sneak peek: michelle mason


Michelle Mason is a London-based interior product designer. Focusing on homewares and design-led gifts, Michelle is currently working on a couple commissions for UK museums and shops. Typically space in London is tight, and she shares this two-bedroom flat in a Victorian building (c. 1890s) east of the city with her husband Bill, a photographer, and their seven year old daughter Marni. They moved in last June after the whole place was gutted and extended upwards into the attic to make an extra bedroom. The whole space has come together organically, with no real master plan (except to have white floors) and with the exception of the kitchen and bathroom fittings, nothing was bought specifically for the new place. And after looking back through the photos – by Ben Anders – Michelle now realizes she has a thing for blue! Thanks, Michelle! -Anne

Image above: The large M is from Anthropologie. I’ve collected a few letter Ms over the years and dotted them around the place. The little wooden tiger is a toy from Marni’s bedroom.

Image above: The paint colour in the bedroom is Niagara Blue from Dulux and looked very dark in the tin but it actually warms the whole room. The black and white cushions on the bed are from my London Bus Destination series, the pink one is Designers Guild and the framed picture above the bed is an original bus blind from the front of a London double decker bus – the destination is just down the road from us. The small wicker chair is Marni’s and the cream rug – just visible – is one of my Stella felt wool rugs.

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Image above: I bought the sofa 10 years ago for a previous home and it fits perfectly here. It’s from the original 1960s design by Robin Day, reproduced by Habitat. The lamp is a reconditioned 1930s sofa lamp and the pink Rosetta rug is made from 100% re-cycled plastic bottles. I designed it with Livia Firth at Eco Age, in west London. The Robin Day Polo chairs, round the dining table, were given to me by a friend that used to work for the furniture company that produce them. I picked up the wire work cafe chair from a secondhand store in France.

Image above: A close up of one of the felt decorations that I designed a couple of years ago – I like the cheery red colour.

Image above: We chose a clean lined style of kitchen and had it built along the back wall of the open plan living space. I was going to paint the stairs all different colours but fell in love with this turquoise colour from Sanderson. It’s called Port Arthur Blue and reminds me of the seaside. The pale grey rug is from my Stella collection and I’m pleased with the white painted floors – a cheap option and it makes the space look larger than it is.

Image above: My beads and necklaces in the ensuite bathroom.

Image above: I love to collect old pieces of glass and ceramics, especially the patterned or colourful pieces, but have to limit myself as I’m gradually running out of space. These glass pieces are 1960s Whitefriars and I saw an identical blue ashtray on Don Draper’s desk in Mad Men, which I thought was very funny.

Image above: Looking back towards the kitchen. I bought the Picasso print as I loved the purple and indigo colours juxtaposed with the smiling skull. The cushions on the sofa are Designers Guild which I’ve bought a various sales from their shop on Kings Road. I bought the Owl clock for my daughter when she started to learn to tell the time. The south facing windows in this room make it lovely and bright even on a cloudy day.


Beautiful home! I love, love that white cut-out rug in the bedroom. And, side note question: WHERE did you get those heels in the second-to-last photo??


Love Michelle’s work, so was fascinating to peek into her home. It looks so light and airy – I especially admire her kitchen!

maison marigold

yet another beautiful home…so fresh and crisp…I love Marni’s bedroom…blue for girls is totally my thing..i painted my daughter’s room a duck’s egg blue and her bed is also white…an antique 4-poster!! thanks for sharing!! xx meenal


Head over heels with the staircase! I love the pops of vibrant colours. Even the blue toothbrush in the washroom looks good.


Love the stairs in contrast with the clean white space of the kitchen! I dream of the day when I’m living in a place where I can paint things in bright, bold colours!


@Samantha….this is total supposition, but with the London connection, and because Michelle looks to be a tall lady with a ‘tall’ foot, and recognising the general style….I’m wondering if maybe they are from Amber and Jade? (

Total shot in the dark though!


Lovely bright home! I would love to hear more from Michelle about how one becomes an Interior Product Designer…It seems like that could be the right direction for me. Thanks!

Jo Chopra

Such a charming way to hang your necklaces. Amazing bursts of color against that pure, bright white.


Those turquoise stairs are really eye catching and fun! I love the whole place :)


I love love love your style. That bed in the room with the beautiful blue paint is killing me. I want it!


That’s the Leirvik bed from IKEA. I have it as well, it’s wonderful.


I’d love to know where that vibrant turquoise pendant light is from in the kitchen! Thanks! Beautiful home!