weekly wrap up + cake stands + book winners!

This week has been a crazy one, and our move is right around the corner, so I’m heading out to start the packing process and begin cleaning our apartment for the next couple coming in. But before I dive in, I wanted to share these beautiful cake stands from Sweet & Saucy Supply Shop. Owner Melody Brandon is the co-owner and head pastry chef at the Sweet & Saucy Dessert Shop, and she decided it would be fun to have a place to share all the great cake stands, servers, bowls and cupcake liners she comes across in her everyday work. I have a thing for cake stands (this one is calling my name), so when I saw this collection, I had a hard time not immediately ordering a few of them. If you’re looking for something to serve your favorite sweets on this spring, I highly suggest checking out Melody’s fantastic selection right here. [Photo above: Concept/Styling by Melissa Huber, photo by Ashley Rose]

Also, I wanted to announce the winners of Ashley’s book giveaway from last Friday! Thank you to everyone who left a comment and chimed in with support for Ashley’s fantastic new books, Home Dairy and Keeping Bees. xo, grace

Our Keeping Bees winners (who also receive a bottle of local NC honey!) are

  • Eryn (hearth2heart)
  • Dorothy Reilly
  • Sarah (30daywaste)
  • Jo Chopra
  • Lisa (4-H leader)

Our Home Dairy winners are

  • Jaclyn (somadesign)
  • Anna Saunders
  • Nicole Miaz
  • Lindsey (Working in Kenya)
  • Christine (unspeakablevisions)

Below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

Melissa Lewis

LOVE the hobnail cake stands. I have been wanting the black one from Roseanna Inc, for forever. But these are just beautiful.

Cady Snyder

i love the black & white cake stand! i might have to incorporate something like this for our wedding gifts.


the green cake stands are killing me. i love cake stands almost as much as i like cake. our apartment is just too small to keep beauties like this. :(

maison marigold

they are all gorgeous…i would love to use some of them as cheese platters too!! have a great weekend, grace!! xx meenal


The green ones are super fun! love them for some Easter/springtime decorating and sweetie displays!

Vicki @ The Sassy Pickle

Oh I want the green ones for my very own. They are just lovely. If only there was a way to keep a whole cake in my apartment long enough to be displayed on a stand…

liz day

oooooH! great collection of these! I’m thinking red velvet cake on the white w black rim…..


I love Cake Stands!!! These are all so beautiful! I love a table with a bunch of cakestands and baked pretties all over, so luxurious and girly:) I live in the tiniest apartment and so I cannot buy any more ( I have 11!) but one day I will have a whole pantry filled with lovely cake stands.

Corina Acosta

Wow, these cake stands and baked goods are absolutely gorgeous! I am also really loving the first photo of the everything so beautifully arranged on the table!! Such a day-dreamy array of petal pinks, lemony yellows, luscious lilacs, creamy whites, and feathery vertigris!


Yay! I’m so excited to have won! I can’t wait to gift it & the bee supplies to my husband.

He’s even talked about a bee cam, so I’ll check back in about that!

Cake stands are one of my thrift store holy grail items. I’ve found some nice black glass ones over the years, & tons of metal ones, but never pink. Some day!


I also love cake stands and have more of them than i need. The problem is I never seem to use them because I rarely make cakes. I keep looking for that creative something to do with them.


Love you guys! Been a way for a bit, but now I’m back for every post. I tell everyone about this feed!


I just love a cute cake stand! That green one is amazing…

I have two cut glass ones, but they don;t come close to that one!



Oh my! These are so gorgeous. Gonna have to stock up for myself. Thanks for the info!!! xo

Congratulations to all the winners. YAY!


My goodness, had to come back to say what an amazing website Sweet and Saucy have created for themselves. Looks like I know what I will be doing all night. ;) Yum!

Cooper Grey

So pretty! I will be running straight to the kitchen to get my bake on after this. I also love the ceramic strawberry baskets. So great for fridge fruit storage.


LOVE those Jadite cake stands. I actually saw the set of three at an antique store in Georgia and wanted them badly! The price tag of $300 was a little out of my price range though :(


Never in my life have I lusted after a cake stand, yet…here I sit, lusting away. Beauties!


So pretty! I just adore cake stands. I recently purchased a handmade one from Clara French Ceramique. I’m in love…


I can’t believe there are so many cake stand lovers like me. I luv it…..