over our heads: something dramatic

Today is our big moving day, and I’m already excited about decorating a totally blank canvas. One thing I love most about the new space is the high ceiling in the bedroom. Our current bedroom is nice, but the ceiling was never tall enough to hang a chandelier or something pendant-like above the bed. So one of the first things I’m interested in doing is finding a statement-making chandelier or pendant for the bedroom. Dramatic lighting isn’t typically my thing, but for some reason, I love the idea of going really bold in that space. So I thought I’d start rounding up things that caught my eye. Sadly, most of these are well outside my budget, so if any of you know of a good source for dramatic lighting that isn’t, say, $6,000, let me know. I’m trying to find something that has a slightly 60s/70s feel to it without going overboard into retro land. Thanks for your tips, and I’ll talk to you soon from our new neighborhood! xo, grace

Image above: 1. Oilo Cylinder, $279; 2. Meurice Chandelier, $750 (my favorite); 3. Copper Shade Pendant, $550; 4. Modo Chandelier, $4,000; 5. High-Minded Chandelier, $998; 6. Polyedres by Hubert le Gall (price available upon request)

Image above: 1. Emil Stejnar Sputnik, $4,800; 2. Agnes Chandelier, $6,000; 3. Emil Stejnar Cylinder Pendant, $3,800; 4. Faux Bamboo Chandelier, $1,100

maison marigold

I love the Meurice chandelier …looks modern yet a little retro..i find it extremely versatile….one day i’m going to hang it in my living room!! xx meenal


Love the Oilo Cylinder. I am looking for a new light for my dining room ~~ this just may be the perfect fit!


Grace: I was able to buy the Meurice chandelier at a JA warehouse sale for $200. I would keep your eyes peeled for the warehouse sales because they can be such great deals. Even $200 seemed like a stretch to me, but knowing I’ll have it forever made me bite the bullet.


Years ago I bought a fabulous, just the right size, chandelier on ebay for not a lot of money (<$100). In my old space it fit perfectly over the dining table, in my new space it "fits" only in the bedroom but I love love love it there.

Have fun decorating the new place!


Something that looks like the Copper Shade Pendant, but more “dramatic”: Flos Skygarden.
Price is set around $1700


Ohhhh, nothing is better than some pretty lighting :) 2 & 5 are my favorites :)


there are horrific things happening in the world right now…i usually turn here for some inspiration, but i’m having a little trouble caring about $4,000 chandeliers today. or any day really.

Kimberly @kssenn

I love the Jonathan Adler one too! We have an old Victorian in SF with a gorgeous bedroom chandelier and adore it. Grace, just be sure to set it on a dimmer when you put it up! :)


we are SO on the same page ;) i JUST ordered this Chandi crystal fixture for my boudoir. i wanted extra femme bc my room is so modern plus my bedside sconces are the jason miller antlers. scroll down to 1/13/09 post to see mine… http://www.maisonclassique.com/category/lighting
ps- i didn’t pay $6,000 ;)

alison alison

i’m having the same problem, and have decided to give the matter time to percolate.
for now, i’m going to hang a big paper sphere on a dimmer. hard to go wrong with those, i’ve found.


The Zettel’z ceiling lamp is one of my favourite lights…


I love the idea of substituting a few of the existing ‘notes’ with more personal ones…. be they kid’s drawings over the dining table of a family home, or love letters in a bedroom. Unfortunately, none of my ceilings are high enough for this right now, but as soon as that changes this is first on my to-buy list.


Have you tried looking up when visiting your favorite antique stores? They can have the greatest lighting. Even if you have to get it rewired it will be vastly less expensive than some of the beauties above.
And as a plus – the chances of your neighbours or friends shaving the same one are pretty slim :)


Have you shadesoflight.com. I really like their selection.


I loving these! particularly 2, 4, 5, 6,… and 2. in the second image.

okay, I basically like any light fixture that looks like a cool art mobile.


I’m currently searching for a new dining room light. Nothing like any of the ones you’ve pictured (I do like several but they won’t go with the style of the room) and came across Overstock’s website – they have a ton of lighting and most of it’s pretty decent pricing. Not totally sure I’m getting something from there, but they’ve had some that are nicer than what I’ve been finding in the stores.

Definitely will be checking flea markets and antique shops to see if I can find something truly unique.


I actually have the Meurice chandelier in my living room and I love it. It adds just the right amount of glamour to our apartment and looks great with our tall ceilings. It was also a great find for a husband who likes his rooms bright (we put it on a dimmer as a compromise).

My only gripe with it is all of the lightbulbs. The round shape isn’t the easiest to find and you have to change them somewhat regularly since they’re incandescent.

Robert Abbey Lighting is actually the manufacturer of Jonathan Adler’s lighting. If you’re a designer, you can buy directly through them which will cost a lot less. Good luck!