of “finish,” which is often the case with the more utilitarian rooms in the house, but she certainly solved that issue with her lovely decorative touches and the vivid robin’s egg paint color. I would love to fold laundry in such a cheerful room. Great transformation, Cindy! — Kate

Time: 4 days

Cost: under $50

Basic Steps: My husband moved the light fixture into the room and helped with painting. The board and batten treatment was initially the most daunting part of the project but turned out to be very easy. I drew out a plan and some measurements and had Home Depot cut the wood for the battens and ledge for me. I painted the wood with paint I had on hand and nailed the battens to the wall. Then I caulked them and filled the nail holes and painted another coat of paint.

What I learned from doing the laundry room was that once I had my original vision for the design, everything fell into place very easily. My advice for anyone attempting to take on a room renovation is that despite how much work there seems to be from start to finish, it was way easier than I thought it would be and I was very surprised that I was able to do almost all of the work by myself . . . it was a great feeling of accomplishment and pride. If I could do it, anyone can!!! — Cindy

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CLICK HERE for Alicia’s after!

I’m so desperate for my own laundry room, I would happily take the “before” off Alicia’s hands. However, I think she has done wonders for the space; her smart decisions have turned a once-dark nook into a bright and cheerful cleaning corner. The added detail of citron behind the shelves provides the perfect pop of color, and painting the tile was a smart move. Great work, Alicia!

Time: Three weekends

Cost: $492 (including professional installation of cabinets, taps, paint and supplies)

Basic Steps: Preparation: Remove unnecessary/unsightly features (in this case the heinous green blinds). Putty, sand and wash walls, trim and ceiling. Then paint walls, trim and ceiling. Prime and paint tiles. After that we added storage: overhead cupboards provide storage for tools, gardening gear and cleaning products. The open shelves prevent the room from looking too claustrophobic. Hooks and rails make use of vertical space to create extra storage for frequently used items.

Finally for the details: removing the scungy window film and replacing the taps made the whole space fresher and sleeker. We added the green shelf backs and gallery wall to provide homey touches and tie the laundry to the adjoining room.

Tips: Decorating is not just about adding. Start by simplifying the space (in this case, by painting the whole space white) then you’ll have a blank canvas with which you can more easily add storage and décor. And never underestimate the power of paint! — Alicia

stacie williams

these are both beautiful renovations! i can’t believe the first one was only under $50! great job to the both of them!


Absolutely beautiful color, Cindy! Can you tell me the name and brand? I think it would be perfect in our little girl’s nursery!


ooh, if it’s possible, I think I would spend TOO much time in that first laundry room!

kara rane

so happy to see a usually overlooked space re-vamped, especially when much time is spent here. nicely done.


Just what I needed to see today. I am dreaming of making over my creepy basement laundry room this summer.

maison marigold

its amazing what a coat of paint can do..wonderful transformations! thanks for sharing, grace..have a lovely visit my blog when you have a moment! xx meenal


Oh I love that first laundry room! That chandelier makes it look so glamorous!


Love the blue and the chandelier. I’d been wondering how to make my own laundry room more cheery. And to think I was going to go with stripes!


Beautiful! Where’d you get that blue paint from? What color is it?


Where or where can I find window shades like that? Gorgeous!!!


Love the 1st room! My favorites are the big changes on small budgets.
Don’t get me wrong, #2 is faboo too. But if I had to vote….


How lovely – the first room makes it look like doing laundry is fun! Hah! I do love the paint color and the idea that every room can be beautiful, even if you’re just doing chores in it.

AesaLina Compton

HOLY COW! I want to do laundry in the aqua room. It would make doing laundry so fun!! If my laundry room weren’t two doors in our hallway, I would redo mine similiarly. Thanks for the inspiration!


Love the laundry room now but those hooks are in such a bad spot! Yikes!


Alicia: what kind of paint did you use to paint the tile? It looks great.


Wow! That laundry room is just fabulous! I love the paint color and the chandelier… doing laundry in there would be a pleasure…


There’s something so amazing about laundry rooms. So small but full of life. I guess it’s because real living happens there.


The most beautiful laundry room I have ever seen. you nailed it

Mallika Magner

Please do tell the paint color and brand of the first room…

the misfit

Add me to the list of those who want to know the brand and color name of that blue paint! Also, I think those are the most wonderful hooks I’ve ever seen. I HAVE to know where they came from. Pretty pretty please?

Sonja Barrett

I could tell that Alicia is from Australia because our laundry looks exactly the same!!!
The outside transformation looks pretty amazing too.


The roman shade: was it handmade or purchased? Where? That sort of thing is exactly what I want for my kitchen.


i totally want a chandelier in my laundry room when i grow up! awesome!


Oooh, love it! I actually really like the shape of those hooks in the first one. Where are they from??

Double Glazing Stourbridge

The before and after pictures proved that you are a great designer. You can transform a boring and dark room to a very relaxing place. You give more life to the room.

Janet Wachuta

I’m with the others in wanting to know what color and brand of paint you used for the laundry room? I really want to paint mine the same color. Beautiful and cheery!!


Folks asking about the blue paint color, if you click on the link to Cindy’s blog (I found the link in the info under the picture), Cindy explains that she custom-mixed the color herself, via the “little of this, little of that” method ;-). At the end of her blog post, she has info about a color that Home Depot color-matched that comes fairly close to her custom-mixed color. She also includes info about other details in the room. It pays to click on clickable words ;-).


does anyone know where that chandelier in Cindy’s laundry room is from?? It’s gorgeous! and it looks amazing against that color!


Could you please let me know what the color blue this is? and where did you get the beautiful material for the window? I just love your taste!