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weekly wrap up + homemade living book giveaway!

by Stephanie

For me, one of the happiest moments I get to experience is celebrating something one of our amazing D*S team members has done outside of the site. And today I get to celebrate a pair of beautiful new books from Small Measures writer, Ashley English. Last April, Ashley published the first two installments of her series, Homemade Living, and today she’s publishing the next two installments: Home Dairy and Keeping Bees (both 2011 Lark Books).

Ashley is my go-to queen for all things “homesteading,” so I was thrilled to see her tackle two more topics that so many people are considering trying at home. In Keeping Bees, Ashley examines the history of bees, their relationship with humans and everything you need to know about keeping them. From purchasing and feeding bees to building homes for them, Ashley has the process covered from top to bottom. In addition, she’s sharing ten delicious honey recipes.

In Home Dairy, Ashley delves into the history of creameries and helps you get started with everything you’ll need for setting up a home dairy. Starter cultures, rennet, bacteria and molds — they’re all covered and expertly explained in a way that even a homesteading novice like me can understand. And my favorite part? Forty tasty dairy recipes and plans to make your own DIY cheese press. If you’ve ever wanted to tackle a home dairy (making your own cheese, yogurt, butter and more), this book will be your new go-to.

To celebrate Ashley’s new books we’re doing a giveaway! On Monday, March 7th, we’ll be giving away five copies of each book, along with five bottles of locally bottled North Carolina honey with each of the five Keeping Bees books. If you’re interested in taking home a free copy of Ashley’s fantastic new books, all you need to do is:

Leave a comment in the post below explaining why you’d like to win one of these new books (you’re welcome to enter for both books in the same comment).

All comments must be received by Monday, March 7th at 10am EST. Please see the rest of the giveaway details after the jump below. A big congrats to Ashley on her new books, and a thank you to everyone at Lark Books for donating these copies and the fresh honey! xo, grace *All photos by Lynne Harty

UPDATE: The book winners will be announced on Wednesday!

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

CLICK HERE for more images from Ashley’s new books after the jump!


  • All comments for the contest must be received by 10am EST on Monday, March 7th. All comments received after 10am EST will not be considered for the giveaway.
  • Please only leave one comment per person (we will be checking IPs).
  • If you do not answer the question asked above in the description, your comment will not count toward the giveaway (for example “Me!” or “I want it!” does not count as an answer).
  • You must leave a valid email address (which will not be published) with your comment so we can contact you if you win.

Images from Keeping Bees by Ashley English

Images from Home Dairy by Ashley English

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  • I’d love to win either book: the bee book because I could give it to a friend who loves bees, and someday dreams of having her own swarm. The dairy book would be my dream book – I like the idea of making my own cheese.

  • I would love to win Ashley’s new bee keeping book. I have been interested for many years in home bee keeping and finally moved into an apartment with a yard that can handle a little hive! I love vegetable gardening and I think the bees would be such a happy new addition to the space. Plus the book just sounds really interesting!

  • I’ve been wanting to learn how to make my own cheese for a long time, this book would be a good kick in the behind to get started!

    I idea of keeping bees is very interesting. I always thought keeping chickens would be fun, but maybe keeping bees would be better?

  • I would love to win the bee keeping book for my sweetie! We tend a large and tangled front yard veggie garden, trade our canned foods for goats milk to make cheese and are saving up for a small farm where she will keep bees as far from the house as possible :) I know she will make good use of the info. Thanks!

  • I would love to win the Home Dairy book! I love cheese and yogurt, and I think it would be so fun to learn how to tweak their recipes to get different tastes and consistencies.

  • I would love to have a copy of the dairy book. I just got a yogurt maker which I love and I’m always looking for more yogurt recipies!
    I’d also like the bee book, I live in an apartment now so I can’t keep bees but a girl can dream, right? This book would definitely keep me entranced until i have a place wgere bees and a garden are a possibility.

  • Home Dairy sounds like a great book! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at cheese-making for a long time.

  • I love these types of books anyway, but I am even more interested because my Grandpa is going to start using his dad’s hive again. I’d love to drop some knowledge when it’s needed!

  • I would like to win a copy of the book because we just moved to the country and are learning how to do many of the things these books are written about!

  • I would like to win Ms. English’s “Home Dairy” because I live in Fairbanks, Alaska, where there the closest creamery is 350 miles away. We “buy local” to the extent we can, but we can’t get cheese. We grow almost all our own veggies, collect berries and do our own baking, and we buy local products to the extent we can. My husband hunts and fishes to provide meat. I’d like to start making our own cheese.

  • I’d looove to have the second book! we are vegetarians, daiy products are a very important part of our diet, and we are very happy making and baking delicious things!
    good luck to everyone

  • Oops – now I want to enter for the bee-keeping book – same reason as above – because we just moved to the country and are learning how to do many of the things this book talks about!

  • i would love to win the dairy book! my sister is so interested in making her own cheese – she even wants to get goats and have a goat cheese farm!

  • I would love to win a copy of either one of Ashley’s new books (or both!). My mom has always been a huge DIY-er in the kitchen, making her own jams, applesauce, canned veggies, pasta sauce, wine, etc. Her food is amazing, and an inspiration. I’ve long wanted to start doing more of my own thing in the kitchen, and just recently have finally decided to make the time to do it. Learning how to make my own butter and yogurt would be a great addition to the knowledge I’m already gleaning from my mother. And honey is my big sweetener; I use it a lot in cooking and in hot beverages, so I would love to learn more about how it is produced!

  • I LOVE Ashley’s books (and her!) and have been waiting so excitedly for these to come out. I am really looking forward to Home Dairy—have done a little yogurt making myself, and am ready to take things to the next step!

  • I have been a cheesemonger for the last three years but have started gaining interest in how to actually make the products I’ve been selling for so long!

  • Oh these books sound divine! I would love a copy of either of the books, and if I don’t win, I do believe I will have to pick up a copy of both! I grew up surrounded by dairy farms so being able to make cheese at home would be wonderful! and my great uncle kept bees! If anyone is ever near Orange, CA, visit Pitcher park, and you can learn about bee keeping from the donations he made!

  • These two things combine my lifelong dreams! Right now, my husband is finishing his doctorate. When he graduates, we hope to move to a rural area near a college where he can teach. I want to raise dairy goats to make cheese. I’ve never made cheese before, but have been buying books and looking into taking local classes. He wants to have part of our future property to raising bees for honey and beeswax. These books would help us tremendously with our research!

  • I’d like to enter for both books. I love food, and starting with ingredients like honey and cheese made in my own house/yard sounds like a great idea!

  • I was literally looking at Ashley’s books this afternoon on Amazon – I love her posts and my husband and I have been looking at acreage in hopes of living a country life full of self-sustaining goodness, so these books would be a welcome addition in our home!

  • I would love the Keeping Bees book. I hope to have some urban hives in my backyard this summer. I’m already getting my garden planned to best serve those guys! Bees are the coolest and most important lifeform going!

  • I would love Home Dairy because i just got my first yogurt starter and am hugely interested in making my own cheese. Keeping Bees is also of interest to me because we live on 5 acres of forest/pasture and have thought about bee keeping. A relative gifted us the equipment but we don’t know where to start. I purchase raw honey because of the amazing value it is to your body (and I love the taste), but would really enjoy the opportunity to do it myself! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  • I would love to win either also. Beekeeping and honeymaking has recently begun to intrigue me, and I would love to try to make my own cheese! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I would LOVE to win the Dairy book! I love all cheeses and have been daydreaming and scouring the internet looking for tasty recipes for the last couple months. Alas, a book full of amazing recipes is just the thing I need. Oh, and did I mention I pretty much could eat butter plain I love it so much?

    My husband would be eternally gratefully if I could establish an in-home shop rather than spending so much money testing out new dairy products!

  • I would love to win either book. I’ve been trying to find a way to keep chickens in my backyard, but it seems bees would be a bit easier! I also just read how to make homemade burrata on sunday-suppers.com, and am now hooked on the idea of making my own cheese. I heart cheese!

  • I’d love to win either book. Raising bees has been one of my goals for a while, and I already make simple cheese and yogurt at home. I’m wishing myself luck.

  • I would love to have both books. I have Ashley’s canning book and it is such a great resource! I used it to make my first batch of apple preserves. I have also tried to make yogurt a couple of times (it was ok but not great) and paneer for curry but would love to know more this. And, honey!! Having bees is one of my goals when I eventually move to the countryside.

  • Either or both books would delight me sooo much! I too have a yogurt maker, but need practice to get a consistent result. More info would be so helpful! And I can hardly describe my love affair with local honey!
    Fingers crossed!

  • I would love to win either book–especially Home Dairy. My husband is so interested in making as many of our own home products and food as possible that I would love to be able to give him one of these books!

  • I am currently tackling my first home garden and would love to add some adventure beyond rabbits eating my lettuce. Keeping bees would be great and I would no longer have to buy local honey for my allergies. Plus the books are very well designed and adorable.

  • First of all i love honey, yogurt and cheese! Second Would love the opportunity to read these and share my concoctions with my neighbors and lastly, my friends tease me about my ways of making everything from scratch.. And I believe these books would make great additions to my library. Hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity, Hannah

  • Oh wow best give away ever! I have been obsessed with keeping bees for ages but everyone makes fun of me! It would be great to have a book to start with. And the dairy one would be great too, because the only way I can get my husband to eat vegetarian like me is if I make sure to include lots of cheese! I would love to be able to make it homemade!

  • I’d love to win the Home Dairy book – my awesome mother taught me of the virtues of drinking/using raw milk & I love love love milk products (read: cheese). I’d love devouring this book and experimenting with Ashley’s ideas!

  • Nearly a year ago now I moved from a relatively suburban town just outside of Cambridge, MA to the urban wilderness of New York City. When you aren’t in the heart of a city with less than 650 square feet to your name, I’ve found it’s bushels and pecks easier to turn ones home into a homestead. I’m hoping these books can give me renewed inspiration and ideas for making this almost-country to city transition. However, I’m not going to give up now – canning all manner of jams, jellies, sauces and condiments still rules my June through September, and I’m trying to find out exactly what sort of a garden one can legally have on a fire escape and window sill in this fine city. I still manage to make cheeses on a 3/4 size range, even if I can’t keep up with the quantity I once used to. Now if only my landlady would embrace rooftop livestock and understand that countertop is more valuable than open floor space in a decent sized city kitchen…

    At least I know this is just a temporary stop-over on the route to an ancient farmhouse in the middle of nowhere as someday, regardless of my current situation, I will be the homesteader of my dreams.

  • Oh goodness, I would love to win the dairy book! I’ve been wanting to make my own dairy products for ages, now! And that honey sounds divine…

  • I would love either book. I remember making yogurt in 9th grade science class and I would love to start making it again!

  • I would LOVE to with the Home Dairy book because I’ve been dreaming about making my own cheeses for about two years now, but have not found a book that I like. We bake all our own bread, and, when its the season, we buy all of our produce locally, and it would be fabulous to bring dairy to our locavore table!

    This book looks wonderful!

  • I would like to enter for both books. My husband and I are planning to move to a house with some acreage in the next year, and I’ve convinced him that we need to add bees to our chicken and duck menagerie, but since I don’t know anything about how to keep bees, I would love to see what this author has to say. I’ve also been really interested in raising goats and/or dairy cows, but I’m a bit intimidated by the prospect of processing the milk. I’ve tried my own yogurt, kefir, and basic cheese, but this other book looks to be a great starter. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  • I would love to win the keeping bees book. I make homemade bread at home and use honey as the sweetener. It would be absolutely wonderful to have my own supply of honey. I also love that the bees would help keep my garden pollinated and healthy. Plus, bees are just so darn cute!

  • A friend and I have been talking about making cheese together for years. She moved away two years ago and is moving back next month, so this would be the perfect inspiration for us!

  • I would like to enter for both books.

    I have a friend who is taking a beekeeping course at her university, so this book would be perfect for her!!

    And homemade cheese & butter isn’t something you hear about too often, so it’d be great to learn more about it!

  • I would LOVE a copy of the Home Dairy book. I’ve always wanted to make my own cheese, yogurt, and butter. I was just reminiscing to my boyfriend last weekend, how my grandmother would churn her own butter. I used to help her move the churn handle up and down over and over, and over…it took forever. We just bought a house last year that actually has a huge yard, and we are slowly developing an organic garden. Our long term goal is to be self sufficient and grow/raise most of our own food. We plan on canning, and doing everything the old fashion way, the way my grandmother used to do it. We love processes that are pure and preservative free. Anyway, is it cheating to also mention that March 7th is also my birthday?? No really! ;)

  • Squeeeee! Making cheese is on my life list. It’s the whole reason I’m ready to sell my home and start a goat farm. Both of these books would make a great addition to anyone’s library. Thank you for sharing.

  • Being from Wisconsin automatically makes me overly fond of dairy – cheese, yogurt, milk, ice cream – you name it! my husband often makes fun of the amount of cheese we have in our house at any given time. diary can do no wrong. i’ve dabbled in making paneer and ricotta at home but would love to expand into the world of yogurt. there is nothing better than fantastic yogurt – well besides fantastic cheese. if i don’t win this book i’ll have to go out and buy it but don’t let that detour you from giving me a free copy as i will probably buy it for manyfriends as well. ashley – keep up the fantastic work!

  • Just last night (when I should have been sleeping) I was looking up homemade butter recipes to make with the Kitchenaid mixer I don’t have (yet). This couldn’t have been better timed. I am fascinated by making butter and cheese, especially since it is so expensive in the store.

    I would love to learn more from the Home Dairy book. Sign me up!

  • What fantastic book ideas! I am fascinated by the movement to simplify life and consume less. I am a dairy lover in every way (in fact, I have let my husband know I really, really want to raise goats and make cheese, much to his amusement), but I hate all the plastic waste created, even if it is recyclable. I would love to have Home Dairy as a guide to making my own yogurt and butter and cheese and … now I’m hungry!

  • My partner is helping his parents out on their Minnesota dairy farm and has recently become interested in making his own cheeses – he tried his hand at feta and it was delicious! I would love to give a copy of “Home Dairy” to him to help him expand his horizons. Congrats on the new books, Ashley!

  • These books look so good. There is something so appealing to me about beekeeping. And cheese making for that matter. Must add to my Amazon wish list.

  • We recently purchased our first house and I started hearing about raising bees. We would love to make our own honey!

  • Truly love the opportunity to win these precious books! I would gladly accept either as additions to my library. :) as a dietitian, foodie and lover of all things handmade, I appreciate anything made by nature — even better when we get to taste it. I hope to enjoy ashley’s books…and learn new ways to appreciate the food we eat. Much thanks, hannah

  • My husband and I have our first hive on top of our garage in Cleveland OH. This was our first winter, and it seems like they are doing well! I can’t wait to harvest the honey this year. We have learned so much about bee keeping, but there seems to be no end to learning about these fascinating critters! I am really going to need those recipes too! I can only make so much baklava!

  • I would love to win Ashley’s home dairy book!! Making cheese has been a small facination of mine the last year, though I’m still not very good at it! I’ve tackled ricotta and chevre, but would love more ideas and expert guidance!

  • Oooh I would love to add these books to my bookshelf! I have her canning and chickens books from the same series, and they have been super helpful. My husband and I live on an acre in San Diego and love having chickens and a huge garden. We’ve been talking of adding bees, and I’ve dabbled in cheesemaking a bit lately (fresh chevre, creme fraiche, marscapone). These books would be excellent reference materials! Love Ashley’s writing and style.

  • As a native Iowan come East-Coaster – I would love the dairy book. I grew up around (and on) farms and would love to try and bring a little Midwesterness out this way!

  • I would love love love to win a copy of Home Dairy. Like a lot of D*S readers (I’m guessing), I’ve been dipping my toes into homesteading while living in a tiny, urban apartment. Making cheese, yogurt and butter sounds very “do-able” in my limited space! But if my boyfriend were entering this contest, he would likely enter to win for Keeping Bees… he is a honey fanatic and the idea of having our own backyard hive would blow his mind. So I’d like to enter to win either book, if that is alright :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I would love to win the Home Dairy book for my husband! He has been wanting to make his own cheese and dairy products for months! He would be so excited that I entered a contest for him. :)

  • I would love to win the beekeeping book for my husband. In recent years, he has become obsessed with bees and one day wants to be a hobby beekeeper. He would really love this book!

  • My husband and I just bought our first house nestled on a hill overlooking the ocean in our hometown. We are just elated to be embarking on this journey together, and are interested in as much as a homesteaders approach to our home as we can in the 21st century.

    We’re getting our first chickens this spring, and I’m plotting a new bed for our vegetable garden. Bees are something I would love to have. Right out of college, having graduated with a B.A. in Visual Art completely overwhelmed with life and possibilities I wanted desperately to intern at an apiary. 10 years later- here I am.

    I would love to venture into cheese and butter making as well. I’ve never done it, but man do we love cheese. What fun would that be?! We don’t have cows, goats, or any milking animals… I don’t think our cat Moose or dog Boomer would really appreciate any advances down that avenue either but there are many resources around here for us to make friends with some happy animals.

    Hooray to nature! Thanks for the offer! I do love her book on chickens. I took that our from our public library! It’s a great resource.

  • winning either book would be absolutely exciting! i grew up reading the little house books and i’ve always been a bit of a do-it-yourselfer. i love homemade butter and b/c of some recent health issues, i’ve read homemade yogurt is not only tasty, but healthy too.

    i’d love to keep my own bees but if i won the bee book, i would give it to a very good friend of mine. she is an educator who recently bought her own little house; she has a vegetable garden and 3 chickens. she has talked about learning how to keep bees and i’ve love to give the bee book to her!

  • Being an animal science major I’m always interested in ways of taking my knowledge and applying it to my personal life. Either of these references would become a treasured part of my library. Thank you for the opportunity. Christine

  • I would love to win the beekeeping book, I have wanted to be a beekeeper since I was little. With this book I will finally learn how!

  • i am a huge fan of ashley and although i think bee keeping is fascinating, i am really interested in making my very own dairy products, specifically raw cheese. congrats to her on TWO new books! wow!

  • I would love to win both books. I’ve been incredibly interested in trying bee keeping ever since it was legalized in NYC. I’ve also recently started making my own yogurt and experimenting with cheese, and any book that can help would be a great addition to my library.

  • I would absolutely love to win the beekeeping book. I tried several years ago to break into beekeeping. My goal was to start a small apiary in my community garden. I believed that the bees would work to help pollinate all of the beautiful flowers and organic veggies growing there, and in turn help with the mysterious dwindling bee population. If I had this book, I could perhaps try again either in my community garden, or at my home. Either way, it would help the bees and sweeten my tea, because of course, what is more delicious than fresh, raw honey?

    Thank you!

  • Since starting a yarden and then branching out into chickens, my next endeavor is either milk goats or bees, so I would love some practical info.

  • Both my dad and boyfriend have recently expressed an interest in beekeeping– I’d love to have a copy of the book to share with them. And, the more honey (and honey recipes) I can have, the better!

  • I would LOVE to win both books!

    The bee keeping one because my Grandfather was an Apiarist and I wish I could have learned more about it from him.

    The cheese and yogurt one because I love making my own food from scratch and cheesemaking has been a long standing fascination for me!

  • It’s been a dream of mine to someday keep bees! I would love to learn more about the art of beekeeping with this new book. Though I am an apartment city-dweller for now – I’d love the fantasy this book would inspire.

  • I am currently a college student in rural Vermont, and I love learning about the valuable skills (like beekeeping and cheese-making) that my generation has unfortunately forgotten. I would love to help encourage more of my fellow students to learn about these things and why they’re important — but I need to know how first! Either of the books would be valuable assets on my quest for sustainable knowledge.

  • I would love to win a copy of Keeping Bees. I have always loved bees and I recently moved to a house where I am zoned to have a bee box. I would really love this book so that I could learn more about this subject and begin my new hobby!

  • I would LOVE to have any of the books, I’m a huge fan of Ashley and her books. My health is not the best, so I would really want to be able to do my own honey or dairy products, to be more healthy!

  • Because I’m a habitual sharer and if I win both books I might share some of the fruits of labor with the good people at Design Sponge.

  • I would really love to win the dairy book! I am a cheese lover and I’ve had a few failures at cheesemaking. I’m sure Ashley’s book would set me on the right path to cheese success!

  • I would love to win both books!!! My partner and I have been slowly bringing homesteading into our current urban environment (vermicomposting, community gardening, I’ve made my own paneer) and hope to make a full transition some time in our future. We’ve both been inspired by Dick Proenneke in Alaska and Barbra Kingsolver. Ashley’s books would be an amazing resource and boost!

  • I run an organisation in India for kids with special needs. Our town was once a forest of lichee trees and though many are now gone, there are still enough that beekeeping is a nice little cottage industry. Lichee honey is light and tangy and just wonderful in every way.

    We would love to start bee-keeping as an income-generating activity for our young adults with disability and Ashley’s book would be just the thing to get us going.

  • I’m a 4-H leader and mom living in Metro Portland, OR. We live in the heart of the city and keep chickens, goats (wethers), and just purchased our first bee hive with bees on order for spring delivery. Most of our kids have never experienced gathering food from your own yard but we’re trying to change that. Now that we know how to raise male neutered goats, we’re heading into our first milking doe purchase after she kids this month. We share our animals as well as our resources with our community and have a library of materials in our clubhouse about sustainable living that anyone can borrow. Win or not, we’ll certainly have these books one way or another because if they are anything like her “keeping chickens’ book, I know we’ll love it.

  • I would love to win the first book, because the art and subculture of beekeepers and harvesting honey has always fascinated me. My grandfather used to harvest his own honey- and the natural formation and structure of honey and the combs is an example of the wonderful events than can occur from nature. Bees also provide honey- which is specific to the region, and there are allergenic and health benefits. The second book I would love because…one word: CHEESE. The art of cheese making and rich culture that spans across centuries, different countries, and backgrounds amazes me…and for generations, cheese makers are passionate and dedicated to their craft. I also love cheese pairings, with foods, relishes, wine, beer, chutneys, honey, mustards, and the list goes on.

  • I would love to win one of the books because, seriously, who doesn’t want to learn how to make cheese at their whim.

  • i <3 cheese, and i just discovered that brooklyn kitchen carries everything you'd need to make it from home. would LOVE to learn how.

  • I would love to enter to win both books (I know, I am SO greedy).

    I have a very small farm (5 acres) and we’re hoping to add bees to the mix both for the honey and to help pollinate our 16 newly planted apple trees.

    As for the dairy, I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try milking our sheep this lambing season, but this book might be just the inspiration I need!

  • Greetings! I’d love to win a copy of either book, and here’s why:

    1) My boyfriend has recently started a container garden on our balcony, and he has expressed an interest in beekeeping, too (and making a documentary about urban beekeeping).

    2) I’ve taken a one-day cheesemaking seminar and have the equipment, but I need an extra bit of motivation to start the process — I’ve still never made cheese! This book would give me the kick in the pants that I need.

  • For a while now I’ve dreamt of keeping bees and making my own honey and collecting the beeswax to make candles. I hope to own Keeping Bees someday, but to get it as a prize would be amazing!
    Also love the Home Dairy book because I’m allergic to cow dairy and would love to learn/try making my own cheeses out of goats milk – not too much selection in the grocery store.

  • Please pick me!!! hahahahaha I would love love these 2 books! I love to make everything from scratch as I believe you need to do that to eat REAL food and understand what is in your food instead of buying it to those big manufacturers. Cheese is one of my ultimate favourite ingredients I could survive on an island if if would onlty have cheese!!!

  • I’d love a copy of the bee book (and the dairy one as well!). My father was a hobby beekeeper when I was growing up but he never taught me how to keep hives. I’ve just started thinking that I would like to have my own hives in the future and this would be a great start.

  • Yum! I would love to win the Dairy book because I LOVE dairy and would love to try to make some cheeses at home.

  • I’d love to win either book! I love honey and dream of keeping bees one day, though probably not in the immediate future. And I’m really itching to start making my own dairy products, which is something I could get started on right away!

  • WoW! These books are right up my alley! I am super passionate about culinary arts and local sustainable food. What is more local than making/raising it yourself? While I have my own wonderful vegetable garden and often forage for wild foods, I have not dabbled in either of these areas before and I would love to try! There is something so rewarding about DIY, whether it is decorating or food!

  • I’d love to win Keeping Bees! My mom and I are going to have two hives in her backyard this year and I need all the information I can get!

  • I’d love to win either of these books! I dream of keeping bees, although the image in my head is of the whimsical hives in Pushing Daisies. My landlords keep bees, and it’s inspired me to start! I currently get my milk from a raw milk dairy farm located a few miles away from me within my city. I have a hard time finishing the milk I get each week before it spoils – making yogurt would be the perfect fix! Thanks for this giveaway!

  • I would love to win both Home Dairy and Keeping Bees, by Ashley English! After traveling for the past 3 years and dreaming about all the things I’d love to do and make at my future home, I’m finally settled and ready to make them a reality. I have investigated salumi making and now I need some yummy cheeses to eat with it! Making fresh cheeses, yogurt, and butter to share with my roommates and friends would be way more fun than buying it. Making fresh cheese means I could also sell it affordably to the restaurant I work for so they can stop buying Costco cheeses and get closer to that Farm to Table trend. And speaking of farm to table, I love honey and the allergy-immune properties it possesses. Bees are fascinating creatures and I’d love to tend to my own. In reality, I can’t afford my thirst for homestead books this year but I don’t believe that should prevent me from learning how to make homemade things. Thank you for this awesome opportunity to win Ashley English’s books! I’d love to win these books!!!

  • Although I love honey and the wonderful things that bees do, I’ve always been terrified of them. I hope, by reading more about them, to conquer this fear so that we can start keeping bees on our small farm. I’d also love to improve my yogurt making skills. Perhaps I’ll be inspired to try making cheese too…

  • I would love to win either book and the honey because I think both topics are fascinating. I’m interested in learning more about each subject though (let’s be real) I don’t know if I’d get started on such a project this spring, there’s always next year!

  • I am really interested in Both books! We currently have our own garden, and I would love to learn more about bees or cheese!

  • We just moved to a house where we finally have a big garden and room for a beehive. The garden is in place, but we’ve yet to tackle the bees and could use a guide. We’re excited for our roses to get some bee lovin! and for our new baby to grow up with them.

    We would also make good use of the dairy book as we just located a source for fresh, raw milk. I make yogurt, but don’t know where to begin with cheese making.

  • I’d like to enter for both, here’s why… I’m obsessed with bees! My name (Melissa) means bee, I’m amazed by their honey (the only food that NEVER goes bad!!) and their all-around useful awesomeness as pollinators, wax producers, and food makers. They are just amazing little creatures.
    On to the topic of cheese: also obsessed. It’s a delicious living food and I simply can’t get enough. I’ve made chevre and mozzarella (only 1 successful batch of that so far) but I’m looking to expand my horizons and experiment with other types of cheese. I’d be super happy to get either of these books. (They look like they are beautiful as well… bonus!)

  • Congrats on the books! I would love to win both of them! I love the idea of keeping bees and would like to incorporate them into my garden; I love honey in my tea and on my salad with fresh fruit and being able use honey from my very own hive would be amazing!
    Also, the dairy installment would be great to have. I have made my own yogurt before and have tried my hand at mozzarella but I would love a concise, reliable book to help me get back into making my own cheeses, etc.
    My favorite snack is a brie, honey, pear, and rosemary quesadilla. I could make it all homemade if I had these books. :)

  • my friends and I do “homesteading” nights where we make everything from hats to mead… adding cheese to the mix would be a lot of fun!

  • I would love to enter for both books… my husband and I are planning on moving our family overseas some time in the near future, quite possibly to a developing country. I feel that learning about homesteading is going to be a great resource for us, not only in our home life but possibly for others looking for income, skills, or just for their home lives as well. I’m definitely going to get Ashley’s previous two books on canning and raising chickens. Happy to support a d*s contributor!

  • I would be thrilled with either one. My father in law is a retired bee keeper and during the years he had bees he had the best garden in the entire area. I have some land now and would like to give it a try. I also love the idea of making my own yogurt. I love the greek style and hate having to figure out which ones at the store are not all sugar and flavorings

  • I would like to win the bee book because I eat so much honey that this spring I will become a bee keeper to hopefully support my habit more economically. I also live in an area (Thunder Bay) that has yet to be hit by the bee mites so I want to help grow our healthy bee population locally. I know nothing about what I’m getting into and have been trying to find a decent book that will help me through the process. Good luck to me!

  • I own her first two books and would love to have either of these to round out my collection. Most importantly, my birthday is March 14 AND my name is Melissa, which means honeybee :)

  • All of Ashely’s books in this series have been sitting on my Amazon wishlist since I 1st heard of them, but in particular I’m interested in the beekeeping one. I just bought a house with an acre yard. I’m in the midst planning a veg garden and also will receive a bee hive in a few weeks. I want to do what I can to help keep the bee population thriving, and already friends are staking claim to the honey. Ashley’s book would make an excellent primer. Eventually, I’ll add chickens to the mix. Yes, that book of hers is on my wish list too :)

  • I’d love to win either book – with a major move coming up, and no job in sight, it’s a great time to start homesteading a little! :)

  • oh, i would love to win both books! i was recently diagnosed with IBS and i have been posted up in bed devouring a) tea loaded with tummy-soothing raw honey and b) BOOKS! thank you so much for hosting; i love you, d*s!

  • I would love love love to win Keeping Bees by Ashley English! My father has been keeping bees since I was a toddler and I started helping him out in the apiary when I was 10. I dream of keeping bees myself and take over the family business of selling honey and other bee products for health. I’ve grown up with bees, been stung countless of times (though still scared), been sticky with extracting honey, been achey from cleaning and collecting propolis off frames. WHY do I want if even with all this? I have not yet come across a bee book that isn’t made for old men. I love bees, design, print and beautiful photography. This book may be the book I’ve been searching for for years! Thank you for this giveaway!!! I’m crossing my fingers, and I’ll tell the bees right away. (You always have to tell your bees stuff. Aged old beekeeping oddity.)

  • My husband and I aspire to one day retire to our own, self sustaining goat cheese farm. Of course, aside from goats we’d want bees and chickens too (what, no chicken keeping book in the works?). And maybe a Llama, for protection! Both these books would help us to get started on a small level now. We’d love a copy of each!

  • Eeee! I went to a beekeeping seminar last summer, and I’ve made mozzarella cheese from a kit – but I’d love something a little more in-depth. These books are perfect – and I love Ashley.

  • I would love to learn how to make cheese! I seriously love cheese, my roommates in college called me a mouse because I would come home from class and just each right off the block of cheese. Making it would be great fun, and save money! :-)

  • I live in Los Angeles for a few more months, but then will be headed to New Zealand and will more than likely be living near farm country. I am hoping desperately to learn to keep bees, as a potential career (it is a major career option there!), and I think this will be great help. So I am crossing my fingers for the Keeping Bees book (and some of that tasty honey…).

  • I (rather, my husband) would LOVE Home Dairy! He’s dappled in cheese-making and has yet to be happy with the end result. He’s gone through cartons upon cartons of raw milk (which isn’t cheap) and all he’s ended up with is something resembling string cheese. It would make his day if he could make a block of cheese like the ones pictured in the book. And I’m sure I’d have a happy belly too :)

  • I would love to win either book!!!!!!!! The bee book I would give to my sister, who is currently trying to convince her husband that it is a great idea for them to have bees. I would keep the dairy book because I made some simple creme fraiche the other day and now I am hooked! I would love to try some more dairy experiments!

  • Seeing the cover of the Honey book brought me back 30 years – – to my days in 4-H as a 14 year old raising bees. Even after getting 13 bee stings in one honey harvesting, I still have sweet memories of this time and dream of having hives of my own again in the near future.

  • I’d love both books! Bee keeping would be fabulous and I’ve always wanted to master yogurt-making, and to think I could make my own cheese too!!

  • Beekeeping and cheesemaking are two things I’ve been wanting to do for ages! Ever since I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver a few years ago, I’ve been determined to become more and more self sufficient. Thanks so much for the chance to win these!

  • I tried my hand at raising chickens once and am always looking for another rewarding experience that gives me a good reason to spend time outside! the bee keeping book would be fun just as a learning tool – while the dairy book would be an awesome answer to the “what-should-i-do-this-weekend” question

  • My husband and i have recently goten extremely interested in making everything our selves. I have started to make my own bread instead of buying it and everything that we do buy, we get local and fresh. I think these books would help us on our new persuit of getting bck to healthy old fashion eating.

    We’d be happy with either book!
    Thank you (love your blog)

  • i’d love to win ‘keeping bees’! it so happens that this exact subject has been really interesting me lately. i find it fascinating, and would really love to learn more about it (/make my own delicious honey someday?). thanks! great contest. :)

  • I’d love either book. I’ve been making my own butter, butter milk, and cream cheese for a while, but I’d love to learn how to make hard cheese! And honey too!

  • I’ve been wanting to try making cheese – and I lOOOVE honey. I’m wanting to infuse my life with creativity – from art to cooking to making – and I would love reading these books and getting creative in the kitchen!!

  • I would love to win the dairy book, because I have been in love with cheese ever since I studied in the south of France. Goat cheese is my absolute favorite, but all great cheeses are just so damn expensive! Being able to make my own would be a dream come true. Yum!

  • I’d love to win a copy of Keeping Bees. I own Ashley’s other two books, which I bought while working in Seoul, ROK, miles away from doing anything remotely related to homesteading. I realized my big city lifestyle needed a change to match my ideals, so I have moved back to Seattle (where I manage a blog for PNW homesteading for a publishing house) to make these ideals come to life!

    In order to prepare for all this, I worked in exchange for room and board in South America and France through WWOOF. I specifically chose farms that would teach me something I wanted to know! In France, it was canning and preserving, chickens, and bees. In South America, it was organic permaculture. Seattle is changing regulations for owning bees and chickens, so I’m excited to learn all I can and my goal is to have a swarm within the next year and a half.

    Ashley is an amazing writer and teacher, and out of all the books I have seen on the subject, she is the one that is most inspirational, accessible, and informative. :)

  • I want the Home Dairy book! Currently residing in a 450 sq. ft. studio apt, I am still striving to live a homemade and sustainable life. I have taken up canning and preserving (thanks to a head start from Ashley’s Canning & Preserving) and would LOVE to take the next step in making my own cheeses and other dairy staples!

  • I would absolutely love to have both books! I guess I’m what you’d call a bee enthusiast/activist. My friends and I often create and distribute pamphlets on bee decline, health, and safety with little packets of bee friendly wildflower seeds. I’ve always wanted to have a hive of my own but always thought it’d be a little too complicated. Maybe the book would help shed some light on how I could get started. It’d be great to be able to give out little honey samples with our pamphlets too! As for the dairy book I’ve never even dreamed of making cheese from home! But it sounds like amazing fun! I’d love to give it a try! Whether I win or not the books look beautiful :)

  • I am so excited about the idea of thousands of tiny dairies. I used to churn butter at the neighbours farm; no turn mechanism/most of the afternoon, old school up and down with the X on a stick churn; the deal was I got to bring some home. I am not even one million years old! It was pale pale yellow and the salt made a big difference. It was the kind of butter that makes you want to make bread. Since, I’ve only had it as good in France. Madame La Fromageur is a serious, serious woman.

    I also think honey has magical chemical properties. (not a contradiction). My good friend has bees on top of her hotel, that fly to a nearby island to snack. They are in the middle of a rooftop garden, but they still fly over highways and a lake to feed. Nice to think about. I recently jarred box after box of tiny jars with binder twined cards.

  • One of my favorite books I read this year was The secrte life of bees. And after reading the book was most intrigued on the actual procees of making the honey, would love to win it, even if I am from Costa Rica!

  • I would be thrilled to win Keeping Bees, honey bees may be my favorite animal – they are so important to the ecosystem! I already own Canning & Keeping Chickens and love the extensive info as well as the beautiful graphic imagery. My husband and I are in the process of renovating a historic home on 2 acres and I am most excited about setting up a home for chickens and bees :)

  • I would love to add either one to my collection, but I think ‘Home Dairy’ would be most useful at this time. I’ve made my own yogurt, which tastes just great, but wold love to delve into other areas of dairy making. It is so neat to be able to do these kind of things at home! Thank you for the chance to win! PS-I love following her column on DS.

  • i’d love to win either of these books! i’ve always dreamed of owning bees someday. and i never have tried making cheese or yogurt or anything, but i love to make homemade things!

  • I would love the Home Dairy book so I can give it to my husband who already dabbles in making yogurt and stuff. I want him to make cheese! :)

  • I would love to win the dairy book because it would be fun to learn how to make yogurt and cheese two of my favorite foods to eat. I also have 3 boys and they gobble this stuff up like it’s water. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  • What a timely set of publications! We just moved to the country and are learning to homestead. I am wanting to put in some fruit trees and want to have hives to help with pollenation. As for the home dairy, I feel so fortunate to be able to get local raw milk but would love to learn how to make cheese.

  • a few weeks ago i had a chainsaw part at my house–inviting all my friends (and their chainsaws) over to help me clear a large part of a tree covering the flat sunny part of my roof. we managed to save the tree (bonus!) a lovely jacaranda, and now i have the perfect spot for my hives. i have been saving for a year and am finally ready to buy my first bees! this book would be awesome to have. thanks!

  • I would love to win one or both of these books. I absolutely love Ashley’s other two books (which I own) – they contain beautiful photography and are so simple, yet astounding.

  • My dad kept bees when I was a kid, alas our small space doesn’t allow hives, but we always plant plenty of bee-friendly flowers. But cheese, that’s another story! I’d love to make 2011 the year of the cheese.

  • I’d like to enter for both books. Although I’m currently a graduate student and living in a small apartment, my husband and I talk often about our dreams for a small farm where we can live sustainably. (hopefully I get a job as a professor and he can retire early!). Both bees and a small dairy cow or goat are part of that dream.

  • Ooh, I’ve always wanted to learn how to make yogurt and dairy products from scratch. It would be a great project to explore this summer and the book looks pretty amazing!

  • I went to my first (but certainly not last!) Outstanding in the Field dinner this past October and one of the best parts was getting to sit and eat with the local suppliers, including Austin’s very own Round Rock Honey. I would love to win the honey book so I can use *more* of their wonderful product.

  • Bee’s are our future and I have always dreamed on keeping them. I keeping on saying on of these days. “Keeping Bee’s” would start the process!

  • Oh my gosh, shut up!!! If I had no interest in either topic I’d want to win both books for their cover art alone. Gorgeous. As it happens keeping bees is on my Life List. As is making my own butter from farm fresh milk. Sign me up for both…and thanks!

  • I probably wouldn’t become a beekeeper (although, never say never!), but it would be fascinating to read about the process and also try some delicious honey!

  • I would love to give the dairy book to a friend, and then beg her to give me cheese :) And I would keep the bee book for myself, as I know no garden is complete without bees and have been wanting to try bee keeping.

  • I would like to have both books. We have had a rogue bee hive in one of our out buildings for several seasons. Would love to learn more about the process of making honey. And, my husband keeps talking about getting a cow for milk which seems overwhelming to me, but maybe this book would be the motivation I need! Thanks!

  • Thanks for the fantastic giveaway! I was just telling my husband I would like for our family to undertake one unique family project per year. The example I gave was beekeeping and harvesting honey. The dairy one would also be an excellent project. Either of these books would really help get us started off right with our annual family projects!

  • I would love the book on dairy. I love, love cheese and I’ve been incorporating more healthful cultured foods into my diet. In the next few years, it is my husband’s and mine goal to move to the island of Mauritius to live with his family. In Mauritius, fresh milk is rare and cheese is limited in selection and very expensive. I would love to learn how to make cheese before I the move so I can still eat all the varieties of cheese and dairy products I love after the move.

  • I live in the country, these books would not only look good on my bookshelf but I love honey and dairy- my husband complains I drink too much milk for one. I use honey instead of sugar, I figure it is healthier. I also have a very big backyard and the deer roam through so there is enough space for beehives too.

  • I have taken an urban beekeeping class, but am moving soon to a more suburban life- I need to update my current bee knowledge and learn about non-urban bees! If I don’t win the book I will likely order it anyway :)

  • I would love to win the bee book because i would give it to my sister who loves everything bees!! and i would love the dairy book because i would love to make my own cheeses!! And the books are so cute!

  • i’d LOVE to win the dairy book! i may be a city girl now, but i grew up on a dirt road across the street from a dairy farm and i just love how Ashley’s books tie us to our roots!

  • As much as I love honey, I don’t think have he constitution for keeping bees! I am, however, a dairy nut!! I make yogurt when I can and have made paneer and a couple of other non-pressed cheeses, i would love to get a copy of Home Dairy to learn more and make more!

  • Please consider me for the beekeeping book. I’m taking a beekeeping class this spring that is taught by two crusty old professors, and I’d love to have a text that is open to the charm of beekeeping and not just the mechanics. Also, I’ll need recipes to use all the honey!

  • I would love to own a copy of Keeping Bees and a delicious jar of honey, we just ran out! I love to try the local honeys from our area and just finished our last bottle of wild flower honey. Even better than getting a jar, I would love to learn how to make better use of our 72 acres by adding some bees. I always thought that beekeeping was better left to the pros, but with this book I can take the plunge.

  • One of my favorite childhood memories growing up in Mississippi is taking field trips to the local farms. One in particular we helped churn butter. I remember how different it tasted on saltines from the Country Crock at home. I would love to learn how to do this in my own home. I really appreciate Ashley’s writing and thoroughly enjoyed reading “Keeping Chickens”. Although I haven’t ordered any chicks yet, her recipes are delightful. I am excited to read her lastest editions and would love to add “Home Dairy” to my collection.

  • i dream of making my own mozzarella! this seems like a good start!

    i would also love to learn more about apiary related projects. bees need help now more than ever!

  • I’d love to win “Home Dairy” for my mom! She already has started 2 bee hives in our very suburban backyard so I’d know she love to turn her attention to dairy next.

  • I would love to win these books because I want to raise my kids with healthy, hormone free, homemade food. I have been working on my veggie garden and I have been wanting to keep bees for a while! This is just perfect. I will be buying them both! Thanks for bringing them to my attention!

  • A few months ago, I had my first taste of homemade burrata cheese with just a drizzle of olive oil and fresh basil. It was so amazing that I CANNOT go back to store bought cheese. I would love to win the Home Dairy book, and I will send you pics of my first creations! Pick me!

  • i would love to win either book!!! i am super excited to be a self sustaining person and family!! i am hoping to one day be able to live off of what i have at my home/ranch. and not have to go to the store! both these books would be very helpful for me and my husband! at least in the future when we are no longer poor college kids. currently we live in a small apartment. but we are planting veggies in pots on our tiny patio!!! :] it’s my first step to being self sustaining!

  • I’ve always wanted to keep bees! I would love that book to see if it would be realistic or not for my property.

  • I would love to win the dairy book (i’d also love the bee one, but my fiance is allergic so I wouldn’t be using it too much). I had begun a small collection of homesteading books not too long ago, but before I was able to use them I decided to gift them to a new mom! I LIVE for cheese, so this book would be the perfect start to my new collection.

  • I would LOVE to win “Keeping Bees”! Everything about making honey and the whole process fascinates me. And beekeeping has been one of those hobbies that I always wanted to get in to, but never quite knew how :) I would love to be able to harvest my own honey and add them to my baked goods, to have my own honeycomb, and even maybe extract some royal jelly! Thanks for this rare and fantastic giveaway, D*S team! :)

  • I’d love either book! My partner has begun to dabble in making cheese – fresh mozzarella is amazing! We’ve saved so much money learning to do things for ourselves. I’m also trying to talk him into adoping a hive of bees – we have the perfect space even though we live in a city. There’s a community garden nearby which had bee hives until some awful person killed them – seriously! We’d like to set up a hive in our protected back yard to give a safe home to these little guys.

  • Would love to learn more about local honey and find a way to bring it to my city!

    I am also greatly interested in making cheese. And starting a love affair with homemade cheese. Sounds amazing. Would love to win either book!

  • I have recently become interested in learning how to make cheese. A friend of mine makes her own yogurt and says it is much better than the store bought stuff. Without this book I will start making my own yogurt. With it I could make even better yogurt and branch out into cheese!

  • I’d love to win a copy of Home Dairy. I recently moved in with my girlfriend who’s a lover of all things dairy. However she’s slightly lactose intolerant (not sure what that matters).

    I think the Home Dairy book would be a great way to get us in the kitchen together mixing up some delicious butters and cheese! Also, her birthday is April 1. (no foolin)

  • I would love to win either book: the beekeeping book because I have wanted to keep bees since I read the Sherlock Holmes stories when I was 12, and I’d like to see if it’s actually feasible for me, and the dairy book because my girlfriend has recently gotten into all things cheese because of her job and I think the next step is making out own!

  • I would love the dairy book as I am totally obsessed with all things cheese, milk, yogurt, and butter. I learned to make ricotta cheese a few months ago and would love to learn more!

  • I would love to win one of these book, if not for my simple love of reading and artful layout, but because I have a true passion for learning more about healthful natural foods. I especially love all things dairy and think nothing is more satisfying than a glass of milk.

  • Awesome! We tried beekeeping in Pittsburgh, it was fascinating – especially the first time we introduced our baby bees into their new hive. So Cool! I’d love to win the Keeping Bees book.

  • I would love, love, love to win Keeping Bees! I dream of having a small hive in my backyard and this would be the perfect start!

  • I would love the cheese book for my hubby. He’s always wanting to try it and it would make a great surprise.

    As much as I would love to keep bees, I am very allergic, so that’s a no go.

  • I would so love to win the bee keeping book! I have been joking about quitting my job to be a bee keeper for months and months now, and I would love to seriously learn more about it and if it is something I could seriously do, as a hobby maybe.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • mmmmm. I’d love to win either book! Most of our food is made from scratch & I’d love to do more variations of dairy deliciousness with the farm milk we pick up each week. Beekeeping is a serious possibility, we just need to check w/ the neighbors & find out about local beekeeping associations in the area.

  • the dairy book is certainly for me. i eat cheese and yogurt everyday. what would be better than making my own delicious cheese.

  • i’d love to have the bee book! to be honest, i am not an apiculture hobbyist or anything (yet), BUT i find bees biologically and genetically absolutely fascinating. this year, i’ve been voraciously reading up on scientific literature available for the genetic system of sex determination in bees and colony collapse disorder. it’s made me really want to actually take up beekeeping as a hobby sometime, and cultivate my own delicious honey. this book’ll be a good start. plus, bees frigging rock: http://www.daisyowl.com/comic/2009-04-21.

  • I would love to win the Keeping Bees book. I have been keeping bees for about a year now. I have one hive. There is so much to learn about these amazing creatures. I am always looking for more guidance, and this seems like a great resource. Also, I got 50 pounds of honey when I harvested last year, so I would surely put the honey recipes included in the book to good use!

  • These books look great! I would take either one. Someday, I want to have my own “hometead.” But until I do, I want to learn as much as I can about how to grow and produce my own food!

  • Winning a copy of the dairy book would help me to begin making yogurt and cheese at home. After learning about the recent GM Alfalfa mess and finding out that one of my favorite cheese makers is mixed up in it….well, learning to make my own will help give me a clear conscience at least. Thanks!

  • Would love to be entered in both! They would make great books for gifts, or to keep for myself. I love making food from fresh milk, although I’ve never tried cheese. I grew up on a dairy and my mom and Grandma made homemade yogurt and cottage cheese. Yum!

  • Oh my husband would like the bee book and I would like the dairy book. We are both working towards doing more for ourselves and passing that knowledge on to our girls. Honey and yogurt and butter are our staples and what a great thing to be able to make your family’s favorites yourself! These book are gorgeous!

  • Ever since I heard on design*sponge that Ashley English was writing a book on bee keeping, I have been keeping my eyes open for more information on when the book would be released. I would love this book so much as I am very interested in becoming a beekeeper once I graduate college. I love everything homemade and want to base my new adult life on the premise of a homemade lifestyle.

  • I would love to win a copy of either or both books, I am in the process of reading up for our homestead we are creating and I’d love to learn how to do all these things!

  • Both of the books look incredibly interesting, but If I had to pick Home Dairy has to be the way to go. (Who doesn’t love cheese, well some people but not me!) I am an devote cheese lover and would find the task of making my own dairy products utterly delicious. Fingers crossed!

  • I would love to enter for both books–I love making homemade ricotta cheese (using vegetable rennet!) and make a kick-*ss honey lavender ice cream :) looking to add more honey *and dairy* to my life…and how cute are those book covers!!

  • my husband and i are about to embark on our first beekeeping and goat milking endeavors, so both of these books will be perfect resources. great giveaway! thanks!

  • Well now! I have been waiting for the dairy book eagerly for months and am looking forward reading it. And now I want that Carolina honey too!

  • I would love to win a copy of Home Dairy because i’ve never met a cheese I didn’t like.

    I would love to win a copy of Keeping Bees because it would be great to learn how to do something without relying on the grocery store. It would be nice to know how to be more self sufficient.

  • I would love to win the Home Dairy book. I already make a lot of homemade items but have not yet added dairy as one of them. Thank you!

  • I’d love the beekeeping book–because I’m a beekeeper! But the dairy book would be great too. I’m a vegetarian who loves her cheese and yogurt, and I’d like to be better at making my own.

  • I’d love to win either! When I move out of my tiny apartment I plan on making lots of cheese after tending to my beehive on my roof.

  • I would love to win both of these books. Im such a huge fan of Ashley! I have been wanting to get started on making my own cheese but have so many questions and am hesitant as to where to begin. These would be so perfect as well as compliment my other two Ashley books nicely ;)

  • I started making homemade ricotta 6 months ago and I am so completely hooked! It’s amazing! I make it 2x a week, every week. There is not much better than warm fresh ricotta on a chunk of baguette with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkle of fleur de sel. YUM!

    I would love to explore new cheese (and other dairy!)horizons with the Home Dairy book.

  • Home Dairy: If there was only one food I could eat for the rest of my life it would be cheese. Don’t ask me which, just cheese. I had never thought to make my own until a friend started making it and said what a rewarding experience it is. I am slowly working my way into a more homesteading lifestyle and homemade cheese is a goal I’d love to accomplish!

  • I’d love to win either book! I’m a novice yogurt maker, but would love to expand my dairy repertoire! I love local honey, and my four-year-old was bugging me to buy a bee house last weekend at the garden store, and am kicking myself for being such a scrooge. It would be great for our garden, and great for us!

  • Ohh Wow. What a great giveaway. I would love to win one of this books.. Both are great! I wanted to make my own cheese for ages! And keeping bees? A childhood dream. I will get the possibility in the summer to try both! A book would be great to help me with that, as I dont have much experiece.

  • The Home Dairy book just might give me the motivation to make our own products as we have a dairy & have plenty of raw milk to use.

  • I would love to win these for my wife! It would be a wonderful surprise.

    This year I get chickens, and she has always wanted bees. She even gets catalogs for supplies in the mail.

    Now cheese is something we have attempted…it was fun – and we could definitely use a resource like this!

    Great giveaway! ♥

  • One of my earlier childhood memories is of sitting with my friend Davy on his battered, burlap 70s sofa, eating slice after slice of Kraft singles and feeling happy as a clam (a dairy-eating clam, I suppose). Since then, I have traded in “cheese products” for real cheese and have studied, sampled, and scoured countless cheese shop display cases in search of the world’s greatest cheeses. The next item on my agenda: to learn to make the glorious stuff myself. And I think that Ashley’s “Home Dairy” would be the perfect instruction manual.

    As for Ashley’s “Keeping Bees,” honey bees have a symbolic significance for my husband and I. To explain, we have a favorite tea that we drink before bedtime–Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile, which we at some point dubbed “honey bear” as a nod to the grandmotherly bear depicted on the now outdated box. We became so attached to this honey bear image that, even after the tea company redesigned their package (a bad move in our estimation), we have continued to take the tea bags out of the new box and place them in our old, slightly weathered “honey bear” box. A weird couple thing, maybe. But it gives you an understanding of the role that tea, which we sweeten with–you guessed it–honey, plays in our nightly ritual. I’d love the chance to learn more about bees, their honey, and new ways of incorporating some more sweetness into our lives!

  • We’ve been milking one of our sheep for the past few weeks and putting the milk in the freezer!
    I am interested in all things cheese at the moment and am SO excited for our first batch!

  • I had recently read “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver and I’ve become very interested in making my own cheese. The Home Dairy book sounds like it would be a great start for me!

  • Hi Grace- after being a single mom to my amazing daughter, Alice, for 13 years, I’ve met the most wonderful man, we’ve fallen madly in love and we’re moving with his 3 kids to a beautiful old Greek Revival in southern Vermont. Big barn, huge fireplace, front porch, and a tree swing! I’ve been infatuated with bee keeping & think it would be a wonderful way to get everyone involved in a colaborative endeavor. The kids (I love saying that!) are completely on board. This book would be a wonderful way to add to an exciting new adventure for all. Thanks

  • When I was a small child I grew up next to a beekeeper– a tall, grandfatherly man named Marble. From time to time we’d hear a knock on the back door and open it to find Marble standing on our deck, holding a mason jar of honey with the comb still inside. When my family moved to a new house I missed that honey, and promised myself I’d follow in Marble’s footsteps when I was older.

    With that in mind, I’d love to win “Keeping Bees”. It’d be a great step towards fulfilling my goal. (Especially since 2011 is the year I’ve decided to fulfill all my childhood dreams– trapeze lessons, spend time on a dude ranch, keep bees at home.)

  • I would love to be in both drawings :)

    well I love making art and food! but I have yet to venture into homemade honey and homemade dairy. Maybe now is the time….
    fingers crossed X

  • My fiance and I are always looking for way to deepen our simple lifestyles. We have recently become interested in bee keeping and would love to learn more about making our own dairy as well!

  • I would like to win a copy of either book because I am a homesteading novice that is in dire need of guidance.

  • I would love to win either book! The bee book for my neighbor who will be raising bees this year; and the dairy book for my husband, who keeps saying he’s going to learn to make cheese… And I love Small Measures!

  • I think this is so awesome! I would love the beekeeping book simply because after reading Fruitless fall I have fallen in love with bees and their complex simplicity. We live on an acre in the city and are slowly giving more of our land to garden and the critters who visit. I intend to start a hive this year and any and all books would be welcome to the learning process!

  • These books are beautiful! I’m a first year college student, and dorm living is feeling decidedly un-homemade. I would love either book for meantime dreaming and instruction in days to come.

  • Oh, you’ve captured two of my fantasy vocations here. (And my one of my go-to no-cook meals is a honey and cheese sandwich.)

    I love honey and find bees fascinating. I’m a nut for beekeeping memoirs. Each summer I enter photos and baked goods in the honey division of Ag-Hort-Bee at the State Fair, and envy the beekeepers’ glistening jars of liquid amber. And the honey stand is one of my favorites at the farmers’ market, for the chatting about the hives as well as the tasting of the honey.

    I also adore cheese, but have only made baby steps into cheesemaking with paneer. I’d love to try making others. With the cheese book and a book on keeping goats, I’d be well-stocked with chevre and could probably give up my lawnmower. After some city ordinances were changed….

    Thanks for drawing my attention to these books. Whether I ever tend a hive or age a wheel of homemade cheese, I enjoy reading about the process and dreaming about the possibilities.

  • i would love to win either (dare i even say both) books because my fiance and i just inherited his grandfather’s farm. my fiances dad and siblings were raised there so it has a lot of history with the family. even though its a little dilapidated, we’re fixing it up on our owns. part of the rehabbing involves restarting the beehive which his grandfather worked on as a hobby. we don’t really know what we’re doing so i’m sure the keeping bees book would be very helpful! as for the home dairy – well what can I say? I love dairy. Cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, anything really! Knowing how to make these items on my own would definitely let us spend more money on fixing up the farm rather than food at the grocery store.

  • Oh boy! I would love to win both of these books. I’ve just bought Ashley’s “Keeping Chickens” book in preparation to start a family coop. But, that is not the only project we’re starting this year. We finally have the space and time to add more homesteading projects; bees and goats are topping the list, so these would both be handy.


  • I’d love the bee book. We’ve had our hive for almost a year – a gift from a friend. I can’t wait for warmer weather so that we can open the hive to see how the girls did this winter.

  • It’s amazing how much your life can change after having a child. My whole out look is based on teaching her good morals and make doing for yourself. My summer was spent learning how to start your own organic garden, so this year i will plot my own in our average size backyard. My gardening instructor was also a bee keeper. I bought a jar of her raw organic honey for myself and both sets of parents. I had never know honey to taste so sweetly amazing!
    Yesterday I just finished plotting out where everything will grow in my square foot garden grid of 3×8. And I also got a newsletter mentioning Ashley’s new book. I have bee keeping next on my list of delicious ventures to start at home. My birthday is on the 11th of March so for now I’ve put *Keeping Bees* on my Amazon wish list. I am also 37 months pregnant , and I think that this would be a great book to read while our new baby does all that sleeping in the beginning!
    Grace if you haven’t tried raw organic honey before, trust me… liquid gold!


  • I’d love to win a copy of the Home Dairy book (both books look awesome, though!). I often daydream about living a more self-sufficient life. Already, I often make our bread and I cloth diaper my babies. My kids consume vast quantities of dairy, so this would be the perfect place to start!

  • Home Dairy sounds like such a fun and interesting read! My sweetie has been considering getting into cheese making (he’s got a new hobby every week lol) and I think this book would really help in getting him started. Heck, the pictures are so pretty that I may read along with him and it can be an experiment we tackle together.

  • First, my husband and love good diary products! Second, we really enjoy cooking and learning new crafts together. Cheese/butter making is one that we have not tried but long to. Third, we greatly appreciate the art and quality of homeade goods. I know that we would get many hours of fun and good treats out of the Home Diary book. I would love to win us a copy!

  • May I enter for both please?

    I would like to win the books because my parents-in-law have just retired and are aiming for self-sufficiency. They want to farm their own dairy and have been on a bee keeping course and bought a hive. I think the books would really help them!

  • I am so excited about these books (Keeping Bees & Home Dairy)! I would love either because I can not get enough of learning about nutrition and how to make as many things at home as I can!

  • I would love to win the home bee keeping book!
    I have a great love for bees and honey. My father was a home bee keeper for years and some of my best memories are from that time. I used to lay in the grass and watch the bees go in to the hive and then report back to my dad as to what color pollen they had on their legs.
    This book would be very usefull to me! I have always wanted to follow in my dad’s footseps and keep bees of my own, and now that i have moved out on my own I think it’s a great way to keep my dad close to me even though we’re apart.

  • I’ve always had a fascination with bees. It’s been a dream of mine to one day have my own apiary… bonus if it looked half as awesome as the rooftop one Chuck had on Pushing Daisies. If I don’t win the bee keeping book, I’ll probably pick up a copy anyway :)

  • I would absolutely be THRILLED to win Home Dairy or Keeping Bees.
    I am getting married in may and we are moving to our home town in the country! My hopes for our first year of marriage are those filled with sustianable options and homemade products, wherever possible! These books would be truly inspirational for us as a newly married couple!!

  • What a fun giveaway! I’d love either book. I’m a huge fan of honey, my current fav being from the Big Island of Hawaii, small little farm in Volcano, yum! But to actually learn about this process would be so fascinating! And the Dairy book, yes please! I have a yogurt maker that is only okay at it’s job, would love input on better ways to make this fav! And cheese, I’m happy just thinking about it!
    Thanks for all the great inspiration! ~Mel

  • I’d like to be entered for both of the books, please!

    I’m not allowed to have chickens in my backyard due to local laws, but I think bees are allowed, and I’d love to get more info on that.

    I’ve tried making farm cheese and yogurt with varying success in the past, so more tips and recipes for home dairy projects would be great!

  • I would love to make my own cheese. I got a yogurt maker a few years ago and the yogurt was always sour so I need a new guide.

  • I have Ashley’s canning book, and I would love to add the Home Dairy to my collection, as I don’t have the space to keep bees (yet)

  • I don’t have a sob story or an artsy story or a grand scheme story…but I do have a boyfriend who is OBSESSED with honey (pardon my all caps) and a bestie (aka: life partner but not like that) that is OBSESSED with dairy products (pardon my all caps) and if I win I’d like to give the books to them. Giving gifts is one of my favorite ways to love. Also…Designsponge is one of my favorite ways to internets. Ok thanks! xoxo

  • While it sounds like great fun to have bees, I know that I won’t be doing that anytime soon. So, even though I would love to read about them, I won’t be selfish and enter to win the book and the honey. BUT! I would like to know more about making cheese, yogurt and butter. I’ve been making yogurt with the help of a small electric appliance and I once made ricotta. But, I’d love to learn more, so throw my had in the dairy pot! Thanks for the chance! I love your blog.

  • I would love to win a copy of Home Dairy, so when the world as we know it falls apart, I will still be able to enjoy my dairy delights!

  • I would love to have the home dairy book. I would love to have something my daughter and I could learn to do together.

  • May I enter for both please?

    I would like to win the books because my parents-in-law have just retired and are aiming for self-sufficiency. They want to farm their own dairy and have been on a bee keeping course and bought a hive. I think the books would really help them!

  • I’d love to win both books, one, because I’m a cheese lover and two, because keeping bees seems so romantic to me, ha! I’m sure it’s really anything but, but it’d be a nice hobby to try.

  • We just purchased 22 acres in Iowa with the intent of small, sustainable, hobby farming. I hope to work toward the goal of providing all food products necessary to support our 6 person family annually! Keeping bees and animals for milk production is a necessary component of working toward this goal. I would be thrilled to win either of these books!

  • I would LOVE to win a copy of either book! By the end of the year my husband and I (& baby who is now 3 months old) are planning to move overseas long-term as missionaries in a country where these dairy products are not produced. If we want to be able to eat them (and teach my son what cheese, butter, & yogurt are!), I will have to learn to make them myself! Plus, my 28th birthday is March 7…so winning something on my birthday would be icing on the cake. =D

  • I would LOVE to win the Dairy book! My fiancé and I are actually searching for a house with room for a small “dairy.” We’re really interested in goats and all the fascinating products that can be made from their milk. We love the idea of creating organic, safe, delicious and usable products with our own hands. Plus, add some great pets to the fam. This book will be a great resource for us as we start this venture together. Thanks!

  • I would love to win the bee book! My boyfriend and I have been looking for our first home for about 6 months now with no luck. We need an okay house, with a great yard so I can do things I’ve been dreaming of…like keeping bees!!! Even if I don’t win I’m going to have to get this book anyway. The pictures look great too!

  • I would love to win the Home Dairy book. I enjoy cooking and I have always wanted to try my hand at making cheese and yogurt!

  • I would like to get a book on bees because in Latvia, before the First World War, my grandmother’s father went to the woods and climbed trees, oaks etc., with just a rope. At that time, they had no bee hives and honey had to be obtained from the wild bees. It was a tough job, but highly respected in society. This was prior to the 1940th year and it was a beautiful time, but sad for the whole family – he was sent to Siberia .. Now, more than 70 years after this event, I started thinking about the family tradition of renewal. Large, flower fields, forests and untouched nature is a great place to engage in beekeeping. This book would be of value not only to be put on the shelf, but in order to be useful in real action – with real bees making real honey.

  • I’m moving and can’t get all my favorite produce at my new address – what better time to learn to make my own!

  • How could I pick? Probably…dairy, because I’m not sure how well beekeeping would go over in my city apartment. But I would love some honey!

  • Well, I have Ashley’s Canning and Preserving book and love it! I’ll pass on the Keeping Bees one, much as I love the idea of it as I’m allergic to bees. Home Dairy sounds perfect for my dairy loving family of five! Thank you!

  • Want this book to help start a hive of our own after guilty feelings over a hive that was removed 2 years ago from the back of our garage before we moved into our house.

  • I was just talking with a friend this morning about making my own yogurt! I hate all the excess flavorings and ingredients that gets thrown in store bought yogurt. Not to mention homemade motzarella! Mmmmmm yum. If and when I get a yard – I would love to keep bees, I put honey on everything!! These books sound amazing! I would love the Home Dairy book. :)

  • I would love the Beekeeping book because I just signed up for a beekeeping class through my local community ed & am hoping to get started this summer!

    I don’t see having a dairy cow in my “near” future, but it is a dream of mine, so I’d love that one too just to learn more!

  • I would love to win keeping bees or home dairy. We live in the inner city but we are living a country life. I bake sourdough and my husband has a food evaporator we grow our own vegies, herbs and some fruit and these books would be great tools to help us achieve our self sufficient dream. I have attempted making yoghurt but would love some more direction on making butter, cheese and yoghurt. My husband is keen to have bees (and bantoms!) thanks for the knowledge these beautiful books are out there.

  • I would love to have the dairy book. Actually, I would love either book, but I am hesitant to start a bee hive because my boyfriend has this dislike for stinging insects (traumatic experience and all that). Making dairy products seems very cool from a geek point-of-view as well. For science!

  • I recently moved into a new house and in four months will officially be a step mother. These new things in my life have led to an increased interested in living my life simply and as homemade as possible. I love the idea of making my own cheese or keeping bees and would be thrilled at owning Home Dairy or Keeping Bees.

  • I would love to win the dairy book. Cheeses are comparatively expensive here in Australia and I have eaten so little of them since I moved here 4 years ago. How fun would it be to make my own!
    Thank you

  • These are two things my husband and I have been seriously talking about doing. We live in Brooklyn but have gone to some info sessions on urban beekeeping. Also, my husband is talking with the beekeeper at Added Value Farm in Red Hook (where he already volunteers) about being a “bee intern” for next season. I’ve made butter, ice cream, and paneer, but we want to start using the beautiful Milk Thistle dairy from our farm market in more elaborate dairy products. Even if I don’t win, I’d totally buy these!

  • I would love EITHER of these books. I’ve been wanting to make cheese at home ever since I learned how EASY it’s supposed to be (when I read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle). I also love cheese and making things myself, so it would be a huge accomplishment to make my own delicious cheese.

    I have also always dreamt about urban beekeeping, but will need some convincing my boyfriend that it’s ok. I’m hoping this book will help with the logistics and answer all his concerns/fears.

  • Keeping bees: I have been thinking long and hard about getting a hive on our little farm. Just need a little push and some more knowledge.

    Home dairy: I have a little herd of milk goats that I have been milking for a few years. I may be ready to expand beyond junket tablet cheese…which works very well. I would love win this!

  • Ahhhh!

    Dilemna !!!

    But I am FRENCH so… HOME DAIRY it would be really nice to win !

    Merci for this nice treat and beautiful photos.

  • My goodness..honey AND cheese? Imagine…a dollop of homemade cheese, a ribbon of honey from the backyard, and a roasted fig on top of some rustic semolina olive oil crackers and perhaps a tiny crack of pepper?


  • honey and dairy
    does life get any better?
    yes. when you make it.

    PS: local honey on homemade ricotta…swooning!

  • What a wonderful treat! My landlord & I wondered if a bee hive would be the perfect addition to a corner of the yard where a large bramble has taken over. This would seal the deal, as it were, and I could trade honey for eggs with my neighbors…all in the little “hamlet” of Pasadena, CA. Thank you! Good luck to all!

  • Thanks for the giveaway! I’d like to enter for BOTH books please :) My hubby and I are getting started with bees this spring and hope to set up TWO hives! And so we could use all the help we can get in the bee dept. Said spouse is also a fabulous home-yogurt maker, but I want him to expand into other dairy areas. Yogurt and honey are a fab combination :)

  • Oh wow would love to win EITHER book!

    We love bees (we used them as a theme for our wedding) and we’re very inching our way closer to actualizing our dream of having at least one hive at our home. We’ve dreamt of doing this for many years that I can taste the sweetness.

    The home dairy book looks like just the inspiration I need to finally get my butt in gear and start making it a reality.

  • My mother is doing a cheesemaking course this weekend, which she seems really excited about, but I know she has an awful lot on her mind with work, and I’m worried that she won’t relax enough to learn everything she wants to know.
    I think she would absolutely love to have a copy of Home Dairy, and if I won it it would give me great pleasure to wrap it up and give it to her, especially because she’s been so supportive of me and my growing creative career.

  • I would love either book!

    My father has become interested in beekeeping, so I would love to read up on it, and then pass the book along to him.

    The dairy book sounds interesting, and I’d love to try to make my own cheese!

  • I would love either book, but most especially Keeping Bees. I’m looking to move to Asheville, NC in the near future and I’ve thought of how great it would be to keep some bees and have fresh honey, this would be the prefect starter!

  • SO, my amazing boyfriend (hands down the most supportive man I have ever met) grew up in a mountain town in Switzerland. His only grandfather kept bees and he always gets that “homesick-almost-misty” look when bees or honey is mentioned. We are visiting the grandfather for what we believe will be the last time in just a few weeks. He has discussed starting a be hive many times, but I think he is a little intimidated with out knowing all of the ins-and-outs relating to the keeping of bees. i am pretty sure we have the land and space for a bee hive, and if he could just get some instruction i am sure we would have home-made honey in no time!

  • I’d love to win either of Ashley’s books. I think making things from scratch is so rewarding and I’m doing it more and more these days for my family, in an effort to steer away from processed food. I want to know what I’m putting in my mouth. Also both these books are so beautifully crafted. They’d be the perfect thing to leaf through over a cup of Lady Grey. Lisa x

  • The Home Dairy book sounds SO COOL. I love dairy. I love cheese. And my husband loves trying new things. He’s been wanting to make yogurt for a while now, and this would be such a sweet surprise for him. And of course, I wouldn’t mind devouring whatever he creates from these beautiful books :)

  • I would really like to learn how to make my own cheeses. There are many kinds of french quesos that i’ve been wanting to recreate. In particular, a goat cheese with peppercorn. ;)

  • I’d love to win the Bee keeping book. My dad is an organic gardener so I have grown up doing landscaping duties. As a kid you don’t love them, but as an adult i have come to appreciate the wisdom of having a home edible garden. At the farmer’s market I tasted Avocado honey, which instantly became my favorite. I have an avocado tree and I would love to make homemade avocado honey! The “Bee movie” also freaked me out from buying honey!

  • I’d love to win either book! Regarding bees…We’re in the midst of discovering just how helpful bees are to our environment and our health. My husband relocated with me to my hometown 2 years ago and has since been plagued by horrendous seasonal allergies. The allergist said his case is one of the most severe he’s ever seen. His treatment recommendation included weekly shots for a year, plus another year of less frequent shots. After speaking with a local beekeeper at our farmer’s market, I brought home a tub of local, raw honey. My husband has taken a spoonful each morning for the last 6 weeks and has had ZERO allergy symptoms. Hooraaaayyy! I’d love to learn more…

    Regarding Home Dairy… Years ago I weaned my family off the small tubs of yogurt because of the waste–those tubs were not recyclable in my community and when each person had one tub a day, those tubs filled up our can quickly! We’ve since moved on to the large tubs of plain yogurt, and then sweeten with just a touch of maple syrup, it’s delicious. But, the tubs are still not recyclable, and yogurt is a favorite snack in my home. I would LOVE to learn more about making my own yogurt!

  • I have had “learn more about keeping bees” on my to-do list since November. It’s time to get started.

    Also, that photo of homemade mozzerella immediately convinced me that I need more cheese making in my life.

  • I Would love to learn how to make fresh homemade yogurt! The book sounds like it is full of wonderful homemade recipes.And of course Making Bees would be a nice companion, too!

  • I would love to win the Home Dairy book because I have started making my own granola and I would love to have some homemade yogurt to go with it! Plus I love Ashley’s blog! :)

  • i would LOVE to get the keeping bees book! i went to NC state, where they offer a top-notch beekeeping class. i always wanted to take it (mostly to try and get over my fear of bees), but never had the time to. now, i see a lot of local hives and honey-makers popping up in charlotte and it makes me giddy… i’d love to try and start my own hive (and i already know how awesome the n.c. honey tastes!). i also wouldn’t mind having the home dairy book as i have a few friends that have made their own cheese and it sounds intriguing. besides… who doesn’t like cheese?!

  • I would love to win Keeping Bees. For many years now, I’ve been obsessed with the idea of apiarism. From Pushing Daisies to The Secret Life of Bees to many of Roald Dahl’s adult short stories, I’m fascinated by it! I would love to be able to learn more about it and have a great guide to starting my own hives!

  • I would LOVE “Keeping Bees”. Both books sound intriguing, but I think “Keeping Bees” is much more realistic for where I am in life. I own/operate a preschool and childcare in my home. Before we opened the school (2 yrs ago), I had just begun on the path of learning to make our lives more self-sufficient. I had begun making all of our own bread. I had to let go of that for a while, but have worked hard to make as much home-made bread for our family as possible. Our school children bake their own whole-grain snack breads. We are working on learning to grow our own veggies (we’ve done it, but we are not real great at it yet…that will come…we’ll just keep getting better). I have a section of my yard that is fenced away from the children. I would LOVE to work on “Keeping Bees” in that section. Honey would be something quite lovely, as our family enjoys it so much!

  • I would love love LOVE the beekeeping book by Ashley. I just moved from Chicago to Kentucky to start a beekeeping internship…I start in one week! You only need to read about bees for a few minutes before realizing how wonderful and important they are! Such a joy! Most of the reading I’ve done on the subject is pretty ancient, I would enjoy seeing Ashley’s take on it (not to mention the adorable cover!) Thanks for the great post, as always.

  • I’d like to win them so I can give them to my best friend and her soon to be husband as a wedding gift. He is a chemist who is in love with cookery and honey and she is a Design Sponge, and cheese devotee. As strange as it sounds, I know they would love to spend their first few months of marriage making honey and cheese.

  • I would be so pleased to win both of these books. I just (coincidentally) picked up Ashley’s book about canning from the library, and was already thinking I needed to just to buy the darn thing, when I saw that she had books about bees and dairy too! She is living my dream life, and if I can’t live it quite yet, maybe I can read about it first!

  • Like many people these days, my hub and I want to live a simpler life. We are saving money to buy a small farm. We dream of the day that we can go out to our chicken coop and get fresh eggs or harvest honey from our own swarm. My hub wants cows to make his own cheese and I want goats ’cause I’m lactose intolerant (doesn’t stop me from eating cheese though!) and love goat’s milk and cheese. My daughter and I want alpacas to harvest for wool. We made need a bigger farm!
    Either of Ashley’s books would help us keep our dream alive, but “Home Dairy” would really knock the Hub’s socks off! Thanks.

  • I would love a chance to win ‘Keeping Bees’. We are seeing fewer and fewer pollinating bees every year, and it would be amazing to learn more about what they need, and how we can help in bringing those numbers up. Also, we are buying our first house this spring, so I’ll finally have a garden for the bees to play in!!

  • I love Ashley’s books- they’re always beautiful and accessible. I used her preserving one as I was teaching myself to make jams last summer, and would love to learn more about either raising bees or making dairy products this year!

  • I would love to win Home Dairy! I have dabbled with making homemade ricotta cheese with sour milk and lemon juice, but I am intimidated by the more difficult recipes (or so they seem to me.) This book would be a great help to my homemade cheese adventure!

  • I would love either of the books. I have really gotten into making things from scratch for the health of my family and also it is really fun to go back to a simpler time (that had less preservatives and artificial coloring!).

  • I would love to win either book because I own and often refer to Ashley’s Canning & Preserving book. I would love to win Keeping Bees because my roommates and I have been considering keeping bees on our roof but none of us know the first thing about it. Also, I’ve been trying to eat more ethical dairy and I learning how to make my own cheese and such would sure help!

  • I recently had to move to a city away from all the joys of country living. These books look like wonderful reminders of a simpler way of life and connections to the best gifts of the earth- milk and honey!

  • Well, I’d love the bee book because I live in LA, which is notably devoid of wildlife, and would love to be able to keep bees. I’ve always loved bees, they’re magical little creatures.

    As to the dairy book, who wouldn’t love to be able to make their own cheese? I could easily be described as a cheese fanatic on my least enthusiastic day… With wine, with nuts, with jam, with charcuterie, I’ll eat cheese any way at all! Even with green eggs and ham!

  • I would love to win either book because we hope to do both!! I am very interested in keeping bees sometime in the future, and we hope to get some dairy goats very soon also. We own two acres of property, and we are in the midst of trying to become more sustainable! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Either book would be awesome. A neighbor of mine is a bee keeper and has shared some stories with me (fascinating) and always gives us honey. My kids love the stuff!
    The dairy book would be great as well. I have tried my hand at homemade dairy products but have never been satisfied with the outcome…this book would help that!

  • HELP! I already bought the cow AND the bees!!!! I did not know these books existed!!! I have been keeping the cow and bees in my apartment. IT IS NOT GOING WELL. Please send books as soon as possible, neighbors are growing suspicious!!

  • would particularly love the dairy book. always looking for new ways to not rely on the grocery store.

  • i’ve been making yogurt for a while but would love to branch out into learning about making cheeses. i’d also be interested in the book on bees, i’ve briefly considered setting up a hive but it seems like a lot of work so maybe a good book would make it less mysterious and more manageable.

  • I would love to win either of Ashley’s books. I love her blog, and I love her column here on d*s. I already raise chickens, and have a great garden…maybe keeping bees is next in line….hmmm!?? That’s an idea!

  • Both of these books look wonderful, but I would really like to have “Keeping Bees.” I just signed up for a beekeeping course this summer at our local botanical garden and it would be great to be able to read up on it in advance of actually meeting the bees!

  • a few years ago when i was painting some outdoor murals i actually would sit on the ground and paint along side tons and tons of bees, so i became quite enamored with them…so I think the bee book would be awesome to read after hanging the bees for so long!!

  • I would love to win the Home Dairy book. My 8 month old just gobbles down yogurt like there’s no tomorrow. Everything else I feed her is homemade and I’d love to start making her yogurt as well!

  • oh, i want both books for my best friend! she is pregnant and her and her significant other are rebuilding a barn and are homesteading with their own animals and farm, and this would be such a great gift for her!

  • I would love the dairy book since I already make yogurt and want to branch out into other dairy experiments.

    I would also love the bee book, since it’s my hope to one day own a beehive or two!

    Congrats to Ashley!

  • I find Ashley English so incredibly inspiring. As a recent grad and part-time social worker in this economy, I am trying to find a balance between living simply and living well on a budget, and I think Ashley’s books could help me do just that. I would love to have the opportunity to learn from her! Although I would love both books, the Home Dairy book would be my number one choice :) Thank you so much!

  • I’d love to get the home dairy book. My grand-mother would make her own yogurt when i was a kid and it was so delicious. I never got to ask her the recipe though and I only recently been thinking about trying it myself!

  • Homemade Living: Keeping Bees+’The Queen Bee (my shop!)’=HEAVEN! We are a small shop in the historic district of Ogden, UT and we love love love bees! How wonderful that you have a book on keeping them: I would love a chance to bring a yummy part of the bee culture to our store that is actually made by some of our own! And this would be a great place to start! I so so so hope I win!

    shop owner
    The Queen Bee
    272 Historic 25th St
    Ogden, UT

  • I love, love, L-O-V-E your blog and would adore winning either one of these books.

    I’m an avid crafter, cook, and gardener, who prides herself on making jams, chutneys, crackers and biscotti for friends every year.

    Over the last few years, along with my neighbors, we’ve been bemoaning the slow dwindling of the bees in our yards each year. Though we live in paradise on earth here (ok, well maybe more like suburbia in the wine country in Northern California), we’ve been talking about bees for a while now, and wonder how easy it might be for several of us to keep some bee boxes around.

    But a book about making cheese? Brilliant!! I’d really love to get my hands on Ashley’s book about making dairy products (I can’t every say “no” to a cheese). Especially since my son, a freshman in college now, recently told me how much he’d love to learn how to make cheese, we’ve been looking at where we could take a class to do just that. Getting that book would let us do it together.

    Oh, and we’re willing to share our bounty! Really; just come on over!

  • I would like to win either book because I am buying a house and I would love to start DIY everything when I move into the house. Living in an apartment is hard when you love DIY stuff.

  • I would love either of these books, or both ;) I am such a homesteader myself and would love to learn about keeping bees. how fun!! My husband has nasty allergies, so always having fresh truly raw honey (and about as local as it gets) would do wonders. The dairy book would be great because we are looking into making more types of cheeses etc. Thanks so much!!

  • Either book would be such a treat, thanks for the giveaway opportunity! I learned how to make tofu and soy milk while volunteering on a communal farm and would love to learn about dairy, as well! The farm was also a seed-saving center and oh-my-goodness are bees important in that respect; it would be so nice to read Ashley’s words of wisdom on the topic. Thank you thank you D*S :)

  • I would love with or both of these beautiful books. I’m a new homesteader and pretty ok with veg and chickens, but dairy and honey, oh boy what a sweet and creamy opportunity to learn a new craft or two.

  • I would love to win either book! Lately I’ve been drawn more and more to sustainability and making as much from scratch as possible. I think bee keeping is so interesting, and I’ve wanted to make my own dairy products for a while now. Both of these books sound wonderful!

  • I love that Ashley is making an intimidating subject like cheese-making accessible to the home cook. With both these books I could drizzle honey from my own hives over homemade yogurt!

  • I would love to win Miss English’s book on beekeeping. My mother recently moved into a large homestead in the Pacific Northwest and inherited, along with the house, her own swarm of bees! She’s joined a bee keeping society and is learning how to maintain the hives and collect the honey and wax for use in our soap making projects. This book make a great gift for her upcoming birthday!

  • I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE either (or both!) of these books. I’m coming out of a hard Minnesota winter, and am looking for some new spring projects! Plus, my birthday is Sunday so it would start my year off right. Thanks!

  • Oh my, these are the EXACT things we are transitioning into right now! Do you know how perfect either of these books would be for us? Timing couldn’t be better. You can see here on 2/24 that I mentioned a beekeeping class I was taking (http://30daywaste.blogspot.com/2011/02/green-local-events-happenings-tonight.html) and on 1/15 I documented my first attempt at making yogurt. (http://30daywaste.blogspot.com/2011/01/learning-how-to-make-yogurt-attempt-1.html). I’ve had so many ups & downs with the yogurt based on what kind of starter & what kind of milk. I tried to make lemon curd & was not successful there. We’re in the process of selling our house & buying land to start a small farm (bees, chicken, goat, & lots of veggies & herbs of course!). We hope to make it a community adventure doing something like what is in William Power’s 12×12 book or having an earthship version. We finished our 5 week course on beekeeping but won’t be able to get our hands messy until the next bee season cycle. Oh my, I’m rambling. Just really excited about this giveaway :)

  • I would really like the Dairy book because i’m especially interested in learning how to make my own cheeses and other milk products on a small scale. I grew up in the middle of the Australian bush so the locavore and subsistence handmade life was a reality, rather than a lifestyle choice. However, because my dad (thankfully) didn’t want to subject us to daily milking there were definitely no dairy cows – hence I didn’t get the opportunity to learn how to make butter, or cheese!!

  • I would love to win ‘Keeping Bees’ for my daughter who dreams of being a beekeeper, like her beloved Grandpa Steve was. We are savouring the last few spoonfuls of honey from the very last jar he made.

    As for ‘Home Dairy’, our resolution for 2011 is to have a 100% plastic-free kitchen. We’re almost there, and learning to make our own dairy products would certainly be a terrific help!

    xo Sarah

  • I’d love the Home Dairy book! Yesterday I just went to the farm to get some fresh raw milk to do some experiments on cheese making! :)

  • I would love either of these books! I am a visual artist who works almost entirely with wax (in a process called encaustic) and have been sincerely interested in learning more about keeping bees.
    And if I haven’t had my daily dose of cheese, my day just isn’t complete.
    These books look really awesome!! :)

  • How exciting! I just made yogurt for the first time last weekend, and have been researching beekeeping and was just about to sign up for a class. I’d love to learn more!

  • I would love both of these books! The beekeeping one because I’ve been considering adding bees to our backyard for a few years now, and the dairy book so that I can make yummy cheeses out of our nice local milk!

  • I would absolutely love to win either of these books! I’ve dreamed about having bee’s since meeting my local honey farmer at the farmers market a couple years ago, but have no idea where to start! And I’ve dabbled a little in dairy making, but my efforts proved against me, this book should help with that! And Ashley, you do such wonderful work, congrats on the new books!

  • I’d be thrilled to win the beekeeping book! My husband and I have become fascinated with bees, and have been talking a lot recently about trying home beekeeping. Bees are incredible creatures. Did you know that they create spatial maps in their heads based on the stars, which they use to navigate? Or that they see an entirely different light spectrum than humans do? Or that historically, beekeepers thought it was important to the health of the bee colony to keep the bees up-to-date on current events like deaths, births or marriages?

    I’d be delighted to add practical skills to my random knowledge of bees and the history of beekeeping. Ashley’s book would be perfect!

  • I’m interested in both books! Having lived abroad in the former Soviet Union for the last 10 out of 13 years, I’ve had to learn to make a ton of things from scratch. I’ve dappled in dairy, but have always wanted to delve deeper into cheeses and the like. As for bees, I dream of having raising bees and harvesting honey. Maybe one day……

  • i actually just ordered the home dairy book this week from amazon.com but i would really love to win “keeping bees”! i’m a chef and it’s important to me to know where my food is coming from. my boyfriend and i want to move upstate so we can start our own farm and hive. i’d really love all the information i could obtain to do so! thanks! :)

  • Because I’m crackers for CHEESE! No seriously, I love, love, love cheese and have been interested in my own cheesemaking for a while.

  • I have been dreaming and contemplating starting my own hives for 15 years. Last month I reserved 2 packages of bees which will arrive April 6. My 12 year old son is joining in the hobby with me and we have been studying, learning, investing and building in an awe inspiring fascination of all that is bees. It has already been one of the most rewarding undertakings and an incredible bonding time with my son. We have modeled our bee-suits for our facebook pages and cannot wait for the bees to arrive.

    We would love the book as a further addition to our bee library in our quest to be the best at beekeeping that we can possibly bee, for our sake and the sake of the colonies.


  • We keep chickens for eggs and rabbits for meat, while drinking honey in our tea every morning, but can not go to the backyard for the honey yet… We need a hive and a guide! Our family of three will put the info and the honey to immediate use.
    You do a great job on your column, Ashley.

  • I too would enjoy both books, but if pressed I’d choose Keeping Bees as I’ve just been offered the opportunity to keep bees at nearby Harmony Farm.

    I also want to encourage apartment dwellers to look for nearby farmers or landowners who might welcome your keeping bees or other critters on their land. This is happening more and more here in Vermont, and it’s got the potential to be a beautiful & community-building way for apartment folks to raise and grow food.

    My Harmony friends have invited me to add a couple of laying hens to their flock, so I better go search out the chicken book mentioned above :-)

    Thanks for the chance!

  • I’d be super excited to win the bee book! I’ve had plans to start my own hive within the next couple of years right next to my garden and this would help my dreams become more of a reality and push me to get started.

    With the large role bees play in our ecosystem, and the decline in bee colonies, it’s very important that people start their own hives – and fast. Without bees, there’s no pollination. With no pollination, there’s no food. Without food, we are all doomed. Bees, please! :)

    PS- Check out my blog for my most recent giveaway, too!

  • I love book design and the covers alone of these books are awesome! But, as I also spend most of my days at a computer, a well-needed outdoors project is long overdue.

  • I love book design and the covers alone of these books are awesome! But, as I also spend most of my days at a computer, an outdoors project is long overdue.

  • I’d LOVE the bee book because it’s on my wish list…we’re planning to set up hives late spring! The dairy book would be aweseom too, as we’re getting dairy goats soon. :)

  • I would love to win the dairy book! I have problems digesting many varieties of commercial cheeses, and the more artisan cheeses, which I can digest, are very expensive on a grad student’s budget, so it would be great if I could learn to make my own!

  • I read a book on the history of bees lately (wish I could remember the title) and was fascinated by it. I would love to win this book on keeping bees because I have a good friend, an artist and a mother, who is going to raise bees in her backyard! She’s so adventurous. I would love to be able to pass this book onto her (after enjoying all the fabulous pics first, of course)!

  • I’m leaving the big city (San Francisco) for the quiet of the country to spend one year trying to make it as a writer/artist/baker and homesteader. I plan to spend my year delving into everything I’ve always wanted to try but never had time for in my hectic life. Ashley’s Dairy book would go perfectly with my plans of baking my own bread (starter!). Simplify and create!

  • I would be delighted to win the beekeeping book! I will be graduating from college in 2 months, and it was been a life-goal of mine to keep bees. (Also, being a college student, a free book would be stupendous!) It may not be a feasible for me to keep bees right away, but I definitely have high hopes of someday starting my own hives!

  • Oh goodness, so glad we don’t have to choose. I would love to be entered for both! I have considered doing both activities in my new home(making goat cheese in particular and keeping bees), so I would love the extra info, advice, recipes, and photos for inspiration from either book. Thanks!

  • Wow- Ashley English is amazing!
    I would love to add either of these books to my collection, I have really been in the mood to make my own cheese and I consider Ashley to be the go-to resource!!

  • Oh man, I want them both!

    I’m kind of obsessed with bees lately. If I only had a yard, I’d totally go all out and become a beekeeper this summer.

    And I’m obsessed with learning how to make my own cheese. I’ve tried it once.

  • Yayy!!! Both books look totally amazing! I love that she’s hit on such interesting topics!! The beekeeping one especially… how cool would it be to make your own honey?

  • My boyfriend LOVES cheese….a lot. He works the wine and cheese department at an organic grocery store – he loves learning the process of how different types of cheeses are made are made and what makes them unique. In general, he loves all things dairy!

    He has been making his own bread recently, and I think this book would continue his interest in making food from scratch. I think he would be so happy to receive such a gift as this!

  • I would love to win either of these fantastic books! I would love the bee book, as my neighbours have always kept bees, and I would love to take up the hobby. The dairy book would be amazing as I love to make my own produce, especially as gifts, and I would love to branch out into making my own cheese!

  • I would love to win the dairy book! I have made my own butter a few times, and I have been wanting to learn how to make cheese and yogurt!

  • While I would of course love to have either of these beautiful books, the dairy one is just calling my name! In the past year or so I have taken such an intrest in having a homemade life; something that I havent tried yet is making cheese! I would love to learn and doing it from a book dedicated to it would feel so special!

  • I would love to win both of these books! As a current Brooklyn-ite I dream about the days that my husband and I own a Hudson River Valley house with a huge garden and a few animals to make our own dairy products, and not to mention honey!

  • I would love either of these wonderful books! I am an artist whose work deals with people and their relationships with food. I also love honey and yogurt and feel that this could be a perfect fit!

  • Oooo… would love the Home Dairy book. I’ve made my own yogurt before and love making things in general!

  • I’m partial to Home Dairy, as it’ll be several years before I’m in a position to keep bees; but I do look forward to owning all her books someday. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  • i just love bees. and dairy, actually. but, bees especially. i look forward to having an apiray at my new place and harvesting honey and wax. i have no skills,though, so would very much appreciate the book!

  • I must say, I’ll be getting my hands on the dairy book one way or another.
    My husband and I grew up in the same area– farmland Wisconsin. He was born and raised on a farm, while I was always one of the “townie” girls.
    Really, farm life scares me, and he knows it. But lately we have been having serious talks about taking over his family’s farm. I’m up for this, but at the same time we both know I could never really be as “hands on” in farm life that he would like me to be. (and he’s okay with that)
    So being able to do and make something with our own products would help me to stay connected with our new life, without me having to make any more drastic changes to my lifestyle.

  • Hi Ashley & Grace!
    Having *just* moved into our first home (we personally remodeled it from head to toe, possible pictures for you in the future!). As we have spent lots of time on the kitchen, nothing would please me more than having a spankin’ new copy of Ashley’s dairy book. For years my boyfriend & I have done our best to branch out and try new cheeses, and the thought of making them just floats my boat.

    So, our love of cheese, in conjunction with our hardcore DIY spirit, AND moving in to our new home I would be pleased to call this book mine! Thank you!

  • I would love to win the Home Dairy book. I have followed Ashley’s blog and became interested in homesteading from there. I remember when she first took her beekeeping classes. I had just gotten involved with bees myself. But I know nothing about Cheese making. Cheese and honey would sure make a GREAT combination. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  • When my grandfather and grandmother got married in 1944, my grandmother’s 60+-year-old neighbor (Miss Jones) presented my grandfather with an antique pitcher of honey from the bees she kept in her back yard. (The story also goes that when the bees would swarm, she’d suit up and climb the tree herself to get them contained again.) They gave me the pitcher a few years ago, and told me the story, and I have been inspired to follow in Miss Jones’s footsteps ever since. With Ashley’s bee book, I’d be that much closer to that amazing 60-year-old woman climbing trees after her bees…

  • Both books sound very interesting and useful. I just began making my own yogurt and would love any more information I can get on making it better as well as making more dairy products! Also, my husband’s friend has been keeping bees and harvesting honey for two years now and is getting us involved a bit more.

  • We are a military family, and nothing about home design comes naturally to me, a military spouse. My sister however, is a professionally trained interior designer. She is also mother to five young children. Despite her responsibiliies, each time our family moves, she tirelessly helps me design my interiors. Ironically, she JUST started bee-keeping! I would love to give her a copy of Keeping Bees as a gesture of apprecation for all of her loving assistance and support.

  • I would love to give the Home Dairy book to my dear friend, Otto. He dreams of having a drove of goats, making a living by producing his own cheese and milk. The passion I hear in his voice as he talks about it makes me a firm believer that he’ll make it happen. He’s been baking his own bread and caring for a variety of plants in his little Bk apt for years…he is a caretaker at heart. Would love to support his pursuit!

  • Oklahoma has been good to me for the last several years, but local honey isn’t exactly abundant in my part of the state. I think I’ll pick up the torch and attempt to right this wrong. Accountant by day, beekeeper by night. Ashley, please teach me your ways.

  • We are moving this summer, to a house with property. We’ve managed to grow a lot of food in our city yard, and with a few acres, and no city ordinances to stop us, once we move, we’re adding goats, chickens, and bees to our plate! I need these books!

  • I’d love the beekeeping book, as I was actually researching how to keep bees a few days ago, for honey and wax, and pollinating gardens.
    As for the book about making cheese, my boyfriend would love that.

  • my partner and i would love either book.

    he is currently drafting up plans for a bee box to add to our tiny homestead. we hope to add bees to our family for the honey as well as to help polinate our garden.

    i love being and experimenting in the kitchen. i make yogurt every week (homemade yogurt is the best stuff ever). I’d love to expand my dairy life and make cheeses, butters, etc!

  • I am so glad to see that people seem to be returning to natural resources these days! I have many fruit trees and was happy when a bee hive decided to move into the upper part of my backyard chicken coop. I would love to win the prize of either of these books! I would keep cows if I could, but I live within a “downtown.” Perhaps cheese making will have to suffice?

  • I would love a shot at winning either book. My father keeps bees, and I wish I understood more about the process but… asking a simple question leads to an extended, detailed lecture. So a reference I could consult myself would be most welcome. I also need to learn how to make my own yogurt: Canadian stores carry a brand called Astra, which is the best yogurt I’ve ever had, and I can’t find it anywhere in the States. Time to take the matter into my own hands, I think…

  • Growing up in the Willamette Valley, I’ve wanted to keep bees since I was a little girl. Cheese making is only a recent interest.

  • My family has gradually been making the move to a greener, more natural diet and life in general. My parents have a farm and we’ve been gradually building their collection of animals and foods we can produce naturally. We’ve been wanting to try beekeeping for a while now, but it’s always seemed so intimidating! Having a book like this would hopefully encourage us to make the jump!

  • I would love to own both books. When it’s warm, my husband and I like to climb up our fire escape to sit on the roof. We get a pretty good view of our neighbor’s bee boxes. I really like to sit in the sunshine and watch the bees flying all around and I’d love to learn how to keep some of my own. As for the cheese book, I eat enough of it, I may as well learn how to make it!

  • I would love either book. I’ve made my own cheeses before but found myself stumped by anything very difficult, it would be great to have a book all about it. I’d love the bee book because my husband and I are thinking about getting a couple of hives. Great giveaway!

  • I would love to win these books as I have been reading about bee keeping and cheese making. I am currently getting ready to move and plan to buy some land to have a cottage style garden. This includes bees, chickens, veggie

  • I’d love a copy of Keeping Bees because over the last year (especially in light of their recent decline in North America) I’ve developed a love for bees and everything they do for us. I have considered beekeeping as a career option, but now I think I’d like to try it out at home someday!

  • Sorry, my post got send by a mistake. I was saying veggies, herbs etc. My grandmother had these things and I would like to try them.

  • I would love to win the book “Home Dairy” !!!! I absolutely love dairy products, and am currently trying to move towards natural and organic foods. I also am in love with anything DIY, and the idea of making my own yogurt, cheese and butter is absolutely fantastic! I have a lot of friends that would be interested in learning about this too that I could share my gained knowledge with :)

  • There are times when this website has an uncanny ability to provide the perfect tool to a project that I can’t complete on my own. This is one of those times. For months I have been talking to my childhood friend about her quest to cultivate her very own cheeses. I would love to send her the Home Dairy book, then I can share in her knowledge and (of course) her delicious homemade cheese.

  • I’ve read Ashley’s chicken book and I recently ordered her beekeeping book. I dream of raising chickens in my urban garden one day and last spring, I started 3 hives at a friend’s property. I would love to win a copy of Home Dairy, since yogurt and cheese-making are next on my list of urban homesteading projects. Ashley’s books are so user-friendly and beautiful!

  • I’m getting married in two weeks, and my fiance and I have a small homestead. We’d love the bee book because we’ve planted a small apple grove in preparation for some bees. I’m working with a family heirloom book about bees from 1891. It would be wonderful to have an updated version with pictures!

  • The bee book would be great for helping me to convince my husband about the safety and benefits of bees.

    The dairy book would help me with my first cheese endeavors!

    Either one would be a great addition to my library. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • The Home Dairy book looks fantastic! I have attempted mozzarella cheese and yogurt before with less than optimal results and would love a solid reference book to help me tweak and perfect my recipes.

  • I’d love to win Ashley’s beekeeping book! I’m waitlisted for Novella Carpenter’s ‘Backyard Beekeeping’ class at Biofuel Oasis (http://goo.gl/YjL8G) and this book would keep me busy until class starts. My goal is to learn as much about bees and their husbandry as possible so my hive will be a happy, productive place <3

  • *I just noticed that I have to put a reason why I think I should get the book*

    Honestly, I’d give it to the woman who is getting a heifer. Thanks for the opp though!

  • I’d love to win the Home dairy book. (My husband is allergic to bees so I can’t try the other.) We are cheese addicts and have been dreaming of goats since we bought our mini farm last year. This would be super handy to have!

  • I would love to win Home Dairy. I’ve just begun making my own yogurt, but don’t really understand how or why it works and wish I did. I’d also love to be able to add cheese to the foods I make myself!

  • I’d love to win either one because we are hoping to get a milking cow in the next couple of years, and when we buy our farm this summer, we plan on having bees.

  • I’ve been dying to try out making yogurt and cheese! I’d love to use Ashley’s book to get started!

  • Please enter me for both books! My husband has been dreaming of making his own cheese for years now and I’d love to learn more about keeping bees!

  • I think these books would be highly commodious in our household because it will teach us to truly rely on making healthy foods without harmful pesticides, additives, or poisons which are now in a plethora of the foods today. This will empower me and my family so that we can rid ourselves of foods that specifically promote the degradation of the immune system. We are starting our first garden this spring & this would a wonderful addition to our sustainable living library.

  • I would love to win the Home Dairy book, I’ve been wanting this book since Ashley first announced it- would love to learn some new tricks for cheese and yogurt making!!

  • Yogurt is one of the healthiest food that exists, and that is why I am interested in making my own and making more recipes with it. I would be delighted to win a copy of the Home Dairy book.

  • I have Ashley’s first two books, and I would love to have these, too! I’m so homesick for rural Alabama, and these books are a great way to plan and dream for when we move home in a few years!

  • Oh, that cheese looks amazing. I would love a chance to win the dairy book…we just moved to several acres (still in town, so the best of both worlds!) and we’re considering getting a goat. But truth be told, I wouldn’t know what to do with all that milk. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Hi! I would love to win Home Dairy for my husband, who is a HUGE dairy fan and has been experimenting with making his own yoghurt. I think a home dairy would be his dream!

  • Both, please!

    A friend once visited me in Los Angeles and, after a couple of drinks said, “You know, I have $30,000 saved up, do you think that’s enough to buy a farm for us?” We agreed that it was and while we’re in the early pre-pre-planning/dreaming stages, you do have to start somewhere! I think these books would be an excellent start.

  • I had to laugh at this post only because it is soooo incredibly relevent to my life right now. My good friend and I are first time cheese makers as of about a month ago and have become quite obsessed with it. We share new found information all the time. We also plan to get a hive this summer. Ultimately, we would like to farm some day soon and keep dairy animals and bees. Hopefully I win one of these books! Thanks design sponge!

  • Because the only reason I don’t already live in the country is they haven’t invented high heels that don’t sink in the mud….

  • It’d be the bees knees if I could win (both of) these books. My goal is to have my own beehive and a goat, so that I can make goat cheese and honey and eat it on a baguette. Yum! I’d LOVE it if you could help contribute to this goal.

  • I would love to win either book! I would like the bee book because as soon as I get our garden boxes built I’ll need a new project and I want that project to be bees! I would love the dairy book because I already enjoy making my own yogurt but have been itching to try my hand at making cheese. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • We are relocating this summer back to our hometown which is a small farming community. I have grandiose plans of making my family (all 6 of us!) more self-sustaining by growing most of our own foods. Either of these books would be a great help to a novice such as myself. Thank you for having such a wonderful giveaway.

  • After reading Radical Homemaker and striking out as a home-based jewelry designer, my husband and I are ready for any information on how to be more self-sustaining. We’ve been thinking a dairy goat, some chickens and a little home for bees would look fab next to our veggie garden.

  • I am really interested in Homesteading, I have started my first garden and I am looking into other things I can do for my family. These would be great resources!

  • I love the covers of both these wonderful sounding books! I would love a copy of the Bee book, as we are starting a flower farm this spring and have been contemplating having bees, for pollination and for honey!

  • I have Ashley’s first two books and have used them again and again…practical and beautiful books. Would love a shot at either of the new books but especially the Dairy book, have tried to make cheese, but I guess I need more help since my first attempts were not very successful!

  • I would love Keeping Bees book since I have an obsession with honey. I go through a bottle a week!

  • I just got a beehive, and I have been researching everything about it, and I’m getting ready to jump in. The beekeeping book would be PERFECT for me right now!!

  • After my Peace Corps experience in an isolated farming community in Jamaica I have come to value learning some of the “lost arts” of self sufficiency and living “off the grid.” Bees and cheese are certainly a valuable skill for any homesteader to learn and I would love to add these areas to my slowly growing list of skills allowing me to become more in touch with where my food comes from, how I can make it myself, and the health values of revitalizing a simpler, more natural way of living.

  • I cannot believe I haven’t read Ashley English before. Her life is what I aspire too… but alas, I only make my own cleaners and soap. I need these books!

  • I’d love “home dairy” because last summer I made fresh ricotta, and couldn’t stop! I turned out at least 10 batches and gave it away as gifts. It was so easy, and there is nothing like it! I would love to learn how to make more homemade cheeses in my own kitchen.

  • Bee keeping and cheese making have been two things on my “I so want to do that” list for awhile now. My parents have land in the country just waiting for the dreamy drone of bees and cheese would be a snap to make in my new kitchen. These books just might inspire me to get moving!

  • I seriously want bees. I have looked into some other books and haven’t found one I’ve really liked. This one has me from the cover! Beautiful books. I want goats & if I had goats I would want to make chz. So either book would make me extremely happy.

  • Everytime I read the label of a yogurt at the grocery store I get disappointed because it contains artificial flavours and colorings and many other bad things in it. And they add color to the cheeses too! Why do they have to be bright yellow? I’ve been wanting to make my own cheese other dairy products and use only the best ingredients. This book would be perfect! And the cover is oh so pretty also!

  • I would LOVE the beekeeping book! We noticed in our garden last year that there are very few bees in our area (plenty of mosquitoes, but unfortunately they’re not very good pollinators…). Since then I’ve been doing a little research into starting our own hive someday. I think Ashley’s book would kick start us in the right direction!

  • Well let’s see.. My major is food science with a focus on dairy, and my dream is to double major in entomology so I can take apiculture classes… so these two books are like my dream job.

  • I would love to a copy of Keeping Bees because I feel its important to keep bees and have always wanted to. My aunt has kept bees for a long time and I love honey so keeping my own bees would benefit not only me but nature. I would love to win a copyu of Home Dairy because I LOVE CHEESE. My favorite food group I always say I I think making it myself would be awesome!

  • I would love a copy of Ashley’s ‘Keeping Bees’ book! My grandmother, who lives out in the country, started gardening again with her sister. They’ve talked about starting a hive before. I visit once or twice a week and it would be awesome if I could help them start a hive!

  • I’d love to learn about making my own cheese, and improve yogurt making skills.

    I’d also love to keep bees when I move out of LA later this year.

    So yes I’d like to win either book.

  • Nothing would make me happier than to be able to raise my own bees some day. I have been fascinated with bee behavior for years. Ever heard of the waggle dance? Bees do this to tell each other where to find good food sources. Not only would beekeeping give me a great way to connect with nature, but I could learn more about these amazing insects.

  • I’d love to win the cheese book. I made cheese for the first time today, and it was fun but we didn’t get it perfect! I’d love to learn more.

  • Both books look so great! After taking a beekeeping class in college, I’m obviously totally in love with bees. And after I figured out HOW EASY it is to make yogurt at home, I’m in love with al the dairy possibilities!

  • I immediately forwarded this article to my fiance. His dream for the future is bee keeping, mine: goats and cheese.

    If we were to get one of these books, the other would get purchased shortly. Looks like a match made in homestead heaven to me!

  • Ooh, I would cherish a copy of either! I learned how to make my own yogurt last year, but have yet to venture into cheesemaking, much as I’d like to. As to the bees, I’ve been volunteering on an urban farm in lovely Oakland, CA, and have contemplated getting involved with their beekeeping efforts. It sounds like either book would be a great start to those endeavors.

  • My fiance and I just bought our first home together, and we love the idea of homesteading. Gotta have a back-up plan for when the zombies come! Our bee hive successfully moved from the old rental to our mid-century ranch’s big backyard, and we can’t wait to harvest more honey this year. I’d love to give these books to my fiance in September as a wedding gift, he’d be so happy to geek out on bees and cheese!

  • My dad grew up on a diary farm and used to talk about making his own butter. I recently tried making yogurt, but am itching to make my own mozzarella and ricotta.

  • I’ve been wanting to keep bees for something like a year! In fact, I turn 30 soon and my hubby is going to get me a hive for my birthday!! The Keeping Bees book would be perfect!! What a great way to encourage healthy hives, on which we all depend for healthy agriculture! Woots!

  • I would love to win either of these books because after reading The Backyard Homestead by Carleen Madigan cover-to-cover three or four times, I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of producing my own sustenance and I think these would both be great additions to that plan!

  • Since the new year, I have learned to make bread using sourdough starter and have eliminated the need to buy breads and pizza at the store for my family of five. Please enter me in the drawing for the dairy book. Making cheese and yogurt at home with my kids would be a delightful step in our exploration of real food.

  • I would love to win the Home Dairy book. We are trying to grow as much food as possible on our balcony this year and homemade cheese would be the perfect addition to that!

  • I would absolutely love to win the copy of Keeping Bees because my future hubby and I (just got engaged tonight!!!) have been talking about beekeeping for years! I think it would be a fantastic way to kick off our new life adventure together, in a way that is as good for us as it is to mother nature. plus we can serve our homemade honey at the Wedding! how cute is that?!

  • I would love to own a copy of Home Dairy because I really want to have more control over where my food comes from and being able to make certain dairy products at home would be a dream come true! As a grad students my funds are in a bit of a squeeze, but should I not win a book I will surely be looking out for this at my local library!!

  • Congratulations Ashley on your new books! Thanks Design Sponge for sharing :) Bee-keeping and making my own cheese is on my TO-DO list for the spring/summer — these books will teach me everything I need to know :)

  • Late last year my boyfriend Jamie and I were lucky enough to be invited over to one of Jamie’s high school friends for afternoon tea. Nam and his family were inspirational. Nam, Hailey and their two kids (third on the way) had transformed their bare 1 acre block into a sustainable oasis with fruit trees, a herb patch, chooks & a duck, vegies galore and their latest addition (bees!) that Nam hadn’t quite figured out yet. We came home full of ideas and hope and begun planning the transformation of our our little garden.
    Nam and Hailey have just bought themselves a small farm, they had run out of room and decided to chase their dream of having cattle, a bigger vegie crop and plenty of land around. And so now they are starting from scratch again.

    I would love to win either of these books so that I could give them to Nam & Hailey. They are such amazing people full of happiness and appreciation for what they have. It would be nice to give them a farmwarming gift that I know they would love.


  • My husband thinks I am crazy, but I want the bee book really badly. I love everything bees and honey. I had honey jar favors for my wedding, I put honey in my breakfast whether it’s oatmeal or yogurt every morning. And I am in love with how beautiful the colors of different varieties of honey can be. I love bees for making honey!!!!

  • I would love to win the Home Dairy book as over the last couple of years I have slowly been dipping my toes into the home-made dairy scene. I mainly make yoghurt and occasionaly ice-cream. Last week for the very first time I made cheese. Yes my very own cheese (some Paneer), which was so exciting. So as you see I already do some home-made dairy and the book will definately not go to waste on me. I would love to learn some more tips and tricks from Ashley and get more stuck in to the home made dairy. I have been trying to live more sustainably for the last year now and this book will definitely help me on my way. Plus I’d re gift the honey to one of your other readers if I win (as much as I’d like it I live in Australia and customs won’t let it in). Thanks for another great week of d*s. Bec x

  • Either one of these books would be perfect for me. My family of 7 plan to move to Alaska this summer and live a more simpilier life. Yes, I know AK has citys just like everywhere else…but right now we live in CA and where we live is a lot of people with money and it seems like everyone is wrapped up in themselves and who owns what house or car and also who knows who. So trying the simpilier life we plan on making our own cheese, yogurts, breads…basically anything we can learn or think of. Also for the honey book I would love the recipes….I know this sounds weird but I have cancer and it has affected my vocal cords and the doc actually recommended I eat more honey. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  • Either book would be a great addition to my personal library of books that I use everyday as my “go to” for inspiration for that day. I love to have a new idea to inspire my creativity and these books look like they would be great for helping me. I cook for my friend who has cancer and we are both on the search for the purest food to nourish our bodies and souls…these books look like they fit the bill.

  • Well golly, I would love to receive either one of these books! My family started on the road to green living and self sustainability 3 years ago with the birth of our first child, and we have been picking up steam! We have been dreaming of adding bees to our garden, and while my partner is not a huge cheese or yogurt eater, I, along with my 2 kids are and man, do we go through a lot of yogurt! I think that I should go buy these books for sure if I don’t end up the lucky winner!

  • Five copies each???

    I mean…. I want one for my husband. So he can make ME delicious cheese. He already makes fresh cheese once in a while, but I think he would be thrilled if I gave him a book for making more dairy deliciousness.

    He’d love it! And thanks for the opportunity! And good luck with the books!!!

  • Have recently joined a new co op where we have access to fresh goats milk from a lady up the road, i need to find out how to make cheese, would love the book, as would all the other women in my co op, yet another opportunity to get together and have a gasbag and a cuppa. Also a friend of mine in the same co op is spinning her first batch of honey this weekend from her hive, she is extremely excited, would love to gift her the book on keeping bees.

  • Of all the giveaways I’ve randomly entered, this one I’m giddy about. My husband and I have recently entered the world of wanting bees. After building our chicken coop and watching the success of raising chickens, we’re ready to add even more symbiotic relationships into our backyard. One way or another, I’m getting my hands on this book!

  • I would love to win either one of these books. We just bought a new farm and would love to learn how to be more self sustaining!!

  • I am a San Franciscan living and working with an NGO in Kenya. I am working with local Kenyans to improve child literacy levels throughout Kuria District through outreach and drop-in programs. This district has the lowest literacy levels in the country. We are planning to start a dairy farm and beekeeping program to generate revenue and make our outreach and drop-in programs 100% sustainable at the local level. These books would be an excellent resource for community members and would provide expertise and perspective to make us successful in our endeavors.
    Thanks for your consideration!

  • We would LOVE to win both books! We are slowly learning how to preserve what is good in our lives and these books would be a GREAT way to learn a little bit more on how to do so.

  • I’d love to own either/both of these books. I already enjoy Canning & Preserving. As the director of a small rural library in the Hudson Valley though, I would share them with my community by putting them into circulation.

  • My family and about 5 others are currently getting our lives together in preperation to establish an intentional community. I would love for bees to be part of the community, I use honey all the time in my baking. The bee book would be a wonderful study book to prepare for this.

    I have been buying raw milk (goat, sheep and cows) from the local farmers market and have been making my own yogurt and cream cheese and the dairy book would surely help me progress to the next level of dairy production.

  • I’d love to win one of her books, because even though at the moment i do not have the possiblilities of keeping my own bees or making my own dairy, it is a dream for the future that i’m trying to keep alive and i know these books will help me do so!

  • I’m very interested in both books! I love honey, I use it everywhere and anywhere and most of all just by itself, spoon a day is a must :) I got interested in self sufficency some years ago and since then have been wanting to try all sorts of things, making dairy products being one on the top of the list. I’d absolutely love to get this book to finally try out some recipes!

  • We are dreaming of having our own small homestead one day. Would love to win either of the two books, as they would be a great addition to our very small collection of books on self-sufficiency.

  • I would love the dairy book. I am looking to raise dairy goats (cows if we manage to move to larger property). We are looking to live as far off the grid as possible and I think the book would greatly improve our learning curve.

  • I would love to win either book. The dairy tutorial would be used immediately: our little family adores yoghurt and cheese and I’d love to try to make our own dairy products.
    The bee keeping book would be for future planning. Hoping to find our place outside the city in the future.
    Thank you!

  • Being a stay at home mom of two little girls, I am always looking for ways to make a living in an unconventional way as well as doing my part to be ecofriendly. I have always wanted to have a farm; alas,the economics have not been in our favor. I think this would be a wonderful way to be able to make that dream come true-a little bee swarm! How lovely-we could actively do something good for the environment. I am trying to get my daughters focused in a direction to prepare for the future. What a cool and creative way to do that with either of these fantastic books! Thank you so much for the opportunity. You are always a bright spot in my day….

  • I would give the books as gifts to my family. My cousin Kate and her partner run a dairy farm in CT. She milks 60 cows twice every single day. The farm is her life. My aunt Lauri has 5 hives. She has kept bees for the last fsix years and makes part of her living sellig honey at a local farmers market. I would love to add these books to the libraries of these increcible women. They are so generous with their knowledge and I know the books will be read and loaned freely to anyone with an interest.

  • I would love the Home Dairy book. I have read about making cheeses at home but have never had the guts to try– this book would be the inspiration I need.

  • I would love to win the bee book. While working on my interior design degree I had a great hospitality project including a boutique hotel, 5-star restaurant, and retail store, which was all centered on the concept of these fascinating creatures. I have became enamored by bees in the process of working on this project and have since decided that I want to find out more about beekeeping and the amazing substance that is honey.

  • I would love to win the honey book…
    terrific ideas, terrific en devour for our Family new adventure!!!
    awesome give-aways ideas keep moving forward!!!

  • I love Ashley’s blog “Small Measure”, have her other two books, and would love to own the complete series. Not only are they super informative for a fellow homesteader like me, but the covers of the books are artwork themselves! The cohesive nature of the series design makes them perfect for display in my farmhouse kitchen.

  • I’d love to win that awesome book, althought i live in Argentina and it’ll make complicated for you to hand it over! The thing is I’ve been making home yoghurt for a while and have tried my hand at cheese and didn´t succeed, but I don’t want to give up that easy… so… may be with a little help from my Design Sponge friends…
    As for the bees: well, that´s a challenge! Why no?!
    Anyway: thank you very much for your daily posts! (they have a real practical influence in my daily life – not a compliment but a truth)

  • It never occurred to me before reading this post, but being able to make homemade dairy would bring back wonderful memories of the dairy products my Serbian-born father would make at home. He died when I was only 13, but my memories of his homemade yogurt and butter are still with me. I couldn’t replicate those same memories with anything I’d buy at the store. Would really love to make the recipes in your Home Dairy book.

  • I am interested in both books, but just a tiny bit more in the one that is devoted to “homegrown” dairy products.

    I am living in a monstercity where nature is giving way to concrete and industrialisation more and more. This kind of books helps us bring back nature in our homes again. Knowing what we eat is very important to me, so I am developing my own vegetable fruit and herb patch, to assist my homecooked meals. (Cooking, my great passion). I’ve always wanted to make my own cheeses and yoghurt, and get experimenting with adding different herbs, fruits, and such. We have some excellent goats and sheeps milk that deserve being served as a spicy soft cheese.

    The beekeeping would be a bit more tricky, given the fact that I only have spacious balcony and a roof-top at my disposal for now (yes, growing vegetables and fruits there is easy peasy), but keeping bees in such circumstances is absolutely possible: just look at the example of the bees that are kept on top of the parisian Opera, delivering a high quality product! I’m going to follow their example in my own country if I get the book.

    Thank you for considering me!

  • The dairy book is perfectly suited to my future dreams of owning a small dairy in Newfoundland and producing local speciality cheeses! While I am still in the early dreaming stages, I am learning everything I can about making cheese and this book would be an amazing addition to my knowledge.
    Thanks <3

  • I’m definitely moving in the direction of DIY for all sorts of home things – I would love to win either of these books. My husband’s and my grandmothers both did these things, but they’re no longer able to share their knowledge. I’d love to recreate it.

  • I would love to win either of Ashley’s books. She lives here in my home town, and I see her every so often at the markets. Her honey bee book would be wonderful to read and learn more about bees, since I would like to have some soon. I would also like her dairy book so I could make some cheese at home.

  • I would love to win the beekeeping book because I am the daughter of a beekeeper and it would be a wonderful gift to him as he ponders what retirement might look like – a sort of affirmation to him that apiaries are good things and worthy in the grand scheme.
    My youngest sister has a goat herd and we would love to learn how to make cheese because none of us really like to drink the milk but love goat’s cheese of all kinds and maybe those goats should do something other than look cute!

  • Both books would be so useful for us! My husband dreams of bee-keeping and I have a massive cheese/dairy addiction and would love to make it myself. It would be wonderful to gain the knowledge to do both!

  • My dream is to get back to the family basics. My goal this year is to learn more of what my grandmother did while she was a mom of 5 and managed a farm. My grandfather was the town milkman and he would deliver milk after my grandmother helped clean and fill the bottles. That is just one of the fun stories I enjoy hearing about. I would really like the Keeping the Bees book so I can learn something new from the farm life. :)

  • I first found out about Ashley’s books on her blog, and I’m so excited to read them! Supporting the bee population is so much more important than we all realize… Ashley’s book will be a great way to reinvigorate small scale bee-keeping. Heck, I should start my own hive if only to quit being afraid of bees! :)

  • i live on a 58 acre farm and would LOVE to raise bees. my neighbors have sheep and goats and chickens and alpacas and rabbits and i have livestock envy!

  • I love the idea of making cheese at home, but am so intimidated by it. And my yogurt experiments to date have not been very successful…

  • I would absolutely love to win a copy of Home Dairy, as I grew up on a dairy farm. As silly as it sounds watching the hard work and pride that goes into the raising of dairy cows, makes cheese very special to me. My boyfriend and I are now adventuring into the world of “do it yourself” and “buy local”. This book would help take us to a whole new level of DIY. Plus, how fantastic would it be to serve homemade cheese to my parents made from the milk of their own cows!

  • I would love to get a copy of the dairy book, this way my boyfriend can make fresh yogourt and cheese for us – he’s a true dairy lover. We commit to try all recipe it if we win a copy :-)

  • I would love to win either book. I’ve just finished university, and need some sort of ‘project’. So bees and dairy products would both be great, particularly in rural New Brunswick!

  • I would love to win a copy of both of these new books. It has always been my dream to own a small farm with bees, goats, and chickens, this would be a great start to creating that life while still living in the city.

  • We recently “caught” swarming bees in our yard with the help of a local beekeeper. We’re learning how to care for them, and they are just fascinating little creatures. I’d love a bee book! I’d like to know the history of beekeeping. I hear lots of stories now that we have a hive, but don’t know much about it. My kids would love the recipes,too. They’re pretty excited about having honey this spring! Thanks, y’all!

  • I would love to win the dairy book! I will be on maternity leave from work later this year and it will be my first opportunity to try something like this.

  • I’d love to win either, please! I’ve had Ashley’s other two books and they were so helpful. I’d love to be able to keep bees and am confident this book would be a great aid in starting that. Bees are so important and I’d love to help in creating good spaces for them to thrive.
    And I love dairy! It would be awesome to create my own yogurt with cream on top. Actually, is there a way to just create the cream? I love that stuff! And don’t get me started on my love of butter…a friend gave me butter as part of a wedding gift and it was awesome.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I am the daughter of a farm girl who left the farm for the city and never looked back. I’m into the country life bigtime and either of these books would be a wonderful resource.

  • I would love to win either of these books! The images in Keeping Bees is beautiful. I would love some homemade honey in my morning tea! I also love yogurt, so Home Dairy would be quite an adventure!

  • Last sunday I spent the afternoon with my father. He will be turning 60 in the coming month and being the worker bee that he is, I asked him what he planned to do once he retired. I was thrilled to learn he wanted to get into bees… This book would make for the perfect birthday present!

  • I recently had twins and I already have 3 children who obviously need organic food.This means we need Home Dairy a lot!!!!

  • I’d love to win either book! My boyfriend and I are obsessed with honey – we’re always seeking new local apiarists for something new – and learning about how to (one day, hopefully) care for our own hive would be amazing! I’d also love the dairy book because I’d love to learn more about how to make my own dairy products. My dad makes his own yogurt, so it would be fascinating to be able to share with him the secrets of cheese making as well! We’re a family of food lovers (and lovers of the animals who provide it!) :)

  • The timing of this post is amazing..Just finished reading Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal , Vegetable, Miracle.. and have been thinking about making cheese…I am a middle school Foods teacher (for as long as the electives will last in our country!) and really love incorporating truly home made into our classes..This dairy book would be such a treat to dive into….Although the Bee book looks great too, i am just not at that stage yet, although i do at least buy our honey locally. Bravo to this site, it is just fantastic and thank you for sharing so many fascinating topics…I will keep my fingers crossed.

  • The thought of living off my own land and making/growing my own food has always been a dream. This year I was really going to concentrate on my garden, as well as try my hand at yogurt, but I would love to begin experimenting in other areas as well.

  • I would love to win either of these amazing books! I’d like to start homesteading a bit more, and coincidentally a friend of mine just recommended these to me. Thanks!

  • Would love to win either one of these books! Living on 20 acres and experimenting with our own start up farm!

  • I would LOVE the dairy book:o) I am a mom to 4 boys and am trying to feed them nutritious healthy foods. I am often concerned about the additives in dairy products. So I would LOVE to make my own and be confident that I am feeding my family truly nutritious healthy food. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • I’d love either one or both! My husband & I have played around with the idea of a ‘mini farm’ & have even had sheep & chickens! Handmade cheese & local honeys just taste better, there are a number of local farms that do both & the product is far superior to commercially available products. Thank you for the opportunity to win either of these interesting books.

  • as a vegetarian my diet is veyr focused on dairy products for protein – would love to prepare my own dairy products – would be awesome and fresh. For most part I know how to make yogurt and butter, but in India we do it the old fashioned way, which I do not have time for here, so want to see if there are any creative new ideas suited to this lifestyle for fresh dairy

  • These books look fantastic! I LOVE cheese and it would be great to get into making it for my self and family. I’ve been interested in bee keeping for a while now, and I would like to try it. Especially with the mysterious honey bee situation. I’m concerned about the decline of the bee population, and would like to do anything to help. Home bee keeping would help out a bit…….Looking forward to reading your books!

  • I live on a farm and have wanted to keep bees for years. I’ve finallysigned up or a workhop the end of this month and will welcome my own hive home. I’ve been reading anything I can get my hands on to prepare and this book would be a big help. I also have plans for a Dexter cow in the future so the dairy book would be great, too. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • My friend is starting a co-op beekeeping biz and she’s going to put a hive at my house. So your bee book would help me learn how to take care of them. Also, everyone in my family is lactose intolerant and I want to learn how to make yogurt and cheese with goat milk. I’d love copy of the dairy book to learn how.

  • My husband is obsessed with both of these topics, and this would be a great gift for his upcoming birthday! We live in east Tennessee, which is great farming country, and we are trying to do a little “homesteading” of our own on our limited funds. We could use the inspiration, thanks for the chance to win!

  • Wonderful information! Years ago, I tried my hand at cheese making (pre internet). The results were definitely mixed, but I’ve never lost the interest. We also had bee hives when we lived in the south. Now my brother has to import hives to ensure that his organic blueberries are fertilized. I guess the local bee populations have been dramatically effected by the use of pesticides. This too is finally turning around as people begin to demand healthier alternatives to chemical laden foods. I’d love to win these books. Congratulations on your publications!

  • i would really enjoy the home dairy book. I make my own pots and would love to store homemade cheese and yogurt in ceramic pieces. I’d love to teach my 7 yr old more home made practices. thanks!

  • Growing up on a small local dairy farm in the heart of America was a girls dream. When I went to college our family had to sell the dairy I loved. I can’t have a milk cow where I live now, but I would sure love to have a book that shared my joy for all things cream!

  • I would like to win the dairy book as I am now living in New Hampshire where everyone else is very handy and self-sufficient, unlike me. If I could learn to make dairy products it would make up for not chopping my own wood and hunting my own food!

  • I would love to win either book! I’ve been dying to make my own cheese and to find a great & beautiful resource to guide me. This is the prefect book! I can’t live without honey. I eat it on everything. One day, I’d love to keep my own bees, this book seems like the perfect intro.

  • These are staple ingredients in my kitchen. They are also products that I can by locally, a nice little bonus!

  • My husband and I live in a metropolitan area, and urban homesteading has become our new found passion. Not just so we can enjoy delicious homegrown produce, eggs etc but as physicians who serve the underserved in our city we can better equip and help our inner city patients and their families to provide the food and community focus that is sadly unavailable to many. For any garden, bees are a necessity and cultivating bees in the inner city would be a huge help to the garden effort. As food prices continue to go up, learning the ins and outs of dairy product production and teaching our patients that skillset to feed their families would be also a huge asset.

  • what lovely books! I will be getting married soon and am planning to move to Suriname in Siuth America. I would love to use these books to be able to
    make my own food  It’s all about DIY books!

  • I would love either book. After we get chickens we want bees and I have two little girls that can eat a pound of cheese a day. Time to make them work for it!

  • I would love love love to win both (or either) books. My husband and I are about to close on our first home, and seeing as how he is a food science major with a strong background in culinary anthropology (I didn’t even know that kind of degree existed until he started studying it!) we would love to bring some of these creative, delicious practices into our new homestead!

  • Both books seem like wonderful tools that would help everyone in learning how to live a more sustainable life. I would love to learn more about how I could promote the bee population by having my own. I would love to to learn how to make cheese because it makes the world go round!

  • Ooooo! I would love either one! I grew up on a farm with sheep when I was little and I am so ready to get back to the basics & start some new projects! These books would both be helpful!

  • I would love to have both books. The dairy book – because we have been making paneer, and I have been wanting to learn how to make other cheeses and yogurts at home. I love making the entire meal from scratch, even the cheese and yogurt. The Bee Book because I have a lovely yard with lots of wildflowers, I have neighbors with orange blossoms, and would like to use fresh honey and have the bee’s pollinate veg. garden. They are so important for our ecosystem.

  • I dream of owning a small farm and having room to invite people to come rest and recover from whatever difficulties they’ve faced. If I knew how to make cheese, it could help fund the farm and make it self-sustaining, thus enabling ANYONE who needed to, to come and rest, regardless of income or circumstance. Winning the cheese book would be step one in that process!

  • I have been making homemade yogurt (and yogurt cheese) for several years now. I would LOVE the Home Dairy book so I could branch out & make cheese — especially fresh mozzarella.

  • Ooh! I have been entering every giveaway for these books, hoping desperately to win! I am so interested in learning to raise bees and to have my own dairy. I even recently ordered some rennet, but have stalled a bit in making my own cheese. This book would be the perfect kickstart!
    Also, how cool is it to get your own honey? I would love to have a book that explains it all, with such fantastic pictures!
    Please enter me in both draws! Thanks!

  • I used to make cheeses with my grandmother when I was a child in PA. I remember it just being a way of life along with homemade bread, jams, pickles, kraut, etc. I believe that their will come a day when we will all need to know how to feed ourselves without the aid of a supermarket. I would love to return to the art of cheese making. I make my own bread and jams and pickles, but have not tried the cheese yet. Your book would be a great help to me. Thank you and best wishes.

  • I have dreamed of keeping bees for years now. Maybe if I win this book, I will be able to keep my own hives!

  • We recently moved to a small lot and I am letting go of my dream of goats and chickens wandering my gigantic yard. I think bees would be a great alternative. I love all things homemade and making cheese has been the next thing I wanted to tackle. Thanks for the opportunity to get these books!

  • Love the covers of these books! :) I would love to have either book for completely different reasons. A friend of mine is workshopping a play about honeybees and have asked friends and family to pitch in with ideas, facts about bees, etc. Ashley’s book seems not only like a practical one, but an informative and inspiring one as well, so it would be a perfect resource for them!!

    I work at a cheese restaurant in NYC, and as soon as I saw this, I thought ‘how perfect!’ It would be fun to make my own dairy products and see how they stand up to the great cheeses I’m around every day. Plus, living in a city makes it so hard to do all of the DIY or environmentally friendly that I want to (i.e. my business building doesn’t pay for recycling….), so it would be nice to make a small impact in making my own dairy products.

    Congrats on the books Ashley!

  • Normal sane people move south when they retire or are near retirement. We moved to the Vermont side of the Canadian border with the intent of living low on the food chain, in an eco-friendly way and as self-sufficient as possible for 2 women in their 60’s. Bees will be arriving in the spring and cheesemaking will be the next gotta-learn skill after that. We believe in re-inventing ourselves but that doesn’t mean we have to re-invent the wheel. Your books are high on the wish list. :o)

  • I’m a big believer is knowing where my food comes from and keeping things as close to the source as possible. Last summer was my first adventure in canning and it became fuel to the fire to learn more! Would love either book! It would be awesome to have another way of getting yummy, tasty foods from the source!

  • After spending most of my adult life behind a desk, I am now at home full-time and making the best of it. Since I am no longer working, I have started a vegetable garden – now on its 3rd year – and am looking for new ways to have the most efficient household and gardens I can. I tried beekeeping many years ago, but gave it up. I would like to try beekeeping again, because it would benefit my garden. I am now making yogurt at home but have never tried cheesemaking. This, too, would be a great new skill to use. I love teaching my grown children and their children about taking care of the land and staying away from processed foods. I would love to win either or both of these books.

  • I would love to win both books! I love trying new things, I have made simple yogurt, ricotta, paneer, and cottage cheese, but would love to try a pressed cheese too! I never thought to try beekeeping – might be interesting!

  • I have always been interested in bee keeping and wasnt sure how to go about it. Like how far from our house do y want to put the bees box? This looks like the perfect book for ideas and skills. I love the beautiful photography!

  • I would LOVE these books! I have come very close to tackling both bee keeping and cheese making, but I have abandoned both because I’m a little intimidated. A good book would help!

  • I would LOVE to win Ashley’s Home Dairy book. When first reading this post, I was immediately taken back to Vacation Bible School days where I had my first encounter with making homemade butter. I wish I could say I recall the process, but sadly my memory doesn’t. I’d love to WIN Ashley’s book to bring back the homemade butter back into my life! Throughout the years, I’ve become a major foodie with cheese being a top love. It would be a dream to create my own especially a homemade ricotta infused with honey which I think would require winning BOTH of her books ;) Please make my dreams come true!!!

  • oh, i’d love to win either book. we bought a house last year with an acre lot and we’d love to add bees (and chickens, someday!) to the mix. also, i’ve been making my own yogurt for almost a year, but i seem to be getting worse at it instead of better. i obviously need help! i really want the full set of these books eventually anyway, so winning one or the other would start me out great. nice giveaway!

  • I would be grateful to win Ashley’s Keeping Bees book as I have been a long time enthuiast of eating local honey to cure allergies. I live in a rual town and would love to learn more about keeping bees and honey. Recently, in my own artwork, I am exploring using beeswax for painting. I love the idea that is natural. I am buzzed about bees!

  • either book would be fantastic. My best friend is starting her first organic farm, and to offer local honey or homemade dairy products would be a killer. She and I would love to sit around brewing homemade delicious treats that benefit our community.

  • My husband and I have two backyard hives and another two coming in April or May. I adore reading anything I can get my hands on that’s bee related and would love to add this book to my collection.

    I have never made cheese, but have always wanted to try. The new book would push me to find time to actually do it. :)

  • As my parents could readily attest, honey was my first love as a kid. To be able to set up a little beekeeping operation on my sister’s growing homestead and make my *own* honey would just be bringing that love full circle!

    The dairy book looks wonderful, too — I love all kinds of cheese, yogurt, and butter (is there anything better than fresh butter and honey together?), and it’s the kind of project I could more readily tackle in my city rowhome.

    I’m a proud supporter of local foods — even and especially starting in your own home — and would love to be able to give something back to the community that has given so much to me…in the form of fresh honey, butter, and cheese!

  • We have a large garden and are adding chickens this year. We would love to add honey bees next year and learn more about homemade dairy options too.

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  • I would love EITHER of these books!
    My husband & I have been slowly taking steps the past year & a half to eating healthier & becoming more self-sustaining, too. We want to take a bee-keeping class eventually, & have our own hive, but this book looks fantastic, too.
    We also would love to have a milking goat or two, eventually. I’ve been making our own yogurt, but am clueless, so far about cheeses & other things!

  • A small group of students and I (mainly food science students) are working through our first semester of being a recognized Slow Food on Campus: Clemson University branch… I don’t know if this is allowed but, we would love to use these books as a give away ourselves to bring interest to the group and to help us raise money! There is a large dairy science group that we are trying to get interested and there is a class that studies bees, pollination and honey. We also have some in the group already who would love to have a lovely book on honey or milk! These look so amazing and beautiful I think many students would love to have them… I would enter for them and of course would have the pleasure of flipping through them first :) And if we could not give them away we are always looking for things we can pass down to the next group of students in the group to make it a very sustainable group.

  • I would enjoy both of these books for inspiration and practical advise.
    We support the Dungeness Valley Creamery in Sequim WA. I make butter and look forward to making cheeses with their delicious Jersey milk.

  • I would LOVE to have both! Ashley’s books and blog not only inspire me to try things I never have, but because of her in-depth research and expertise, I learn to do them the right way. Congrats Ashley and THANKS!

  • I would love to win these book because i have been a vegan for a long time, and just recently am transitioning to ethical vegitarianism. i am getting chickens in the spring, and have been making my own cheese out of home made organic milk. also we want to get bees in the spring. these books will help me transition easier. thank you!

  • I would just love to win these beautiful books!
    I’d love the honey book because I have been very curious and interested in exploring the idea of having our own hive.
    And the dairy book, oh what a delight! I purchase raw milk from a local farmer but am often unable to drink it quickly enough. Just yesterday I was asking a friend what to do with my unused milk and she suggested cheese or yogurt. I’d love to have this book to reference as I take on this new challenge!

  • I would love love to win the Home Dairy guide; my body utterly rejects cheese that isn’t organic, and it’s been a dream of mine to learn to make my own dairy products. My love and I already have a whole slew of chickens to satisfy our free-range egg desires, and the next step in our minds has always been a goat so we can produce our own cheese. This book would essentially fuel our goal to eat mostly self-produced food :-)

  • I would love to win either book. The bee keeping book sounds really interesting, we’re currently looking to move to more space and the idea of starting bees is now very exciting! The dairy because I’m trying to make more things at home. We made mozzarella for the first time last month and it was amazing. The recipe came from the intranet and I’d enjoy a good read giving me more places to venture next!

  • I love her books! I especially want to learn how to make my own cheese and yogurt, so I can always have delicious dairy snacks without shelling out for fancy cheese all the time.

  • I would love to win the dairy book. I’m currently a vegan because I don’t like to support large, corporate industries. But if I could make my own dairy products… I could eat cheese again! And lemme tell ya, I miss cheese.

  • These books look amazing! I would love either. I would love to learn how to keep bees, and I would like to take home dairy beyond making yogurt in my crock pot every Sunday night!

  • I’ll keep it short & simple! Both books seem like something I would be enthusiastic about and into approaching. I have recently gotten into honey as a sugar substitute and would love how to make, cook, bake, keep, store it. As for dairy? I’ve always wanted to make my own yogurt! Bring it on!

  • I have at home a beautiful girlfriend whose every insight is born of a passion for food. She is a young chef, bubbling over with dreams and plans of how to create a life around creating food. These books could take her even further, and be a great, tangible resource for when big ideas strike in her future. Thanks for everything Design Sponge!

  • I’ve been longing to try to make my own cheese and dairy products but just haven’t found the push needed to do it! Owning this book would definitely push me along! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  • I love CHEESE! And cheese costs me a fortune because I buy so much of it. I think I could save a ton of money if I could just learn to make my own mozzarella and yogurt!

    The Bees – oh how I wish there were more bees around. I would keep them just so I could feed them the pollen off my flowers.

  • I would love to win either book – I have Ashley’s “Canning & Preserving” book and I LOVE it. With the state of the world being what it is, I feel more than ever an urge to stay close to home and make myself and my family more sustainable and self-reliant. I adore books on sustainability and homesteading and would love to learn more about home dairy and beekeeping!

  • Oh goody, I’d love either book! My hubby and I live on a small island in Northern BC. Food security is a big deal and we’ve been working on upping our sustainability. He would make the honey, I would make the cheeeeeese pleaaaaaase. thanks

  • good morning! i would be honored to win the beekeeping book! i have been “trying” to keep bees for two years now. they have swarmed and they have also just disappered all together. i want to keep trying and keep learning and i think this book would help. thanks for considering me!

  • I would love to win either book (or both)…
    I have been really interested in getting my own bees for ages, primarily because they are becoming extinct and I know of the issues if they do. Also, I love making bread so it would be awesome to spread my own honey on a hunk of sunflower plait, mmm…
    I would also love to win the home dairy book. A few years back my brother went through a phase of making cheese (straining it through his school shirts, much to my mum’s irritation). It would be so good to know how to make it properly (his was crumbly).

  • I would love to win the bee book. I live in beautiful Northern California and the sun is out a lot more these days and I am spending some time out in my new garden. I know the benefits of having bees to help for pollination and I will be purchasing some bees soon and already have a hive, but would love to get more practical information about keeping them healthy and thriving. The pictures are beautiful as well and would love to add this book to my small but growing homesteading library.

  • As hard as it is to pick – I’m going for the bees. My grandfather, whom I never met, was a beekeeper and I would love to try my hands on this family tradition, all the more as bees play a keyrole in agriculture.

  • This Home Dairy book looks amazing! We just made our homemade press and are trying to figure out the first cheese to try. I’m all about urban homesteading, it’s terrific people are sharing their own artisan knowledge.

  • I would absolutely love to win her book on beekeeping. When I was about 10 or so, my father and his friend kept bees in his backyard. I was the little assistant, complete with veil, gloves and beekeeping suit! My favorite part was chewing on the raw honeycomb. To this day I still love bees as well as anything with honey in it (its so amazing for you in so many ways!!). This book would be a great edition to my growing library. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  • These books would be an absolutely killer resource for my fiance and I. We just bought a house out in the country with a little bit of land so that we can get started on a more self-sufficient and energy-conscious way of life. We’ve got our chickens and ducks to give us eggs, and my fiance has become obsessed with the idea of keeping bees. We would love to add these books to our little homesteading reference library that we’ve started.

  • I would love to win either/both books! I have a serious love of anything creamy and have harbored cheese making fantasies for a few years now. Best yogurt I’ve ever had? The homemade stuff I made a few years ago. Creamy and delicious! And what goes great with homemade plain yogurt? Honey from your own hives! Beekeeping seems like an intimidating endeavor, but I know with some simple instructions and the upcoming summer days, I could start a lifelong adventure!

  • Ashley, thank you for halping us to cross over to THE LANDS OF MILK AND HONEY , I can hardly wait to read your new books and try my hand with the recipes. And dream about humming hives and sweet butter and cheese boards.

  • Congrats on the two new books Ashley!

    I would love to win “Keeping Bees”. We have a decent backyard wooded area that would be perfect to house a small swarm. How cool to be able to make your own honey! PLUS my husband and I are vegan but our 3 kids are veggies, they would love to have little bees living in the backyard. I can see them walking through the woods to collect honeycombs. So perfect!

  • BEES BEES BEES… please please please
    “Being” SELF SUFFICENT as your wonderful site inspires us to do is what more people forget they have time for.
    I have a pipe dream of starting a bee colony myself. what a beneficial project for all that i can do :)
    You make my day brighter everyday D*S! especially in rainy seattle :)
    Yeah Ashley! xokate

  • I’ve always wanted to know where bees go in the winter- maybe the books will enlighten me.

    My mom used to make yogurt when I was little, I always imagined I would do that with my little ones maybe this will be a good incentive.

  • I would be ecstatic to win either of these lovely books!! My husband and I have been blessed with a colony of bees this past year in a walnut tree outside our dining room. While the bees have been working away at keeping our flowers and fruit trees happy; I would LOVE to know how to collect honey from our yard crashers :). Thank you for this great giveaway!

  • Our family just moved to the country and are starting up a minature farm. We decided that the country life is better for raising the kids, fresh vegetables, herb garden and fresh eggs are our beginning. With the natural health benefits of honey, this would be a great help!!!

  • Having recently moved from a tiny apartment to a house with a real kitchen and an actual large yard, I would eagerly put to good use the knowledge I’d gain from either of these books. Thank you!

  • After moving to the country 18 years ago, we are still trying to learn so many new things. We finally have a cow we are milking. Lovely raw milk, so delicious! Cheeses and other milk products are next on my list of things to learn (learning how to milk a cow is a big step for some of of past city-dwellers).

  • I will admit I have an insane fear of bees, but I would love to learn more about them and keeping them because I love honey! Perhaps I could overcome my fear.
    The dairy book is making me salivate. The thought of homemade butter on homemade bread could almost bring me to tears. And I’ve been dying to make homemade mozzarella and yogurt for ages.
    Either book would be so thrilling!

  • I sooooo would love to win the bee book. In fact I attended a bee keepers class today in Macon Co NC. Yes, they well teach me all I need to know but Ashley’s book will give me the inspiration and motivation to do it right. Being from North Carolina I have watched Ashley’s work and just love her presentations of subject matter. What a great give away idea….thanks

  • I was soooo very excited the first time I saw a post on these books! Primarily the beekeeping one because I have been an avid lover of all things apiary, fascinated with everything that bees provide us with. I’ve recently befriended a family owned beekeeping family out of Austin, Texas and will be acquiring my first hive this summer! This book would be absolutely perfect to get me started!

  • I’d love to win Keeping Bees for a friend of mine who just got a beehive for Christmas. She’s taking her first bee-keeping class soon and will hopefully be ready for her first hive when the warm weather arrives!

    I’d love to win Home Dairy for my sister, who is a HUGE cheese fanatic. I know she’d love to try making her own!

    And, I’m hoping that if I win either of the books for either of them that I will reap the benefits via a sampling of their own honey or cheese!

  • I would love to win both of these books because I’m really interested in both topics. I’m not sure if I can tackle bees yet, but I’d love to eventually!! :)

  • I would love to win the bee keeping book. My mother used to feed us local honey and bee pollen when we were kids to help us fend off allergies. I would love to keep bees myself (and i’m here in NC as well!).

  • My husband and I are planning a move from urban chicago to rural wisconsin and have been waxing poetic to each other about bee farming (me) and making our own cheese (him). Either one of these books would definitely be well read and utilized on our soon to be new land and life!

  • It would be fantastic to win either of these books (but preferably the bee keeping one), because I’ve been dreaming of having bees at my home but need an extra motivation (I’ve even attended workshops!). A book that I can keep handy would certainly bolster my confidence :) As for the dairy, it would be amazing for me to buy local ingredients to make my own cheese – homesteading at its finest!

    while the honey bee book would be sweet – my interest lies with the food that smells like feet. i hope to have my own goats on our acres in upstate ny.
    this would be my entry into affinage.

  • another litlle hope to win a giveaway.. you have such great writers, that it’s a pleasure to join in :)
    i would be happy to win either one of these books. having tried to make cheese and working with a bee keeper before, i know how much i still have to learn. hope to read everything ashley has to offer, i love her colum.

  • I’ve been trying to live more lightly in my little apartment, and have been considering adding making my own dairy products and keeping bees as options for my next step. So, I’d really love to win either book – they look fantastic!

  • These are beautiful books and I’d love to read both of them. I, now, only practice very basic cheese-making – ricotta and mascarpone. I also have an appreciation for my local bees and honeys and would very much like to further my knowledge on both beekeeping and cheese-making.

  • I would love to win either book. I always love Ashley’s posts, and I am interested in all things homesteading as well. I would love to learn how to make my own cheese, yogurt, butter, etc., and I have always wanted to learn how to keep bees.

  • Oh my gosh, I’d love either book, but the cheese one really appeals. I’ve just started making homemade ricotta, and there’s a whole world out there that I’d love to explore!

  • Oh! Oh! Oh! Both books would be perfect my little homesteading family. Our three children are active participants at our local City Hall trying to reverse a late 1970’s ban on chickens and visit our friends’ hives often to watch all the action.

  • Wow! I’d love to win either of these books – because I’d love to do both of these things! I was super excited about the “keeping chickens” book, but city law forbids chickens here… but bees are allowed!
    Thanks for the post.

  • My fiance loves honey and I love cheese! We would *love* to win either book. Alan is currently serving in a very remote area of Afghanistan where the food on base is pretty darn bland. If I won the bottle of honey, I’m certain he would love to receive that in a package.

  • I’d like to win “KEEPING BEES”, because I believe Bees have a mysterious culture. Flying insects rule by a queen and who are flower suckers.

    People is usually afraid of them and try to kill them, when they probably don’t even stop to think about that thanks to them we have the sweet honey :)

    Honey to eat with toast bread, honey to serve with tea or coffee, honey to grill some chicken, honey to call our dear ones “honey”, delicious honey that makes our life happier and sweetened.

  • The cheese book looks delicious! I’d give this book to my sister who has 7 sheep and has starting milking them for cheese! She needs some ideas!

  • I would love to win Keeping Bees. My five year plan is to open a bed and breakfast in NE Pennsylvania, and I want to make it as self-sustainable as possible. I plan on having a huge vegetable and herb garden, raising chickens, and raising bees for honey. This book would truly prove useful!

  • As soon as I repatriate, I have serious plans to live an independent lifestyle. I’m going to learn woodworking so I can build my own house, start a garden, recycle and reuse everything possible, and walk and bike everywhere. Either book would be extremely helpful^^

  • I think this country is going to have to start relying on smaller community eforts, so I want to teach my sons how to be as self-reliant as possible. That way they can support themselves and their neighbors.

  • Hmm….either! Some dear friends are into bee-keeping and I’ve been inspired to make cheese since reading Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle book!

  • Just today I bought milk for my first try at making yogurt, so I would love the dairy book! But the bee book could be interesting since we do have a couple hives, and the more information the better. Such fun!

  • It was a sign when i checked D*S this morning it was like this is meant to be. I live in New Zealand and yesterday i went to the local A&P show (Agricultural and Pastoral) and sourced some great “top bar” hives. Im determined to keep bees, i think it will take some convincing for my husband and this book would be just the trick. Well done Ashley. I have three kids and we live on a quarter acre section and self sufficiency is my dream :)

  • I would love to have either book, my sister is totally in to making her own cheese and I would love to give her this wonderful book and I love, love, love anything to do with Bees.. and honey! :-)

  • The dairy Homemade Living book is exactly what I’m looking for! I’m giving up buying any plastic for Lent this year. This is going to really impact what cheese I can eat, since almost all of it comes in a plastic wrap. I love cheese, and all dairy. I also want to do my part to reduce waste. I also recently made a new personal goal to become an cheese expert!

  • I want these books because I think beng self reliant is one of the most important thins you can do on this earth, AND I love honey and cheese!

  • OMG, OMG, OMG! I LOVVVVE cheese! Last year I took a cheese making course and became obssessed. I have been looking for easy to follow books and/or “advanced” classes to learn how to make different cheeses. I am so excited Ahsley English’s book is coming out. I hope I win but even if I don’t, I will go out and buy it!

  • My parents are about to buy their dream house out in the country. It is something they have wanted all of their lives and I think I would love to give the home dairy book to them to get them inspired!

  • I’d love both books: the honey book would go to my mother-in-law who used to keep bees and harvest honey with her dear husband. Great Honey! And I’d use the dairy book to enhance my life in the mountains with yummy fresh yoghurt and cheese. Thank you.

  • I’d like to win Keeping Bees for my sister in law because she created an ideal place in our Nevada high desert to keep bees. Her property is free of pesticides and her gardens organic. She is a master gardener of a fabulous seasonal vegetable garden, flower gardenss and grows fruit trees.

    She is an avid and accomplished arborist, having held a position on Nevada’s tree council. Her energy is boundless, her accomplishments celebrated in our gardening community and community at large.

    She is just the sort of person who will become an expert bee keeper and assist bees to flourish in our arid and fragile place where diminishment of the bee population will be particularly devistating to the environment.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I love Ashley’s other books and long to move out to the country to I can also keep bees! Her chickens book has been very helpful with our backyard urban chickens!

  • These books are on the mark when it comes to the modern homesteader’s aspirations. I have daydreamed about each of the themes of Ashley’s books and she is amazing for presenting each subject in an informative way with such beautiful presentations!

  • I would love to win both of these books, because they hit on two of my four agrarian fantasies, keeping bees and making cheese…. the other two are keeping chickens (not allowed in my hoa) and having sheep and shearing them for my own wool.

  • I would love to win the home dairy book because I’ve been making all of my eight-month-old’s baby food so far and I really want to be able to keep making his food as he grows. With this book, yogurt and cheese would be mine!

  • I’d love to win the Home Dairy book! I’m working on making more of the things I eat so I can control what goes in them. Cheese and yogurt have always seemed to daunting to do at home. It’d be great to have some solid instruction!

  • That cheese-making book sounds fantastic! I live on some acreage and plan to start raising dairy sheep soon, so that book would be immensely helpful in learning the cheese-making process.

  • Oh, I would LOVE either book! I am just getting my little farm started and would really love to learn more about bees and dairy cows! (Or goats! I’m not picky.)
    Thanks for the chance!

  • I took a beekeeping class last year and would love to read this book to learn more. Our neighbour is a new beekeeper and i want to help!

    As for cheese-making: considering how much I love it, I need to make it.

  • I would love to win both books, Keeping Bees because I am a commercial beekeeper and always love to read a persons perspective. I would like to win Home Dairy because the idea of making my own cheese is fascinating to me and sounds like fun too.

  • I’m all about “homesteading” as you called it. I love making things myself and growing things myself. Alas I live in a condo where I have no real options. Someday I would love to make my own honey. I buy local honey from the farmers market now. I might actually give it to my parents because I think they could do a hive, if I can talk my dad into it.

  • I am an avid gardener and “do-it-yourselfer” . Now that I am retired it would fun to expand to include bee keeping and cheese. I would love both books. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I would love to win both these books because I am interested in raising bees in my backyard. Wow! to make your own butter, cheese and yogurt….sounds like a neat science experiment. My 9 year old daughter thinks this would so cool!

  • Oh my gosh!!! Well, for the last year and a half I’ve been dreaming about having a homestead. I have been renting and have been in a rough roommate situation (it’s costing me a lot of money). Because of my situation (long story), I didn’t want to have my garden here. Someone told me to have it at my church. So for 6 months, I’d been planning and dreaming about revamping the current overgrown garden there. When I spoke with one of my pastors about it, they said they decided to scrap the garden. So, I cried a little, but I knew that God would open another door. So I prayed about where to have a plot. Then, I realized that maybe I should have a mentor, someone who’s gone before me and could teach me. So then, I prayed and asked for God to bring a mentor into my life. All the while, I’d been praying about my living situation and if I should move out. Two weeks after I’d prayed and asked for a mentor, I got an email from a friend who I haven’t spoken to in awhile (not for any bad reason, just because), and she said that she’d been meaning to email me for the last couple of weeks because I’d been on her heart. She met a little widow, who’s husband died fifteen years ago. So, in her grieving, she bought a little farmhouse out in the country with 7 acres of land. She has a passion for organic farming, and has a burden for the next generation to learn what it is to eat the fruits of their own labor. Then she said (this is my favorite part), she’s looking for someone to mentor. She wants someone to move into the upstairs apartment (all I have to pay is utilities), and in exchange, she wants to mentor that person to garden organically. Plus, she has so much land not being used, that she’s trying to figure out how to use it. So not only do I get that mentor, I get out of my living situation (where I’m going from paying almost $700/mo to only paying $150), AND, not only do I get whatever size of a plot I want (plus, another big plot that we’re growing food to give to elderly people and single parents), she’s letting me, and is also excited for me, to get milking goats, chickens, and that beehive. I cannot believe this is happening. :) I will also be starting a blog to document the journey. I told her about my desire to blog about it, and even showed her D*S as the example of what I’d like to produce. Anyway, I haven’t moved in yet. I move in two weeks. But we’re getting the goats and the beehive in April, and the chickens shortly after. So, please, I would LOVE both of those books!!!!! Thank you so much! What a fun opportunity! (p.s. Sorry for the novel, but I cannot hold in what has happened! It’s a story that needs to be shared.)

  • Amazing! Congratulations to Ashley!
    I would really love either of these books. My boyfriend and I are both into producing as much as we can at home. In the future when we have our farm we plan to keep warre bee hives to produce our own honey, and I have always been interested in creating my own cheese as my mother did when I was young. These books would be a wonderful start to either journey!

  • I just bought my fist house and it comes with a beautiful garden I am looking to keep up. An apiary has always interested me and now that I have the yard and garden for it I’d love to learn how with her Honey book. Also I highly recommend her Canning book to anyone who is interested.

  • WOW! I am the 628 person who would be grateful for either book. But my real passion lies with Home Dairy. You see, in many circles I am known as the cheese lady and I was given the name for always having a cheese bag filled with a variety of tasty cheeses. I love cheese & would love nothing more than to create my own. I have always longed to know all I can when it comes to the topic of dairy &this book could send me well on my way. If you choose me I promise to honor the gift by putting it to good use! Thank you in advance for the consideration.

  • Oh my gosh this site is amazing. I am a professional chef and am so excited to see this blog. These books are so fantastic. I would like to, no make that LOVE to win any one of these books.

  • Brilliant. I’m a college student and short on change. I love to make things from scratch whenever I can. Many years ahead to learn and acquire new skills, I would love to begin with these two wonderful sounding books :)

  • Making cheese at home seems like the next level of what I’ve been exploring and call The New Domesticity. Ashley English’s website and in particular her books reflect what I aspire to in pushing my own domestic skills farther and becoming more self-sufficient. Cheers!

  • I’d love either book; the bees because my hubby is dying to get a hive (plus we desperately need more polinators), and the dairy because it just looks really interesting and my son loooooooves yogurt. BTW, I’m in NC, so I’d be super-excited to get the local honey. Yum!

  • would love to win either one we have a home in VT and looking to start some bee hives and have a couple of goats so either one we could use.

  • I’d love to win either book, but most especially keeping bees; I am sure beekeeping can be learned through extensive research through the internet (and, of course, firsthand experience), but I am in the slow process of working my way towards homesteading, and beekeeping is part of the plan, both to yield delicious honey, and to help pollinate the garden/area we live in.

  • I would like to win both books. The lack of knowledge of what to do has been the major roadblock between me and starting my own ventures in most self-sufficiency things like this. I also adore honey and cheese, so how can you go wrong?

  • Would love to win the bee book! My brother in law just bought a farm house and he has always wanted to have his own hive! Would be a lovely gift to give.

  • Both books are enticing! I have two beehives in urban L.A. – absolutely love it BUT always need more insights… what with mites, pesticides, viruses and other apian travails. As for the dairy, that’s been on my to-do list for years. I just need a little inspiring guidance. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I would love to win this. My husband and I always talk about leaving our city life to live in the country. If we could do so we would love to raise goats for milk and cheese and keep bees. Perhaps this is just the push we need.

  • Either book would be wonderful. I’ve actually been toying with the idea of learning to make cheese and yogurt for a while now, so the second book would be perfect. I also want to start keeping bees sometime in the next few years, once I get my own (non-apartment) place.

  • My boyfriend and myself are trying hard to create as many things as possible rather than buying them, and we love cheese, butter, and most things dairy. I would love to have this book to help us start out.

  • we close on our first house out in the country next week…I would LOVE either book to kick-start my creative, more sustainable life! thanks!

  • I’d actually like to win the Home Dairy book for a very good friend of mine who was just recently telling me that she wants to start making cheese at home (among many other things she already makes and grows). The other book can be great too!

  • How perfect each would be. In another 3weeks I am away from work for several months and would love to study dairy and bees. A perfect adventure.

  • I would love to win the dairy book! I have been wanting to learn how to make my own mozzarella ever since I moved into a place where I can actually grow my own tomatoes.

  • Sweet!
    I would love these books! I have recently developed a interest in wanting to try and make my own cheese. I wish I could say the same for bee keeping, but since I live it the city…. I don’t see that happening in the near future. I do have a kid who is going to try a build a beehive and keepbees in his backyard so maybe I could give him the book. Thanks!

  • I always enjoy Ashley’s d*s posts, so I know I would love her books. As an urban gardener and aspiring homesteader, I’d hoping to incorporate honey and cheesemaking on my to do lists. I’d love to have Ashley’s guidance.

  • As an avid DiYer and consumer of raw organically produced honey and dairy, either book would be an absolute treat. Though it’s not available in Australia, I will probably spring for an import copy of Ashley’s new dairy book as I’m keen to start making yoghurt, labne and cheeses at home (and enjoy not needing to fill the recycling and garbage with all that packaging).

  • I would love to win a copy of the bee book, especially after reading “The Secret Life of Bees.” Honey just seems so magical!

    I would love to win a copy of the dairy book because I am a big dairy eater…milk, cheese, yogurt–I love it all! I think it would be super awesome to learn the process of DIY dairy goodness.


  • My husband and I acquired a hive when a local beekeeper was downsizing last winter. We have kept our little brood happy and healthy, but we have done little more. I would love to have some good literature on the matter. I am ready for some honey!

  • I’d really like a chance to win either book. I’m slowly educating myself and hoping to work up to homesteading someday. I want to learn to be self-sufficient and to live as frugally and naturally as possible.

  • I’d love to win the Home Dairy book since we eat a lot of dairy in our family. And as a passionate DIY person I’d love to learn how to make our own yogurt.

  • Both books look great. My partner and I have 4 chooks and a veggie garden… These books would help in our goal to simplify our lives…

  • Both books look fantastic, but the Home Dairy book would be most applicable to me right now. I have a blog that focuses on mindful living, DIY and urban homesteading. I’ve made farmers cheese and butter, and have wanted to try other cheese and yogurt making techniques; since reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, I’ve been challenging myself to learn new skills I can apply to a handmade life.

  • I would love to win either or both of these books. My husband and I have been, over the years, making an attempt to become greener people and he has already built our bee hive for this summer. We have also been trying to buy local and its very difficult where we live so learning to make our own butter/milk etc. would be very helpful! Thanks!

  • please please please, for either, I am dedicated to the eating of both cheese and honey thus need to learn to make both since they must always be a part of my life. It is richer with cheese and honey!

  • both books would be great!
    i’m trying to learn more about making things ‘from scratch’ at home. made my first batch of butter this winter when the cream went on sale.
    the bee book would be FANTASTIC as a surprise for my husband. he would LOVE to get into bee keeping. he started making some sort of ‘hive’ drawer thingy (yes, i know nothing of bee keeping, lol) at one point…but needs INSPIRATION from this book!
    thank you for this amazing giveaway….
    hoping to win!

  • First of all, I love the covers of both books. My husband always has 10 irons in the fire and 10 more on the back burner– bees have been on that back burner for quite some time, particularly urban bee-keeping. The cheese/yogurt/kefir iron is already in the fire but we’re always looking for new resources.

  • Knowing these books now exist makes me happy and I would be even happier to win and own one or both of them.

    My brother-in-law became a bee keeper a couple years ago and he has shared his honey with us the past two winters. It is delicious! We have been talking about keeping bees at our house to pollinate all our urban fruit trees, and having a copy of this bee book to help us would be a wonderful thing!

    My husband, children, and I are all DIY people and have made so many things from scratch (including sour kraut this year!), but we have never tried cheese making. I would love to have a copy of this book and try my hand at this craft.

  • I would love to win the Bee Keeping one for my mum.

    She’s been trying to look for tips on how to do so for a long time now, but she doesn’t use the internet so has trouble finding stuff on it. This would be a huge help!

  • I’ve been reading Ashley’s blog forever but haven’t had any money for extras, like books. I would love to add either book to my home library!

  • I would love to win a copy of Ashley’s new dairy book!! I’ve been making homemade yogurt for years and lately I have an urge to step it up a notch and tackle cheese!

  • Picture it… 5 acres of sunflowers in bloom. Apple and plum trees in early fruiting stages. Don’t a few bee hives fit in perfectly? We think so… have been planning it all along. This book looks like the jump start we could use!

  • i am interested in both books! i am planning on setting up 1 or 2 beehives in my backyard this spring and am reading everything i can find on the topic. i also started making mozzarella this winter and am eager to try other dairy products since i know i can get good, wholesome, grass-fed, pasture-raised cow milk and maybe goat milk!

  • Canning and Preserving is part of my current book collection, and has been a constant go-to during our peak growing months here in Wisconsin. The content, photography, illustrations and interviews are all so inspiring to me. I would LOVE to add Keeping Bees and Home Dairy to my collection. It would be motivating to have these books as part of my DIY library!

  • It would “bee” sweet as honey to win a copy of Ashley English’s, Keeping Bees. This little queen bee and her colony are buzzing with delight at the prospect!

  • I heard an interview with Ashley on MS radio the other day. The books sound fantastic. I would love a copy of the dairy book as I have been looking at recipes for a great home made yogurt. Thank you for the chance!

  • I couldn’t believe when i read about this books in your blog, I was just talking with my husband few days ago about how amazing would be to learn how to do your own cheese and yogurts. The “bee” book it’s perfect present for my mum who lives in Uruguay’s country side and also make her own honey!

  • These books would be great! I have started researching the art of homesteading. The ability to make my own cheese and other dairy products would be a great asset.
    I have always wanted to be a bee keeper but am in desperate need of knowledge and understanding on the proper method would be wonderful.
    Thanks for the chance to enter.

  • Love your website and thanks so much for an amazing give away and introduction to a new author. I can’t wait to check out her books and would love to win either of the books on your give away as I am interested in keeping bee’s and homemade cheese and yogurt

  • Incredible interesting books! i heard my mother talking the other day about how she loved the cottage cheese her aunt used to make at holiday time. I would love to know how to do that! I used to raise bees 30 years ago and was thinking about doing it again would love to have the information to do it.

  • I would love to win a copy of home dairy for two reasons: 1) I made a few cheeses ages ago and loved it. 2) I aspire to goat ownership and would love to have more practice under my belt before I get there.

  • I would love to win the beekeeping book, as I am teaching my kids about how to grow your own food and engage with nature, even if you live in the suburbs!!

  • I would love to have the Bee Book. I am approaching my first anniversary at my dream farm. In my first year, I have enjoyed harvesting fresh vegetables, blueberries and rasberries. I share the farm with canines Gherkin and Banjo, hens, Courgette and Aubergine, horses Papillon and Stuart. My only challenge would becoming up with names for all the bees!

  • I’m putting in my first veggie garden and think having a bee hive would be helpful, I’d love these books as a reference.

  • I would very much like to have the honey book so that I can consider keeping bees near my New Jersey home. An older couple down the road used to have hives but no longer do and I would love to be able to revive the hives by beginning a cooperative where community members could learn and partake of the nectar. Such an activity makes people aware of the importance of open space. Hopefully we can breed future stewards of our forests and natural areas. Thank you for considering me!