sneak peek: janine rewell


Janine Rewell is a 24-year-old Finnish freelance illustrator and designer based in Helsinki. While her illustration style is very colorful and decorative, her apartment leans towards a feminine minimalism. The two room 36m2 (387sf) apartment with wood floors, high ceilings and great detail sets the stage for Janine’s love of mixing Scandinavian design from the ’50s with modern furniture. Click here for additional images. Thanks, Janine! -Anne

Image above: My favorite spot at home is my bed, covered with a warm mohair blanket designed by my grandmother. Wooden chandelier by Lzf-lamps and the genius Ptolomeo bookcase creating a dynamic vertical line into the bedroom.

Image above: I found this handmade Moroccan boucherouite rag rug online, actually from a Design*Sponge post! (Thanks for that!) The small 50’s vintage couch is a bit uncomfortable but folds out into a double bed for guests. The old wood basket became a decent coffee table when topped with glass. Check out those cute little octagon shaped porcelain salt & pepper shakers.

CLICK HERE for more of Janine’s Helsinki’s home!

Image above: In contrast to a bunch of vintage wooden furniture, there are a lot of small metallic and glass details in my apartment. Each oblong glass globe in this recycled glass grape light is handblown from re-melted recycled glass in Syria.

Image above: I’m constantly afraid that the cast relief picturing my great grandfather is going to fall on my laptop. The desk is Finnish 50’s design by Alvar Aalto and the chair is a vintage Tolix stool, unfortunately it’s metallic and too cold to be sat on.

Image above: The black Ikea shoe boxes hide an incredible amount of shoes! Woods wallpaper is a classic design from the 50’s by Cole&Son.

Image above: 1950’s style is an easy choice when you’re living in a small apartment. Also, buying antique design furniture is like investing money. Dainty furniture is functional and doesn’t take a lot of room. When needed this little Swedish vintage dining table folds out into a 12 seat table. I was hunting for these rare vintage Danish chairs for six months. You can find re-produced versions of these Møller chairs.

Image above: I dragged this stick from our countryside cottage and painted it. I use it to hang my jewelry.

Image above: I’m not a big fan of bright lightning so my apartment is filled with small ambiance lightning like this glass Block lamp by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen. Deena coffee table is from Habitat and the fish screen print made by my friend and colleague Antti Uotila.


Wow, this is really gorgeous. I LOVE your apartment, Janine – simple, unique, everything seems so well thought out. I’m inspired!


This is phenomenal. Exactly the apartment that I inhabit, in my dreams where I am not actually sharing 850 sq ft with a husband and two small people. Love the blanket on the bed especially.

angie g.

i have seen a large majority of the ‘sneek peeks’ this is truly my favorite. raw wood. glass. painted stick?! the things dreams are made of! beautiful space!

Stephanie Press

I love how everything is in its place and it’s very spare but still looks so inviting! It also has slightly masculine feel to it with some of the textures and colors, and I am drawn to that as well, it feels lovely and Spartan at the same time. Very cool digs!

maison marigold

what a gorgeous little house…truly reflects the personality of the inhabitant…original and totally non-fussy…Her comments about the sofa being not to comfy and the stool being too cold to be sat on are really cute…such rare honesty…lovely post Grace!! xx meenal


That blanket! It is so beautiful it brought a tear to my eye, quite honestly.

Catherine Gordon

Love this apartment! Can you please tell me where I can get one of those fish print from? I love it and have the perfect place for one in my house!


Impressive, I love her style and commitment to investing into key pieces and minimizing clutter.


it’s funny how I was quickly scrolling down the pages and suddenly went, “hold on, this apartment looks very Finnish…” I still can’t really pin point what it was that made me stop… Gorgeous apartment and that Alvar Aalto desk? I need one!

StarR page

I had that same thought Janine, (befor I read the heavy-ness of the picture)perhaps we could move grandfather over to the left just a bit :)
But the place is soo chic I love your style…


The first ‘sneak peek’ I can actually see myself living in. Thank you for sharing!


Every single one of those lighting solutions are out of this world. The wood chandelier is particularly gorgeous.


A terribly rude question, but I’m dying to know the price range of those Moroccan rag rugs…



boucherite rugs are handmade and quite pricey. but it depends on the quality of the rug, the size and the seller. i’ve seen them on ebay in small sizes for about $800, but i’ve seen large ones go for around $8k.



i’m totally in love with that lzf lamp…i had to go check out their site!

any fixture that hangs from the roof and is a cross between a mobile/light/art ROCKS MY WORLD


Very refreshing to see such a design conscious home again done in such a dreamy way. I love the floating desk and shoe boxes and red table.


Great style, so simple yet each piece is very special. I love the stick, favorite thing!


YAY, my new appartement has -almost- the same set up. Only I had to use the cheap ikea birch curtains. If anybody here can suggest a reasonable solution for curtains/shades? I live on street level and find it hard to find something nice.


Great style! You have an impressive ideas! Want to have one at home. Keep posting and I’ll continually follow your post. It’s a great help!


I’d love to know the source for the coat rack / train shelf on the wall over the shoe cabinet.

Carol maryott

The bedroom with the sculpture-like stacked books was so so interesting. I love this “feminine minimialism”…. I wonder if IKea
still has those black shoe boxes.
Great post. Great inspiration ideas!

Sandro Tothill

Thank you for a lovely article, you first foto with our lamp is lovey and we noticed in increse in web traffic as a result. Come by and see us at Milan if your coming ??


I love yout boucherouite!
How did you mount it on the wall?
Thanks very much for your help!