the workstead desk

It’s been a while since I did our last desk and desk chair roundup, so I’ve had both on my mind lately. I’ve been filing away options here and there until I’ve built up enough and this beauty that popped into my inbox this weekend is definitely on the list. We’ve all been fans of Brooklyn-based design studio Workstead since we first got a peek inside their home, and I’ve been following all of their furniture launches ever since. Their newest desk is gorgeous, minimalist design made with American walnut. While I love the clean lines and warmth of the wood, I love the fact that there’s a built-in wooden filing cabinet even more. Filing cabinets are the bain of my existence most days because they seem to only come in pretty hideous color and style and options. But the idea of having a beautiful wooden one built right into the desk (that holds both letter and legal-sized folders) makes me incredibly happy. While handmade furniture like this will cost more than your typical Ikea desk, if you spend a lot of time in your office and would really like to invest in something that will last you a long time and be easy on the eyes, the Workstead desk is a fantastic option. I’m going to be compiling an update desk guide soon so stay tuned for that in the next month, but until then you can check out the Workstead desk right here online. xo, grace

*Workstead also makes the wall light in the photo above. You can find more info on their site.


I agree with you about filing cabinets. My parents had one in their basement, but it was that hideous beige/gray metal. I spray-painted it and now it’s a lovely robin’s egg blue. Much easier on the eyes.


Thanks so much for this. I adore walnut and this is the kind of desk that looks right with lots of different styles. Our current desk and file cabinet are Ikea, and I agree about filing cabinets being a bane. Do you have an idea of how heavy this is and how well it comes apart? We move a lot, so I wonder how portable it is in that sense.


I agree, the desks are stunning! I have had the pleasure of meeting Workstead, they are just as charming as their lighting and furniture!

amy walters

I’m in the process of carving out a little office space in my living room. Thanks for the inspiration. Lovely pic ;)

the Bohmerian

What a great desk! I always feel so proud when I see other native Brooklyn Designers being featured for their skill and designs.


Am I the only one who finds the Workstead website completely impossible to navigate? I have a netbook which often displays things a little screwy, but in this case I think the design of the website is a little too big for its britches.

But I love the desk; are Workstead’s designs available anywhere else (on another website)?


Nice desk. Its very convenient to work with. It’s made of native materials yet it carries an elegant and modern design that really fits to your modern home furniture design.


the double lamp pictured with the desk is fawesome!