ary trays (hello, summer)

Though the weather doesn’t seem to be topping the low 50s lately, I’ve got summer on the brain. Primarily because I’m hopping on a plane to Minneapolis today, and I’m refusing to admit that snow is in the forecast. I’ve put away my heavy coats and boots for the season, and I can’t bear to break them out again. So I’ve been flooding my brain with imagery that reminds me of summer. Specifically, anything that reminds me of a picnic tablecloth and meals eaten on (or near) the beach.

These trays from Ary Trays are perfect for outdoor dining, and both the colors and the patterns feel inherently beachy to me. I would wear a JCrew gingham shirt every day if it was socially acceptable, but these gingham trays by Martin Wiscomb might be a better option. And of course, it doesn’t get any more nautical and summery than navy/white fish patterns.

All Ary Trays are stocked at various stores across the UK, but you can click here to find a shop that delivers near you. Amazon UK also stocks some of these, so if you’re hunting for a specific style, try a search with the designer’s name — that’s how I found several available for US shipping. Thanks to Kristina for the tip! xo, grace

painted fish studio

i’m so sorry, it’s snowing right now in the mpls and trust me, we’re all miserable about it! i hope it doesn’t taint your perception of our pretty great city! off to oogle those great fish trays…

amy walters, aDESIGNdock

I like the gingham…but I’m not sure about the fish trays. They look super cute, but I couldn’t possibly serve a fruit, cheese or dessert on fish bones ;)


Yes, snowy in MN today. However, the cute trays do brighten my day!


As sick of snow as most of us are by now, it is still gorgeous seeing it coat every tree, shrub, and grass blade like an exploded flour bag;). Plus, it’s not sticking to the roads, so it probably won’t last long enough to even need the heavier gear.


I love the ones with spoons (on their website)
Sorry to rub it in people from MN, but it’s gorgeous here in Miami.


Hopefully it won’t snow tomorrow! Welcome to MN! Love the patterned fish!


Love them! I have been wanting to make some trays for my spring line. Very inspirational.