sneak peek: alli michelle of hooray design


Alli Michelle is the owner and designer behind the Hooray Paper Shop and design blog. Though she started out in event planning, Alli always dreamed of owning a shop. Her studio is in the loft of her Ann Arbor home. This is the first home for Alli and her husband, Quentin, and although they feel it’s a bit cookie-cutter in style, they’ve managed to blend lots of thrift and vintage finds with family heirlooms and modern pieces to strike a nice balance. Their home is always a work in progress, but they love being able to incorporate the things they love like maps, books and botanical elements. Click here for additional images, and stay tuned for Alli’s spring collection of hand-printed goods and party favors that launches next week! (See the sneak peek extras over on Facebook!) Thanks so much, Alli! And thanks to Andrea Dozier for the photographs! — Anne

Image above: The painting was a lucky thrift find; I was drawn to it immediately. I freshened up the frame by painting it one of my favorite colors, Sharkey Grey from MS. It took about a year of convincing my husband to like the Ikea chandelier enough to buy [it], and now that it’s in our home, he agrees that “it’s really cool.”

Image above: My husband built our bed as a post-wedding present to me, and it’s definitely very special to us both. I hope it stays in the family for a long time! The map of Mexico above the bed is also special to us because I’ve gone on mission trips to Tijuana and we honeymooned in Cancun.

CLICK HERE for more of Alli’s Ann Arbor home.

Image above: I used some leftover striped fabric to update this little lamp from my college dorm, and now it makes a very cozy corner in our living room, perfect for watching movies with the soft glow it provides. Under it we keep reference books for each of our (respective) hobbies — mine is piano music and his is Lego collecting.

Image above: I use this shelf nook in our kitchen/dining area to house all my smaller plants in one sunny spot. It also keeps them out of reach from our cats, who like to graze. The print was a gift from a close friend; it’s Champ de Mars by Robert Doisneau.

Image above: Our guest bedroom is probably my favorite place in the house because of the big windows and natural light. We hung sheers behind and above the bed in place of a headboard. The mirror, jar and bench are finds from yard sales and thrift shops, and the bench legs are painted my go-to color, Sharkey Grey.

Image above: The dresser area opposite the guest bed is a mixture of old and new. The dresser is a family piece, and we keep a variety of magazines and books on top for guests. I found the lamp for $2 at Goodwill and paired it with a new floral shade, and the blue jar is one of the first antique gifts my mother-in-law gave me. The artwork hanging above is a print of a painting by one of my favorite artists, Alkeemi.

Image above: Our couch is slip covered and inexpensive (Ikea), which we are so thankful for because our cats sleep and scratch on it all the time! Our gallery wall is always evolving; some of the frames are still empty. The frame on the far left is too faint to see in the photo, but it’s a favorite painting of a fern leaf.

Image above: Our bedside table is always stacked with books; my husband is an avid reader, especially anything [related to] Star Wars. The fan was another gift from his mom. She knows how much I like vintage fans!

Image above: Extra blankets and books stacked by the TV cabinet. The brown and orange afghan was a handmade wedding gift.

Image above: Some of my craft and design books on display in my studio area. Most of them I own, but I also borrow a ton from our local library. The typewriter is my mom’s Olivetti from college (I love it).

Image above: Two of my favorite pieces in the living room are this old record cabinet (repainted white) and the rattan chair that we reupholstered. It was our first attempt at reupholstering, and it didn’t turn out too bad if you don’t look too closely! We’re still in the process of making that footstool to go with it. It didn’t turn out as planned, so we might just go with something else entirely.

Image above: I love the look of fresh ferns, and they last a long time. I keep them in an old Ball jar up on our fireplace mantle next to a small sand timer we found at PB.

Image above: Our kitchen and dining area are one large open space, so we created this back “entryway” along the far wall. I found the bench at an antique shop right after we moved in, and we use it for everything from dropping bags to tying shoes. The big yellow calendar is from Paper Source (each month has fun patterns, with templates on the back for reusing the paper after each month).

Image above: The kitchen has taken me the longest to personalize. I’d love to put up open shelving or add some vintage knobs, but we’ve kept things mostly the same for resale purposes. We painted the backsplash Cumulus Cloud from MS and made the window shade by gluing fabric to blinds!


I love the color of that yellow/straw color you have on the walls. Can you share the color name & brand? thanks!


I love how light and airy all the rooms look. My favorite thing is her use of books throughout the home. Very beautiful.


I love anyone whose go-to color is grey! Thanks for sharing the name.
This house looks lived in and loved.

Caitlin Flemming

This home is a burst of spring! Love the colors featured throughout the home and her bedroom – don’t even get me started . . . it’s beautiful.

Thanks for another wonderful home tour Grace!


Love the yard sale find bench used as the bedside table as well as all of the other antiques/vintage pieces (especially the fan!)

And the green + white striped fabric blinds in the kitchen are super cute.


Everyone should have a Jamie Oliver book on display in their kitchen! There is such an airy feeling in this house.


It’s almost as beautiful as you are sweet Alli! Love getting a sneak peek into your lovely, bright and airy home. It definitely reflects you! xo

Andrea Dozier

Thank you so much for asking me to be part of this, your home is beautiful Alli! I love that most of it is repurposed or DIY- makes it all extra special.

Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

Oh my, what a treat to open Design*Sponge and see a dear blogging friend featured. Alli’s space is so wonderfully reflective; simple, fresh, bright & lovely!

kimia kline

oh my goodness!!! Alli thank you so much for including my print! This is so exciting :) and your home is totally beautiful.


I’m with Andrea, please share the paint color that is sort of celery-colored in the dining area… lovely and light :)


Love the fresh and simple design. I definitely need to de-clutter and simplify like she does. Really beautiful!


Thanks again, Grace and Anne, for letting me share my space here. And thanks for your kind comments, everyone!

Andrea + maesa, the green paint is color-matched to Martha Stewart’s Sultana.

Juliane @ Modern Mural

A sweet and good-natured space – I keep thinking it’s reminiscent of Diane Keaton’s Hamptons house in “Something’s Got to Give” – absolutely lovely!


zomg! that pink fluffer ball on the wall! what is it and where can i get one? delightful home, by the way.


I was expecting/hoping to see a Lego Star wars character to be sitting on a shelf!


Alli is awesome, and WOW! What a gorgeous home!! I love that hubby made the bed, so fabulous ;)


Beautiful home– Can you tell us where the pillow (with the triangle flags) on the bed is from?


So airy and light, love your style Alli! Where did you get the green striped bedding?


Yay! I love that Alli was chosen for a home tour. Hooray is one of my favorite blogs! I love how clean and airy her home is! (And the kitty toupee IS pretty cute. :o)


i love the pillow on the first bed shown. gray flags design. is that home-made?