tech accessories for throwing a great party

Image above via Adidas Originals

I’m married to someone who thinks tech accessories are the greatest thing since sliced bread. Whenever we have people over, we each get excited about completely different things. Me? Flowers, decorating and getting to use nice platters. Him? Making playlists and setting up tech gadgets and apps to help with the party. So when I heard that Kate was doing a post on the D*S Blog at MyLifeScoop about tech accessories and apps for throwing a great party, I immediately thought, “AC is going to love this.” And while I’m not the most techy person I know, I admit that I’m totally intrigued by all these options. Whether you need help setting a specific mood or choosing food and drinks, Kate has found a gadget (or app) for that. Click here to check out the full post with all the resource links at MyLifeScoop. xo, grace

maison marigold

Technology kind of freaks me out…i’d much rather someone else take care of it for me…you are a lucky girl, Grace…you never have to worry about that bit for your parties!! xxmeenal


I am thinking about the things I can do for my 25th. I really wanted to have a party at my house, and this helps me out a ton. I would love to have my house souped up for a party like this.

Annie C.

haha, my hub is the same way! he’s even got our music library rigged so well that he can turn it on from down the street. it’s fun! i love that he’s techie b/c i get free tech support :)

Rachel S.

I took care of everything for our May backyard wedding, which I loved. My husband, made the playlist. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out but I had so much on my plate already I had to leave it to him. WOW did he knock my socks off! I love my guys geeky and hope he never changes. I also love that disco balls are coming back.