peaches, pinks and reds

I’m not sure if it’s the warmer weather or just a love of romantic colors, but lately I’ve been crushing pretty hardcore on peaches, pinks and reds. They’re the theme of every flower bouquet I buy, and I keep picking out rugs for our new apartment in the same color scheme. Sadly, all the really dreamy rugs I’ve bookmarked are well outside our price range, but this Shelley Goldberg rug at West Elm is a great alternative. I love the floral interpretation of paisley and the way the pinks and reds feel so warm against the brown/gray background. While this may end up being a tad too dark for our already dark floors, it would make a great addition to a room with lighter floors and lots of light. If you’re looking for something colorful (but not over the top) to add to your floors, click here to check out Shelley’s rug ($90–$500, depending on size). xo, grace


Incredible find, as usual. Just when you think you’ve got West Elm figured out they go and surprise you with something this fabulous.

Holly Jones

i’ve been having an orange/red thing too lately. and why do all the rugs i love seem like they cost as much as a european vacation…. sigh. thank goodness for west elm.


amazing timing! we just moved (literally, saturday) from an apartment to a house with all hard wood floors. i am so overwhelmed with figuring out what to do for rugs!