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sneak peek: anne m. cramer

by Amy Azzarito

If you’ve seen Anne M. Cramer’s collection for Spring 2011, you’ll know why Grace instantly demanded that we do a peek with her. Let’s just say I wasn’t kidding when I started the peeks today mentioning that we have a major stripe affinity. Six years ago, when this house came on the market, in Minneapolis, Anne and her family (three boys!) moved from just one block away. The house was almost a replica of Anne’s childhood home in Chicago so she felt an instant sense of familiarity. For me, there are just two words of importance when looking at the home – “sleeping porch.” I think I just might sell my soul for a sleeping porch – and that’s putting it mildly. Sigh.  (If you want to see more photos – there’s 29 more! – all the extras are on the design*sponge facebook page!){Thanks Anne! And many thanks to Adrienne Page for the lovely photographs} -Amy A.

Image above: The Sleeping Porch – This completely charming porch is located off the landing to the 3rd floor. However charming, it’s too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, so it is now referred to as “the lincoln bedroom” (looks adorable although goes totally unused) we should just rope it off. Ha.

CLICK HERE for more of Anne Cramer’s Minneapolis home!

“The Pink Room” :: In this household of all boys, I decided I must have a “girly room” painted powder pink.  None of our 3 boys volunteered their rooms for the paint-job, so I tackled the 2nd floor guest room.  The palest of pink, ivory and white was the chosen palette, soft linens, dress a vintage metal bedroom set (2 matching beds and dresser with vanity-not shown) with an ivory tulle “crown” to finish the look.

“The 2-week Wallpaper” :: I had my heart set on a wallpaper I saw in a magazine of a French Chateau where the walls were papered with a silver background and an ivory pattern.  Since I was not able to track down this paper, and I am a never-afraid-to-try, diehard DIY’er, I painted the walls (Platinum Metallic by Ralph Lauren) and added the all-over pattern with cream artist enamel.

“1st floor Powder Room” :: Being that the bathroom doors seem to always be left WIDE OPEN at our house, this tiny powder room was a quick + fun project. The wallpaper (Target online) with its hint of champagne metallic in the detail, works well with the mini-chandelier.  May as well look good, if it’s going to be seen…right!??!

Image above: I love reading books about “old school etiquette” and then incorporating it into modern day scenarios.

Image above: The kitchen is the hub of all activity. We redid the kitchen about 5 years ago, leaving all of the original cabinets and hardware.  We added the center island for weekday dining and put in silestone countertops for ease in cleaning.

Image above: This dinner bell is similar to one I had growing up.  When the bell rang it meant “hurry home-dinner’s ready”.  We use it all the time!

The “don’t put it there” Dinner Table ::  Seems that every house I have ever lived in was a center-entry colonial.  You know the type, you pass through the DR to get to the kitchen, making the DR table the “perfect” spot for backpacks, paperwork, laptops, briefcases, etc. I soon realized (years ago) that if the table were set, no one DARE place a thing on it.  So our table it set 24/7. Is that weird?  Ha!

A small peek at my insane and never-ending obsession with everything “table-top.”  There are closets full of silver, china, stemware, linens and silverware. YIKES!

Image above: The “Boy’s Only” bathroom on the third floor. No girls allowed!

Image above: “Flynn’s Room” :: This is a picture of the entry into our youngest son’s room. You can see the age of the house from the light switches. We have had these restored to keep the vintage feel of this 100 year old house.

Image above: “3rd floor Guestroom” :: This room (also located on the 3rd floor) has many uses. The location makes it perfect for guests who want a bit of privacy. It also serves as a great hide-away when the kids are racing around the house having “nerf wars.”

My Favorite Chair” :: I rearrange the furniture in this house monthly…not sure why, but it happens. This chair, however, never gets moved from its spot by the fireplace. It is my favorite place to sit and relax. Feet up, coffee in hand!

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  • Love the “wallpaper.” That gives me hope for the outcome of my own hand-painted wall project. Mine’s a little more ambitious than Anne’s, I’m afraid, but it might turn out ok.

  • How did you win the war? Having a beautiful feminine space in the midst of those boys is an accomplishment. I’m also impressed that you keep your table clear of the daily grind.

  • WOW – I’m loving that living room, and even more so after discovering the walls are actually a DIY project. All the colors throughout the home are so soothing.

    This house is so beautifully feminine, you would never guess that a trio of boys share the space! Love it!

  • wait… you said she has 3 boys? they must be very well behaved, and very tolerant of all the femininity that oozes out of this house. love it. that bathroom looks amazing. I also love all the touches of silver. AND that skirt, oh stripes, how I love them.

  • Beautiful home! It would be nice if you would also show the exteriors of these homes. I enjoy seeing the exterior almost as much as interior!

    • anna

      thanks, we’ll keep that in mind. often, homeowners don’t share exteriors as often because there are readily identifiable house numbers on them, etc. and some people prefer to stay a bit more private. but i’ll check with our home tour editors and ask if that’s something we can start asking for more often :)


  • Thanks Grace, I understand the need for privacy, especially in these “techno times”….., maybe a bit of camouflage or cover-up of numbers?

  • Those light switches! My fiancee and I have them in the home we just bought last year (my grandparents old home) – I love the sound they make when switching on and off – I hope to never, ever have to rid of them. I squealed with delight over all of these pictures, but the light switches – oh they got me! :)

  • Leaving the table set is absolutely genius! I’m sure it might be a little odd at times, however that would certainly prevent me from trying to put anything that didn’t belong there!

  • LOVE the candle stick holder :) i love pops of color! Also the wall stencils and patterns around the fireplace. So peaceful!

  • I ADORE this house. It is probably my favorite posted to d*sponge ever! And I just might have to try the setting the table trick so my husband doesn’t dump his coat and iPod there whenever he walks on the door! Thanks for sharing!

  • So beautiful! I especially love the pops of blue (in the candelabra, the book…) and that tip about the dining room table: priceless!

  • so so so beautiful. I think the fact that the table is always set (in a house with 3 boys) is ridiculously charming… wow

  • What an absolutely gorgeous home to sneak peek! -Very fun and full of wonderful design ideas. Thanks so much for sharing, it’s definitely one of my favorites on DS! Wonderful job on the photography, too, Adrienne!

  • Glorious!! I think the best part is the hospitality – I can keep my shoes on AND put my feet up -truly gracious entertaining.

  • The little details are really brilliant- I particularly love the horseshoes. Also, I know this is annoying, but where did you find the pot rack? And the dinner bell (while we’re at it)? :)

  • Our “sleeping porch” is the same way in our 1890’s home…cold in the winter and hot in the summer so we turned it into our laundry room since all of the bedrooms are upstairs and the laudry was originally downstairs (pain!). Lets just say that laundry is my favorite chore now:) Great post!

  • Beautiful home. That’s the perfect shade of pale pink. I’ve been trying to track down that color for years. Can you tell me the name and make?

  • i’m so exhausted from my jobs and my business and my wedding i just want to curl up on that daybed in the sun and just read a book for seven days straight.

    also, that wall paper in the living room is to DIE for!

  • it is lovely, very chic, very elegant, every single piece is awesome, unfortunately as much as I would love to live there I couldn’t ever take care of this house with such a little time I have. So I have to simply envy it without hope to have something similar for myslef

  • I am in love with that house! It is gorgeous in every way. I, too, am obsessed with table top, and I love all of the collections in the cabinet. Such a fun tour!!

  • My Mom is an interior designer and always says it’s fun to have a bit of the unexpected in each room. Here i think it is the SuRpRisE of vibrant apple green, shades of aqua and the blend of subtle and vibrant color that makes this so lovely. Thanks for the post and thanks for allowing us a peek into your beautiful home.{ I’m off to give my candelabra a makeover! }

  • Love this house, but equally–or even moreso–the genuine “voice” of Anne Cramer. Those nerf wars, wide open powder room doors, etc make it all so real!

  • what u did with that painted wallpaper is gorgeous!!!!!! great home!!!!! (unbelievable it has 100 years and still looking modern! great job!)

  • This is one of those gorgeous spaces where I think “Ah, no kids.” 3 boys?!? Huh? How old? Am I being cynical to think they are either out of the home or else the house could not possibly look this way on any other day…?

  • What a beautiful place. I really love the soft grays as the backdrop to a few punches of color and personality. And the faux wallpaper is wonderful. Nice job.

  • Absolutely delightful, especially those pops of green, the table being constantly set, the whole shabby chic feel…beautiful in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks! I just found the solution to my 1930 dining room windows in this old dining room.

  • I think I just fell in love. I feel like I took a breath of fresh air! Beautiful house.
    I love the beds by the way. I’m looking for a bed like that for my room.

  • It is all a delight. Then I saw the always set dining room and actually gasped aloud. Beautiful.

  • Beautiful!
    Not sure where you’d fit a man into any of this… And I’m not even talking about a sports fan kinda man.
    My hubby is an extremely artsy, cool, hip sensitive soul; though he said it was very fresh looking, he also said it would be a tough living situ for him without feeling like a wedding cake topper!

    Just lovely though- charming!
    So “Alice”

  • I love your house so much…..being an australian the colour scheme lends itself to our aussie climate… your lounge and powder room are my inspirations to renovate mine ( I am in the process now) thanks heeps… aussie, aussie, aussie…oi oi oi

  • Wow, handpainted wallpaper, I am very impressed!! It looks so gorgeous too.. Does anyone know if wallpaper like this that’s easily available for those of us who might not be so industrious??
    Great post, I love the honesty and personality!!
    Liivi x

  • Could you tell me what colour and make the paint on the walls are in “The Pink Room” Its beautiful! Thanks.