sneak peek: best of green

Growing up, I greeted St. Patrick’s Day with more than a bit of apprehension. I was petrified of forgetting to wear green and spending the entire week black and blue from the resulting pinches. I decided to conquer my fear of green by hunting through the sneak peek archives to find green in homes. I’m loving green as a bright, poppy accent, and while I tend to prefer blues and grays, after looking through these photos, I don’t think I’d mind incorporating a bit of green into my own home. (FYI: We’re putting all sneak peek extras on Facebook, and there’s an extra album of green!) — Amy A.

Image above: Green Ferm Living wallpaper from Sneak Peek: Betsy Maddox

Image above: Juliet Totten bought this piece at Junk in Brooklyn and then gave it a coat of glossy paint. From Sneak Peek: Juliet Totten

Image above: Handpainted stripes on the wall in Zurich. From Sneak Peek: Malene Charles

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Image above: Designer Annie Coggan’s home in Starksville, Mississippi, from Sneak Peek: Annie Coggan

Image above: Floral wallpaper found on eBay from Sneak Peek: Sarah Hicks Malone

Image above: A worn green stool from Sneak Peek: Sibella Court

Image above: Green in the 1907 St. Louis home from Sneak Peek: Amie Corley

Image above: DIY coffee table on casters from Sneak Peek: Elephant Props

Image above: Green dresser found in a second-hand shop from Sneak Peek: Judy Kaufmann

Image above: Wellies are a must in the Hudson Valley. From Sneak Peek: Josh Vogel

Image above: Bright pop of green in Raina Kattelson’s Hudson Valley home, from Sneak Peek: Raina Kattelson

Image above: Green Thonet chairs from Sneak Peek: Raina Kattelson

Image above: The Brooklyn home of photographer couple Whitney and Dustin. From Sneak Peek: Whitney + Dustin of Oh Darling

Image above: A nursery in Seattle from Sneak Peek: Revival Home and Garden

Image above: Green glass in the Amsterdam home of Marijke Hukema. From Sneak Peek: Marijke of Restored (Amsterdam)

Image above: Green tablecloth in Oakland, California. From Sneak Peek: Kate Lydon + Anton Willis

Image above: Green sofa in Savannah, Georgia, from Sneak Peek: Halligan Norris Smith

Image above: Gray and green striped rug in Ghent, New York, from Sneak Peek: Eric Teng

Image above: Green dining room in California, from Sneak Peek: Elisa Carlucci

Image above: A chair saved from the Goodwill pile in front of a green wall in Nashville. From Sneak Peek: Chelsea and Tec Petaja

Image above: The Zurich home of photographer Marlene Charles

Image above: Worn green furniture in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. From Sneak Peek: Zoe of Cloth Clothing

Image above: Green sofa from Design Within Reach in Northern California. From Sneak Peek: Alex Marshall

Image above: A nightstand from Peru in Brooklyn. From Sneak Peek: Gold Teeth Brooklyn

Image above: Wallpaper designed by Kevin Dean in his home on the south coast of England, from Sneak Peek: Kevin Dean

Image above: Green file boxes from Before & After: Amy’s Louisiana Home

Image above: Stylist Olga Naiman spray painted black metal cabinets a bright green. From Sneak Peek: Olga Naiman


love the green however i wish you would have posted on Green pertaining to the environment :(

sara @ the by & by

I LOVE green {easily one of my favorite colors} so when my boyfriend and I recently moved into our new apartment, we painted our study an amazing shade of yellow-green. And while I love the color, in retrospect I think it was a little much for the room and wish we had gone a little lighter like the walls in the dining room posted above {Sneak Peek: Elisa Carlucci}. Oh well… next time, right?

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! :)


gosh I hatethe colour green so much! I don’t think I even own any green clothing so pinch away world.

though some of these images come close to convincing me otherwise.

but not that close.


Green is one of my new favorite colors! However, what attracted me to that first picture is that round mirror with that awesome frame. Do you know where I can get it?


D*S does a lot of posts pertaining to the environment. I like that this one was about the color green, which so often gets overlooked. Beautiful homes.


Thank you so much for this post! Green is my favorite color so I’m feeling super satisfied and inspired!


I like green but I never know how to use it in a room. These are great examples of how fresh green can be! I hope everyone has a great St. Patty’s day and drinks a ton of green beer tonight!


Love all of the great uses of green!

I’m really loving the aged green wooden stool as well as the green glass vases!


i love all the green rooms…gives me ideas!! I especially love the one from brooklyn with the white brick walls and paintings.


I currently live with the WORST of GREEN in our rental. The carpet (everywhere!) is dark green, like the dark stripe in the pic above with the pink couch pillows. I would so love some help! I’d like to paint the walls and do window treatments that minimize the greenness of our space — any color suggestions?? I’m desperate!


Green can look good in all rooms – if the right shade of green. What a perfect post for St. Pattys Day. Thanks for sharing these great pictures.

erika Hanson

Loving the Zurich stripes. And, (you knew this was coming) the zesty wall color in Raina’s home (any idea the color?) ♥


LOVE green and LOVE the coffee table that looks like it’s made out of an advertisement sign? Where can I find that?


OMG! The coffee table in the Halligan Norris Smith sneak peak. I want one! Maybe I’ll even have a go at making one. Hurry up weekend…


Green is very relaxing to the eyes and it brings inner peace once you saw a green color specially inside the house.


Design Sponge how could you forget the green in:

andy pratt & sarah coombs


Hey, Grace,
I painted my kitchen in almost the same color and I love walking into my kitchen!
Thnks design sponges!