Can someone please rescue that tiny dog from its Paris Hilton dog costume?

I was planning on doing a roundup of the couches I’m considering for our new living room this morning, but I got distracted by something pet related and had to put that off for tomorrow (I wanted to add more to it anyway). Because, well, this dog “nest” is awesome.

I’m more of a cat person (always have been, always will be), but something about dogs and their undying affection and dedication is incredibly appealing. Especially when Ms. Jackson shoots me one of her “Girl, please . . .” faces (she is the queen of the stink-eye). So when I saw this new PupTent created by Slade Architecture as part of a design challenge to benefit the Design Trust for Public Space, I had to share.

The parameters for the challenge were to create a “nest” for a living creature that was also small enough to fit in a taxi, so the bidders could take their pieces home at the end of the event. PupTent was made from water-jet cut plywood laminated together in a conical shape. Openings at the top provide air circulation and some natural light for sleeping pups (or cats, if your cats are huge like mine).

This piece isn’t available for purchase yet, but I’m hoping that if we generate enough interest, we can convince them to make a few for those of us looking for prettier ways to pamper our pets. I’m sure our cats would prefer the box this came in, like all finicky felines, but I’d still be tempted to bring this home for the sheer beauty of the wooden structure. Click here to read more about the project online. xo, grace

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Oh my…that is an interesting piece! My yorkie should have been the model though…and I do not dress him like that-poor thing. ;)


A beautiful design. I think both my dog and my cat would like it in there.


This reminds me of the type of thing Dora (from Dicken’s David Copperfield) would want for her dog Jip.

Anne Burton

My dogs love sleeping in sun spots and being under the covers, and I like that they took both light and the comfort of a nest into consideration. Super neat.


Love this, Grace! And since you’re a cat lover, I want to share a few cat shelters that were designed for a similar event back in December. My husband and I did one in strips upon strips of industrial felt, and one of my personal favorites was the shelter inspired by a ball of yarn! We’ll keep you posted on next years event.