simply color: portland four-square

Jessica Helgerson’s Portland-based interior design firm is truly amazing. I’m with Grace—if I could hire an interior designer, Jessica Helgerson would be at the top of my list! The room above is from an enchanting Portland four-square that Jessica and her team remodeled in 2009. I absolutely love the idea of a garden-inspired room! The soft wall color (Gray Wisp, Benjamin Moore) feels refreshing with the turquoise and green hues. I adore the Santos cage woman—she ties the room together quite nicely. The entire sneak peak is incredible, click here to take a look. —Lauren

A. Aged Pine (Valspar), PMS 5535; B. Nordic Forest (Valspar), PMS 341; C. Swim (Valspar), PMS 630; D. Sycamore (Pratt & Lambert), PMS 573; E. Pearl White (Pratt & Lambert), PMS Cool Gray 1

1. Santos Cage Doll, $130; 2. Flowering Oregano, $58; 3. Oxidized Filigree Sphere, $498; 4. Terracotta Clay Pot Planter, $4; 5. Glass House Cloche, $98; 6. Folding Garden Chair, $198+; 7. Lily of the Valley Print, $220; 8. Tall Beach Bottle, $18; 8. Verdigris Watering Can, $16;


This home has been my absolute favorite “sneak peak” of all time. Funny choice for someone who usually likes a lot more color. Its just stunning! (still)


I love the color palette – I am looking at the Bosphorus straight on this summy day here in Istanbul and see the exact same colors (which you can also check out at my lates blog post). But what I love more is the fact that I have the exact same sphere lamp in two sizes hanging in my living room right now. Thanks for sharing…


I really like the blue vases, but if I’m being honest the Santos Cage Doll scares me a bit. I’d feel like I was being watched!!



clicked on what link? we ran a recent virus check on the site and there’s nothing on our end…

to leave a comment you’ll never be asked to subscribe to anything. are you talking about an outside page we’re linking to?



Kitchens I feel the same! Those wooden arms reaching for you… good thing the lush color scheme is pretty calming…

Sarah Winward

I am also with you, Jessica Helgerson’s work is so inspiring. It seems a lot of her rooms incorporate glass and plants, resulting in such a nice feel to her designs. They feel so natural and comfortable.


I love rooms that feel like there is bit of the outdoors on the inside. Love those corner windows too…lots of light for happy plants!

tibi @ thedomesticity

This sneak peek has been in my top 3 favorites of all time! I love the use of black and white and pops of green throughout the home.

Amazing find on the cage doll! I did a double take, it looks almost exactly the same

Jenna Lee

I am absolutely in love with the palette she used! I will definitely be using it for inspiration :)


I came across this site by accident, I’m glad I did because I found the mixes very interesting and quite humerous.