sarah foote pillows

by Grace Bonney

After a meeting in the city yesterday, I couldn’t resist the gravitational pull to check out the newly renovated JCrew store on 5th avenue. And while I found myself drawn to all the sparkliest bits in the store (my shopping companion almost bought the black sequined harem pants. She was braver than I.), I ended up bringing home a few basics that looked slightly boring on the hanger, but seemed to fit seamlessly into my wardrobe to make a handful of easy outfits. I’m trying to remind myself that simple things are better so much of the time — they’re flexible, versatile and you never have to worry about finding something to match them. It was this same “simple can be better” philosophy that drew me to these new pillows from designer Sarah Foote. I loved her intricate wood lighting two years ago, and now she’s back with a beautiful collection of hand-sewn pillows with simple shapes and patterns.

I really love the quilted shapes pillow, but there are several styles to choose from. Sarah also introduced a new lamp that is both simple and sophisticated. If you’re looking to add a few new accessories to your home, click here to check out Sarah’s newest additions. xo, grace

*P.S.: If you’re at the new JCrew, check out the gorgeous lights over the registers. They’re stunning.

*P.P.S.: I have another day of meetings, so I’m going to wrap up an hour early (at 12pm). But we’ll have a full day of content tomorrow including a ton of really great entertaining ideas for the spring.

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