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our new apt: the hunt for the perfect sectional

by Grace Bonney

One of the things that always bothered me the most about our current apartment was the fact that our living room couldn’t accommodate a standard-sized sofa. The hallway and main door were so narrow that I had to get something with detachable legs and a super-low back, and the walls in the living room were so oddly broken up that nothing would fit against a wall without jutting out three feet into a weird space. So when we looked for a new place, the first thing I wanted was a living room that could a) fit a normal sofa inside and b) have room for a decent-sized sectional that would allow AC and I to lie down and watch TV at the same time. I know it’s not good to plan design around TV watching, but I’m trying to be realistic about the way we unwind, which usually involves Netflix or something we’ve recorded on TV.

Our new living room (above) isn’t massive, but it does have room for an L-shaped sofa and coffee table, so my brain immediately went into over-drive looking for cool sectionals we could use. After searching for a few days though, I was a little bummed to see that most of them were either super clunky (chunky legs, weighing a ton) or heavy on the mid-century details. I’m not crazy about either these days, so I decided to round up my favorites out of the ones I saw and share them — in the hopes that they might be helpful for those of you looking for a great modern sectional. I’m hoping that maybe someone out there knows of a cool modern sectional source that I haven’t hit yet. If you do, I would be eternally grateful to know. I feel like the sectional scene could use the help of some awesome young designers. But hey, any of these would beat the uncomfy tiny settees we lived in for two years. xo, grace

Image above: 1. Clarke Sectional $3198; 2. Gus LOFT Bi-sectional $2999+; 3. Cielo sectional $2097; 4. Simena Sectional $2640 (my favorite right now); 5. Lee Industries Sectional (Price upon request, I’d guess around $3-4k); 6. Jasper Sectional $2398 (My second favorite)

*Top image is the Blake Sectional from West Elm, $1989

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  • The Jasper sectional is also on my wishlist! We have the Jasper sofa and love it (looks great & comfy), but want more seating and laying down room too.

  • These are wonderful options. I am in search of a sectional, that is also a full pull-out bed. And that has a pleasing design as your options do.

  • We had a terrific sofa custom made by these guys in the UK and shipped over – check out the bespoke section.
    Be warned that they arrive in enormous wooden packing crates which we had to unpack curbside using a cordless electric drill.

  • I love love love the first sectional! That gray is perfection. And your apartment is so pretty! I can’t wait to see how you decorate.

  • Congrats on finding the perfect sectional! Those chaise lounges are the best. My husband and I are getting a new one delivered Tuesday (leather blend with an ottoman to help act like a chaise) and it makes a huge difference!

  • Grace-Everything I have been looking at is out of our price range.I love all your picks though! I met settle on the Sullivan by Rowe. Fairly reasonable. Does anyone have this and like it?

  • We have a lot of Lee furniture and it is great. Excellent quality and now they are doing more contemporary pieces. We had a sectional and sold it before moving; still regretting it. It had the chaise on one side, loved it.

  • I love these sectionals! I had a similar problem when I was shopping – really didn’t want anything to bulky. In the end I really couldn’t visualize what would work so I bought one and made sure I could return it if I hated how it looked in my space – it worked out! You can see pics of the living room set up in my blog :)

  • Hi Grace,

    I happened to catch an episode of
    Design, Inc. on HGTV. It covered
    a couple who were buying a 4th floor walk up and wanted a sectional; the designer ended up having one CUSTOM-MADE, claiming that it was less expensive
    than some of the nicer ones out there.

  • Grace, we got our sectional from Safavieh in Stamford CT. They don’t have a great selection of modern furniture, however, the sectional we chose was completely custom–style, armrests, legs, fabric, everything. The way we designed it, it’s actually very similar to #3 (but we chose wooden legs). It was slightly less than $3000 (but we did get it on sale), and we got an ottoman with that price. Good luck–I can’t wait to see what you choose and the final pics of the living room! PS. #4 is pretty dreamy :) Good luck!

  • Forget about a sofa, I would just roll around on those gorgeous floors all day :D

    BoConcept, maybe? They’ve been having a no-legs phase lately, but there a still a few nice options.

  • I really love Gus’s Jane Bi-Sectional in light grey (similar to the loft style #2 you have listed). I think it has lines that wont grow dated or boring and can transition into different environments. But maybe I’m just partial to straight arms and deep seats.

  • We have this Klein sectional from R&B http://bit.ly/hcPYpr and, while it looks great, we’re not crazy about how low the back cushions are. We have to hunch down to get comfortable. Just something to test out while you’re looking, which we overlooked :)

  • I don’t know how you feel about Ikea sofas, but they have the Karlstad in a sectional. It’s pretty nice looking, not too clunky. I recently saw a nice hack for making it tufted, too.

  • I love the Clarke Sectional and Cielo sectional (but not in white). Really clean looking but sophisticated. I worry with ones that have softer cushions that they will not age as well (the cushions might loose their already loose shape) and end up looking older than they are.

  • I bought the Gus last summer and I totally love it. It’s great for snuggling up or for two to each have their own space.

  • I’m excited I will be moving to a new apartment soon as well, while I can’t accommodate a sectional, I’m looking forward to purchasing the Jasper sofa from R&B. So that’s my vote! I got fabric samples in the other day, it’s a classic beauty for sure!

    • molly

      oh i loved those todd sofas! derek and lauren from the curiosity shoppe have one at home and it’s so cool.


  • If #4 is your fave, then you’d probably love the B&B Italia Charles. I finally ponied up for this one (the Charles Large: extra-deep seat) after a few not-quite-rights. Totally worth it!

  • I love all the sectionals you have rounded up..isn’t the one in the first image an option? i love its legs and it sure looks comfortable…among the others i love 1( very mad men-esque) and 4…hope you find what you are looking for very soon!!…xx meenal

    • hi maison!

      the first one would def fit in our space (there’s a link to it at the bottom of the post)- but we’re waiting until we move in to make a choice.


  • Someone else has also suggested the Karlstad from IKEA, but I second it. We have a single 3 seat sofa in the range and it’s wonderful! All three of us, plus the dog can lounge comfortably on it. I just wish we had space for the chaise too, but we have the PC on a desk in the lounge.. my 11 y/o is too young to hide it away in his bedroom!

    The new place looks smashing. Looking forward to more photos.

  • If you can fit a sectional in your living room than it’s probably bigger than our entire apartment. We live on the Upper East Side and your excitement about the big move makes me want to consider moving this summer. Good luck with your sectional search, Grace.

  • I have a similar issue, a small living room, but I want a couch I can lie down on that doesn’t overwhelm the space…if anyone sees anything in white leather, tufted, with skinny arms, and at least 5’5 cushion size….let me know…

    Please post additional pics of how you decorate the space Grace!

  • we just got the lounge sofa from crate and barrel and it’s ridiculously comfortable and makes for an awesome guest bed as well. It’s wider than a twin size bed and ideal for down time.

  • The first one is my favorite. Have you thought about doing a standard sofa with a matching ottoman (large) It can achieve a very similar purpose and configuration (as a sofa/chaise combo) and (especially for renters) is so much more versatile for future moves, etc.

  • I highly recommend clubfurniture.com. down in North Carolina. They have a pretty decent selection of sectionals. We bought a sofa from them a few years ago and the quality and price were fantastic. Plus they do white glove delivery, again for a reasonable price. They were in and out in 10 minutes. And we live on an island in Maine. :-)

  • Anyone have the kivik from Ikea? My room mate and I want a sectional for our living room and really like the look of the kivik, but there is no ikea w/in several states of us so we can’t go test drive it in person.

  • hi grace!

    congrats on the new place :)
    my hubs and i just bought the blake sectional from west elm 3 months ago. i searched and searched for over a year and most sectionals were too long. the blake is ah-mazing…super comfy and all the cushion cover can be unzipped for easy cleaning.
    good luck on your search!

  • maybe the Neo Sectional at DWR?
    It is similiar to your choices. I have this sofa in the chocolate grey color and am very happy with it….and i sat and laid on many options before purchasing it. and as several other people wrote, custom can cost the same and you get exactly what you want.
    good luck in your search.

  • Check out Crate & Barrel’s “Sidecar.” I’ve tried attaching the link, but it doesn’t seem to want to work. It may be too long for your space, but I bought it in the “Jack” (oatmeal) color 2 years ago and it’s a fantastic sectional. It does attract cat hair, though.

  • My boyfriend and I had the EXACT same problem. WE had about 53 inches for a sofa thatwas 1) modern 2) off white or charcoal/gray 3) where we could both comfortably lounge….We bough the cielo sofa and it was SO UNCOMFORTABLE that we had to return it! (Thank God CB2 has great customer service….) The fabric itched and scratched. Eventually, we ended up finding a small sectional at Jennifer Convertibles (shhhhh…) that is now out of stock…. shockingly modern and low key..very clean lines…good luck!!

  • We are building a new addition on our home which will include a great room so we are on the hunt for a good sectional as well. So thank you for this.

    I too love the Jasper but am really not a fan of R&B sofas. We bought a sofa from them less than two years ago and already have had the cushions replaced and the frame repaired. It just doesn’t hold up over time. And once again, the cushions are flat and uncomfortable. They do have great customer service though and will repair anything… overall though, disappointed with our purchase.

    Not sure if in your VA days you ever visited LaDiff http://www.ladiff.com/ in Richmond but when I lived there I used to drool over the showroom all the time.

  • What’s this for a table in front of your couch. Can you give me the brandname and where I can find this? Thanks a lot.

  • Chaises are awesome, just be aware that everybody will always want to sit in it, so make sure the cushions are made to last.

    We have the Ikea Kramfors w/chaise at home and we can’t wait to get rid of it. The cushions are horrible if you sit on them for a long time. Our LR is warmer than my office, so since I work from home I’ve logged a lot of hours on the chaise and couldn’t be more disappointed in the cushion quality. Obviously it’s not meant to be office seating, but you know what I mean! =)

  • We have the Lee Industries Sectional and love it! We got it with a bench cushion and in a velvety sunbrella fabric to withstand the wear and tear of 2 and 4 year old boys. It’s also super comfortable to sleep on. It serves as our guest bed!

  • There are tons of customizeable, transforming modular sofas out there now, they’re almost like art pieces.

    I agree with juliette that the cushions are such a big deal for retaining a quality look for the piece. I’d rather have a single bench cushion that you can fluff rather than several cushions that cause someone’s heiney to rest between the cracks. Not comfortable!

    If budget was not a major obstacle, I’d rather get a vintage piece and have it recovered.

  • I have a Mitchell&Gold Clifton and I LOVE IT! Crazy comfy and easy to care for, even with 2 golden retrievers who like t lounge on it all day. I got it for a steal at a local furniture warehouse sale.

  • We bought some sactionals from Lovesac . . . and have not looked back! We have a 4th flr apt with no elevator . . . the sactionals were perfect, they come apart and you can build any sort of configuration. Oh . . . and they have removable, washable covers!!!! Holler! I think you can buy them online . . . http://www.lovesac.com

  • We had the same kind of issues. So went for:

    When it’s delivered it’s small, the main thing is the back rest is bolted on so is not attached and the cushions are contained inside the base. It is really well made in Italy.

    Here’s a better image of it in situé: http://www.cotemaison.fr/imgs/72/459.jpg

    You can also get get an armchair if you move and have more space. So glad we brought this. Also comes in different colours, but the light grey is perfect!

  • Oh thank you thank you thank you for this. We’re in the market for a new sofa/love seat/comfy chairs combo OR sectional to cover all three. We have an odd shaped space that seems to cry out for a sectional but I have always been opposed to the idea for the same reasons you gave (heavy MCM styling or too chunky and oversized). Your round-up and suggestions in the comments are making me reconsider, which will make my practicality-and-comfort-over-everything-else husband very very happy. Particularly loving the West Elm and Lee sectionals. If only there were more tight-back options… Good luck with the move and the search – can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Your timing couldn’t be better! I’m in the same boat. Moving to a small apt from a house, and I’m looking for a smaller sectional, so this post is uber helpful for me! Thanks Grace. Can’t wait to see pics of your new place.

  • Oh my gosh – these HUGE sectionals are such an issue. I have been working with a lot of clients lately who are having the same problem. The big furniture retailers make these things so deep (40+ inches) that not only is it difficult to fit into most normal sized living rooms, but they aren’t ergonomically correct for smaller people. The answer is usually to get a custom piece, which isn’t necessarily much more than a sectional from a major retailer.
    I use a local store who sells Nathan Anthony products.. They are made in Los Angeles, and from the look of their website, it appears you may be able to get them in your neck of the woods? http://nafurniture.com/
    Good luck!

  • We’re on the mad hunt for couches as well since buying our first home.

    A piece of advice that I wish someone had given us: It is useless to ‘couch shop’ online or through magazines. Couch shopping is like mattress shopping – you really need to sit in each model to see which feel comfortable to both of you.
    Especially since you’re actually planning on spending time in it!

  • “have room for a decent-sized sectional that would allow AC and I to lie down”

    Tip: try the sentence w/out “AC and.” In this sentence “I” should be “me.”

  • a tip–it is easier to keep a loungey sofa looking tidy when back cushions are attached. or better, tight back.

  • all lovely choices. i totally agree with the suggestion to check out blu dot. http://www.bludot.com/
    they have some great modern yet timeless furniture that doesn’t break the bank. i have the paramount sofa and love it. it fits perfectly in my narrow row home and is super comfy.

  • I think they are all nice sectionals, however…after spending a rather large amount of money on what I thought was the perfect sofa, let me share one thought…the loose, comfy looking pillow backs get looser and frumpy looking in a relatively short period of time. Better to go with something a little more structured.

  • Grace- I had this same issue when moving into my house in Philly: narrow doors and even more narrow alley way. The low backed/modern sectional wasn’t my first choice, but I am happy with my Gus Sectional–I chose the Carter (not the Jane, less comfortable)… It is in 2 pieces, which can look nice separate if I move and cannot fit them, although the Jane Sectional can switch around I believe. The cloth is very durable (I chose the beige color) and is made, I am told, primarily for commercial use- like hotel lobbys etc, so it can take a lot of wear and tear. It’s SUPER light-weight, the feet screw off. It’s a little stiff at first, but will not loose its shape anytime soon. We comfortable sit 2 of us snuggled on the long part, and another one stretched out on the length of it. I also was lucky to buy mine from a store called Hipster Home (in Phoeinxville) during the annual gus sale, and got another 15% of by buying a (new) floor model. Best of luck!

  • We have the Clarke sectional and love it –
    1) it’s deep enough to be comfortable for two adults and a kid to relax for movie night
    2) the way it is designed you can move the short piece to either side, meaning your “L” can go either way.
    3) you can take the pieces apart and use them separately without it looking as through you separated a sectional. Each works on its own.
    2 & 3 make it great when you move to another apartment or want to switch up your living room.

  • I’m a big believer in Lee, and they have a group that’s scaled for tighter spaces. I’ve had more expensive pieces (before kids) and they didn’t serve as well. Hate me, but I have my Mom’s ultra clean lined 4o year old sectional from some schmancy store in NYC, and it’s a workhorse – going for it’s 12th reuph next month. I never thought her sofa would be our family heirloom.

  • I completely know what you mean, my husband and I don’t watch tons of TV but when we do, we do it for hours and I would sooo love it if we could both lay out! I like #4 and #6 the most!! Your apartment looks so sunny and spacious!! I can’t wait to see your “after” photos. Gus Modern makes another sectional that is similar to the one you have there but without the tufting and with wooden legs….here’s a link:

    Can’t wait to see it all come together!! XO

  • I have the Blake from WE and it is comfortable and everyone is asking me about it. It really goes well with lots of accent color; orange , blue, yellow…

  • Hi Grace-try Alchemy Collections. They are in NY so you could actually go into the store to see it. They sent me fabric samples for the Alison sectional and it is really good quality. I’m about to order, but now I’m looking at the Simena because it’s quite nice too.

  • http://www.mgbwhome.com/gabriel2_sect.asp
    I give a shout out to Mitchell Gold as well and we went for the Gabriel sectional. Wanted more structure and not loose cushions. We love it and we happy they convinced us to buy the ottamon as well. Most times it is snug up against the L shape of the couch for more room to snuggle all together!! Congrats on your apt! Exciting times!

  • I had the Jasper sectional and loved the look but the seat cushions didn’t wear well at all. They looked sloppy and compressed shortly after having it delivered. Also, if you do get a sectional, make sure to have straps installed underneath that keep the two pieces together (they look kind of like buckles). My Grandfather sat in the space between the two sections and ended up on the floor. Straps are an easy fix. :)

  • I know you’re moving away from MCM style, but I wanted to point out that the Corona sofa from Macy’s, which seems to get mentioned on all the design blogs all the time, actually comes in a sectional setup as well.

    I’ve had it for 2+ years now and it still looks great after daily use. I’m 5’10”, my boyfriend is 6’5″ and we both find it plenty spacious.


  • We’re in the market for a sectional, too. Like you, I find it difficult to settle on something because of design limits. I know this for certain, I will make sure that the seat cushions support my husband’s tendency to sit at the edge of the seat, thus smushing the cushions. Ugh!

  • I know that you’re trying to revamp your apartment style. I’m going to suggest that you don’t get a sectional.

    How about two sofas instead? I think that look is far more sophisticated and works better in a smaller space, believe it or not. It’s also more versatile if you ever decide to move. AND is much better for entertaining while still allowing you to both lie down and watch tv.

    If you do want to go custom, I’d try Classic Sofa in NYC. I was a designer in NYC for many years and used them for custom work quite often. They do great work.

    Good luck!

  • Me and the SO just moved in together and thought we could put up with a crappy loveseat we found off Craigslist for free. We lasted for approx. three months and it was hell. The couch was so uncomfortable it was starting to affect our relationship.

    Fast forward to about three weeks ago, in the As-Is section of IKEA and we find a full sized Karlstaad sofa with chaise lounge for a little over $400. It is so big and awesome that I was willing to completely get over the fact that it came in “cornflower red.”

  • Adding my love for Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams! Wonderful company, wonderful sofas.

    I can’t say enough good things about the two chaises we bought there in lieu of a sectional!

    Buying the two chaises let us get a mix of color and texture in the room, and, as someone mentioned above, they’re really big enough so that two people can snuggle up in one, or you can stretch out separately on your own!

  • We purchased the Clark sofa (92”) with the intention of later purchasing the other piece for a sectional.

    I love love the look of it. It is very comfortable and the larger size is perfect for two people to stretch out on. BUT the fabric we chose (Charcoal, I think) pills…a lot. Which makes the couch look much older than it is (about 7 months). It has been really disheartening to know that we invested so much in a couch that only looked new for about a month and a half.

  • Grace – We have the Jane Bi-Sectional from Gus Modern (the larger version of the Loft one you pictured). It is absolutely fantastic; we love it to pieces. We purchased through Hipster Home in PA and I can’t recommend them enough. Dave, the owner, is insanely helpful and knowledgeable. If you order through them, tell him I sent you. :)

  • Of course my favorite is #6. Why do I always have to pick the most expensive. Thanks for posting this though, we are in the process of selling and buying and I will soon be in market for more seating!

  • i love #6. the color and shape are great. although in the end color can always change with a slipcover but the shape and design of it cant.

  • I’m saving up for a Jasper sectional as well but rather than a chaise i’m getting the corner unit and two right/left loveseats. I also fell in love with a sectional a while back at ABC home and HD Buttercup out here it was low slung in a greige velvet that was really pretty. I don’t know the manufacturer but i’m sure someone at ABC could help you.

  • we just received our custom sectional from buildasofa.com. HIGHLY recommended! we got exactly what we wanted, and it is beautiful.

  • Your new space looks awesome! Can’t wait to see what you do with it. I actually have the Jasper Sofa (I loved the look of it, too) but I am sad to report that it is actually not very comfortable. I just can’t sink into it and curl up the way I want. Good luck with your hunt!

    • claire

      oh no! i was worried about that with the jasper. so it’s not good for laying around and watching oh….2 movies in a row? we’re prone to doing that so we need something comfy ;)


  • I’m another person who owns the Clarke, in white. I also live with five dogs. I’ve had the sectional for close to two years and still love it as much as the day it was delivered. I’ve never had any trouble cleaning off doggy messes (and trust me, I’ve had to clean off more than a few that are questionable in nature). I also love how sophisticated it looks. The only downside to me is that the cushions are rather firm… it’s home is in our living room, which is television-less (meaning we’re not exactly relaxing in that room), and our downstairs tv room has a much more comfortable couch.

  • I loved the Jasper until I sat on it :(
    However, the Reese at R&B was very comfortable (firmer) and also quite attractive. BUT, I think we are going with a sofa because sectionals always end up looking like very obviously separate pieces. Good luck on your search–living room seating is so important!

  • I got the blake sofa (no room for a sectional :( ) when I moved into my apartment over this summer, and it is seriously the center of my apartment–all my friends think it’s the most comfortable couch they’ve ever sat on. I have a plum colored rug, light blue walls, and blue and lime green pillows–it goes with everything. Sometimes it looks a little messy, because the bottom cushions are so big and the fabric gets moved around, but that’s my only beef. good luck!

  • Does anyone have experience or feedback about the Sidecar sectional from Crate and Barrel? I’ve been shopping sectionals for about a month and it’s my front runner (unless I cheap out a little and get the Karlstad)

  • A request? We’re trying to find a sectional for our house, which is an old Victorian with tiny rooms. So we’re hunting for small sectionals too, but in a less modern style. Simple, clean lines (hate super-overstuffed furniture), maybe with a bit of tufting and/or nailheads? Any suggestions on where to look for those? Would love to see a Design*Sponge round-up on the topic!

    • hi mary anne!

      i didn’t see a ton like that in my search, but i’d try lee industries- they have a wider range of more traditional styles :)


  • Hi there Grace, there are some lovely suggestions for sectionals from all your readers, but I agree most with the two ladies who suggest two sofa’s instead and I will tell you why : if you really like to watch 2 movies in a row to relax, and you’re on a sectional, only one person can really relax and have their legs resting on the sofa ( look for instance at the Cielo sectional- what I mean is the bit of the sectional that stretches out), whilst , when you buy two really nice sofa’s , you both have klegroom.Plus your apartment is so roomy, you would really have the space for it.

  • Love your choices – Just make sure the material is durable and wears well. I spent $4k on a TEMPLE FURNITURE sectional sofa and the material did not hold up. It looked worn after only 1 month. It’s been 1 year now and the manufacturer will do nothing!

  • Perfect sectional couch! (first pic, the others are lovely as well) My husband and I bought a honking, huge sectional and it was perfect in our big, old vintage Pittsburgh apt, but then we down sized to a match-box sized apartment. Now it explodes out of our tiny living room and all I want to do is throw it out over our little balcony! (if, the monstrosity would fit though our door!) Look out below!! What was I thinking with such a enormous piece of furniture? If only I had a petite, classic sectional such as this!!!

  • Since we can’t bring our pets to the furniture store to test out pet friendliness…I was wondering if you knew what kind of couch fabric is the best for not grabbing onto every single pet hair….besides leather..

  • sectionals are heaven! they look great and are super comfortable and when people come over you have the seating room!

    the ones grace picked are lovely! light and fresh and nice colours.

    my fiance and i struggled to find one that didn’t remind us of our parent’s living rooms and one day he brought me to a furniture store he had been to without me and showed me a black leather sectional. i was definitely hesitant but then started to really appreciate the angles. and the easy clean up factor. and how i could contrast it with cool pillows and a soft white carpet…

    and our living room was born!

  • I have the Gus Carter sectional and love it! I always get complements on it!

  • am living in a parallel universe looking for a sectional! We have the Jasper currently which I absolutely love. I have never had an issue with comfort on that sofa- it is amazing even after several years. I almost bought the GUS Jane sectional (which is also so clever how you can switch the chaise) but wish the cushion was not so hard. I love the look of their products and would love if they would have a more comfy product (hint, hint). My other fave is DWR’s Neo Sectional! Am loving the Bnt-simena-sectional and will have to check it out.

  • Our taste is midcentury modern but its hard to find a couch in that style that is deep or cushy enough for true lazy lounging around.

    Ultimately we got the York sectional from Room and Board (LOVE Room and Board!) and could not be happier. I am embarrassed to admit we fall asleep on it constantly. The microsuede upholstery is “boring” but a great neutral, and it seems impermeable to spills. The bonus is our cats don’t scratch at it. All in all awesome.

  • We do offer other sectionals in our store but the Jane Bi-sectional is the most versatile and durable piece on the market. The style, versatility and durability is an instant draw to these pieces. Easily our favorite.

  • i want a sectional so bad! i adore the first one you posted, also #4 on your list (the bottom one?). both i love! your new living room looks amazing. so jealous!

  • In our search to find an affordable, stylish and comfortable sofa we’ve come across (via craigslist) quite a few stores that build sofas/sectionals locally. These sofas are generally cheaper than those sold at CB or WE and can be customized to your specifications. Perch Furniture in Portland’s Pearl District is an example, though I just realized their sofas are built in Los Angeles. :) http://www.perchfurniture.com/index.php

    With our sad, little budget, I’d love to buy pre-owned/vintage, but my husband won’t go for it.

  • Crazy! Just moved to a condo with a not-so-big living/dining area and thought a sectional would Never fit. However… this one is fantastic! Tall spouse and I are both able to get horizontal in our separate spaces and be very comfy for long TV sessions. Resident feline enjoys it too and his shedded fur wipes off the microfiber easily. We got “graphite” and put it with a Company C Deco rug in peacock. Lovin’ it all!! good luck with your quest, grace.


  • I am totally on the same page. In my tiny apartment, with narrow stairs with a 90 degree angle, my “sofa” is closer to a love seat sized.

    We are looking for a house in the spring – and the requirement is it needs to fit a sofa (prob a sectional w/ a chase) – so we can watch movies together.

    I was sick for a few weeks last year, and I’m short, and the “sofa” is not long enough for me to lay on. – I definitely knew it’s time was up.

  • I have had my eye on the R&B Jasper (#6) but have always wondered about the quality of it…but i like that it won’t OVERWHELM a room..in fact I had it as a great option for a smaller room??

  • I was also going to suggest Blu Dot’s sectionals. You could even try to swap for it in the Blu Dot Swap Meet! I’m sure you’d have some interesting expertise and something to offer in the swap.

  • i’m looking for a sectional with a round/curved “corner,” so that people can sit all the way around. anyone have leads on one of those? (like r&b’s reese, but not so big!)

  • To much ads here. I ask again. Could you give me some information about the table in front. Please!!!

    • kito

      not sure what ads you’re talking about- but the table above is from west elm- please see my previous comment.


  • 3 buttons came off my Jane sectional from Gus Modern in the first week, so be warned!

  • Oh! Those “sectionals” have nowhere to go . Two chaises longues, one with an arm to the left, the other with an arm on the right are more practical. They are great at right angles with the two “armless” ends abutting- piles of cushions and you have your L-shaped crash zone. Put the two ends with arms at right angles and you can put a big square table in the corner they make. When you tire of that you have two seats to face each other. The only person who loved our old sectional was the Frenchie, who hogged the best seat

  • Stewart,
    Your sofa is beautiful. Would you mind sharing how much it cost including delivery? Also, what is the name? Thanks!