top 20 tech accessories for health and fitness

Image above: Kate’s tech picks to get you moving!

D*S editor Kate Pruitt is getting ready for spring over at MyLifeScoop, where she’s rounded up the Top 20 Tech Accessories for Health and Fitness. Since I’m glued to my laptop for the majority of my waking hours, I’m pretty obsessive about making some time to move around every day, and I love all the tech-y help I can get! (I pretty much can’t go jogging without an iPod!) — Amy A.

All sourcing is over at MyLifeScoop where Kate’s post lives.

Image above: All sourcing at MyLifeScoop!


music certainly does make exercising (and everything else) so much more fun. for an equally enchanting outfit, i love jmorco @ etsy

Amanda (Dear Frances)

This is perfect timing – I start training for the Pittsburg 1/2 Marathon this week! I just ordered the Nike Smartband – I have been waiting for something simple and lightweight to wear while running outside to track my miles (hate running on the treadmill!). Thanks for the roundup!

able mabel

I think having fun accessories and “props” makes exercising so much more enjoyable! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for posting! Loving these inspiring products :)


You forgot the fitbit pedometer! I got it for Christmas and I love it. It tracks miles, steps, calories, and even sleep. The best part is it updates automatically with my stats to the website AND it has a little flower that “grows” the more active you are on the actual fitbit.

Hazel Stone

Bottled (or in this case bagged) water is the antithesis of wellness and fitness. The water quality standards are lower than tap water, and the containers leech toxins into the water.