against the woodgrain: lighting

I’ve always been a fan of marquee-style letters and signs. They seem to sparkle and dazzle in a way that makes whatever space they’re decorating feel special and exciting. Last week, Brenna taught us how to make our own paper marquee letters, but I know some people enjoy picking up something that’s already made, or something on a larger scale. This dramatic arrow light is inspired by vintage signs but is actually brand new and hand-cut from steel and framed in pine. Each arrow is made to order and would be perfect for a vintage movie-style wedding or an office or studio that needs a little shine. Click here to check out more pictures and place an order on Etsy ($200). xo, grace


That’s awesome! I can’t stop staring at it. Apparently I’m like a bird drawn to shiny arrow shaped objects….


Love it! Thinking it might be what I need for my boring (apartment-white) walls…


I love this! I have some old theatre seats, from a theatre I used to work at, that this would look amazing over!


LOVE this!
The link to the make your own marquee letters isn’t working and I cannot seem to locate it on a search…